Star Fox Roasting Over An Open Fire

A/N: Christmas fic! Woo! I know it's a little late but I completely forgot I had this story tucked away somewhere. Basically, The gang returns home after the events of SFA with their new friend Krystal, to find that the holiday season is upon them! A quick and easy trip to the mall to grab some gifts is in order. But maybe a "quick" and "easy" are not the best words? Expect a lot of silliness and some romance for all you Fox/Krystal supporters. I apologize in advance if my Suarian is off. Enjoy!

Fox let out a small yawn as the elevator descended down the shaft at an unbearably slow pace.

Peppy was leaning against the handrail and looked like he was having a hard time staying awake. Slippy had his hands on some sort of hand held video game but his drooping eyelids and slow button movement suggested he too was on the verge of sleep. Fox looked over his shoulder to Falco. The once again Star Fox member was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest and head phones over his ears. His eyes were closed but Fox could not decipher whether he was sleeping or just into the song.

"I could go for some Z's myself."

They were all pretty tired. After spending a little over two weeks on that Dinosaur Planet fiasco, they were all feeling the effects of their hard work.

Well, almost all of them.

Fox looked to his right side to see Krystal, immensely entertained by watching the lights on the elevator light up.


Krystal's use of the odd dino language reminded Fox that they defiantly had some work to do. The beautiful vixen was having a large amount of trouble with the English language. Fox and the rest of the crew had taken it upon themselves to try and teach her but could only succeed in teaching her a little less than the basics. She knew a few key words and such but not enough to have a full conversation with.

She giggled in amusement as the elevator made that gentle ringing sound when it reached a floor. Fox cracked a small smile and sighed.

He didn't know what to do with her.

From what he could get out of his translator before Slippy accidently sat on it a few days ago, was that she was from a planet called Cerinia. Her parents were murdered and the planet was destroyed. Fox didn't know who are what could destroy a planet but he suspected Andross was more than responsible. She barely made it out alive and had been wandering the stars ever since.

Until that faithful day she received a distress call and changed their lives.

After successfully saving Dinosaur Planet and destroying Andross, for good this time, Krystal had come aboard the Great Fox to thank him. While thoroughly embarrassed by his team mates, Fox was more than happy she had come on board to see him.

The vixen had quite the effect on the mercenary.

The fact that she was absolutely gorgeous and could make any man's eyes pop out of their sockets(especially in that outfit) had something to do with it. But it wasn't just that. Krystal had this kind and innocent nature that Fox deeply admired. She put her life on the line to save a planet that she had no knowledge of while Fox did for the money. Perhaps he was ashamed to be around someone who took the job for the right reasons. To help and protect those in danger. Fox doubted he would of even given the planet a thought if General Pepper hadn't offered them money.

Fox shook his head. That still didn't help on what they should do with Krystal.

Fox couldn't just let her fly off back into space and keep wandering the galaxy. She had no where to go and Fox had the feeling she didn't want to be alone by the way she had clung onto him for the past few days. And truthfully, he loved spending time with her even though she could barely understand him.

He talked it over with his wing mates and they had agreed to bring her back to Corneria and civilization. But they had no clue what they would do with her. In all honesty, Fox really didn't want to see her in some sort of government appointed home. He has had an overwhelming urge to watch over her since Andross's defeat and that urge has increased due to her naiveness and ignorance towards present technology and society.

The others had teased him about being overprotective of her and that it was because he had a thing for her. Fox denied(often and loudly) but inside he knew that he did feel something for Krystal.

Was it love?

No. Fox has been in love before and his feelings were no where near that strong. But Krystal certainly can cause the blood to rush to his face more than anyone else he knew..

A sudden shift in the elevator's momentum signaled that they had arrived on their floor. The doors hissed open to reveal a surprise to the Star Fox team.

The Space Port was like a traffic jam of species. Peppy rubbed his eyes to make sure he was seeing things clearly.

"You guys sure went to a lot of trouble to throw me a welcome back party." Falco joked. Fox looked past the sea of people to see snow falling outside the port. "Peppy, what's the date?"

The old hare looked at his watch and his eyebrows shifted up in surprise. "Oh my...December 22nd."

Fox groaned. When your floating around in space waiting for a job, you tend to lose track of the months. A crowd was something he really didn't want to deal with, especially with Krystal tagging along.

"Ok guys, let's just get out of here and get a cab." Fox ordered. He hated crowds. Especially during the holiday season.

As quick as they could, the team made their way through the busy port. They had the occasional glances and whispers that comes with the fame of being Star Fox but most of them were focused on Krystal. Unfortunately, she was still in her rather skimpy loin cloth, armor and tank top, calling a lot of unwanted attention to herself. She didn't seem to notice nor mind but Fox quickened his pace and grabbed her hand, leading the awestruck vixen through this giant maze of people.

"Nxo uho kxoho je mudo foefco Fox?"

Fox had no clue what Krystal was asking him but he figured it had something to do with the crowds of people. He kept pushing through with his team and eventually made it outside to which they were greeted by the freezing temperature and falling snow. Fox called for a cab and noticed that Krystal was no longer in his grip. He looked around frantically.

"Crap! Where the hell did she go?!"

The laughter of Peppy brought Fox's attention forward. He followed his gaze and saw Krystal playing in the snow. She seemed to be enjoying herself. A lot. She was doing cartwheels and front rolls through the fresh powder on the streets. On lookers passed and gave the blue vixen stern and odd looks. Krystal ran up to Fox, bubbling with excitement.

"Nxuk aj kxaj jkivv Fox?!"

Fox scratched his head, a sign to Krystal that he did not understand her. Krystal picked up a handful of snow and practically shoved it in his face, asking,

"What...what, what, what!?"

Krystal used one of the hand full of English words she knew over and over again to get her point across. Fox finally clued in and grabbed the snow from her hands.

"This is snow Krystal. Snow."


"No, snow. Snow."


"Ooj." Fox finished using the only word in Dino he knew. Krystal clapped her hands together in glee that she had learned a new word.

"Hey Fox, let's skip the tutorials and get out of here before my feathers freeze!" Falco yelled. Fox gave him a look but had to agree with him. He called for a cab again and after a few tries, one finally pulled up beside them. They piled in one by one, Fox being last as he had to keep Krystal from diving off a mail box and into the snow.

Once they were in the cab and it was on it's way, Fox let out a sigh of relief. "Wow! I can't believe we were in orbit for that long! Christmas is only a few days away! We better get shopping!" Slippy exclaimed enthusiastically.

Fox let out another groan. Shopping was not exactly one of his favorite hobbies. It's not that he didn't want to get anything for his team mates, it's just he never knew what to get them. Oh yeah, and the crowds.

"Hey Fox, what's up with your girlfriend?"

Fox gave Falco a dirty look and was about to respond until he actually saw Krystal. She was shaking uncontrollably and her teeth were chattering. "Oh great," Fox thought. "The last thing we need is her getting a cold. And with her dressed like that, it shouldn't be to hard."

Fox started to take off his flight vest so he could give it to her but Krystal had other ideas. She suddenly latched onto Fox and hugged herself tightly around his body for warmth. Fox's face turned a bright shade of red as the others looked at him with big smiles. He glared at them and hissed, "Don't even start."

"Fox warm..." Krystal mumbled into his jacket. Peppy nearly busted a gut when Fox's entire face went completely red from her comment.

The cab continued with Peppy, Slippy and Falco(mostly Falco) teasing Fox about the tribal vixen clinging to his body like a parasite. But finally they had arrived home. Fox got out with Krystal huddled close to him and payed the driver.

"Nxuk aj kxaj fcuso Fox?" Krystal asked in a shaky voice. Fox gave her the signal that he did not understand. Krystal sighed. She was going to have to use English more than she thought.


Fox then realized she wanted to know where they were. "Home Krystal. Well...sort of."

Truth be told, this really wasn't home. It was more so another home away from home aside from the Great Fox. In front of the crew was a large grey building with the Cornerian Military crest welded above the door. This was a small outpost that had been used by the military long ago during more violent times but was abandoned as soon as peace returned to Corneria. General Pepper offered it to the team when they were first brought together as a way of bonding. Fox and co. fixed it up quite nicely and soon found themselves spending more and more time here. Especially when things got hectic with the media.

Fox opened the door and everyone hurried inside to get warm. He turned on some lights and lead Krystal to a small living room. He sat her down on a couch and wrapped a blanket around her so she could warm up. Krystal snuggled into the blanket, enjoying the warm and soft material.

"Better?" Fox asked with a smile.

"Yes." Krystal answered with a smile of her own. Fox turned to leave but stopped as Krystal called out to him.


"Yeah Krystal?"

"Thank you."

Fox gave her another warm smile. "Your more than welcome Krystal." He left the room and headed to the kitchen where Peppy was sitting in a chair reading the paper, Falco exploring the fridge and Slippy tinkering with one of his older gadgets.

Just like the old days.

As he sat down, Peppy put down his paper and crossed his arms across his chest. "Well Fox, what are we going to do?"


"C'mon McCloud. You know what we're talking about." Falco answered, pulling out a sandwich from the fridge. Fox sighed. He just wanted to go to bed and deal with this later.

"Well what do you want me to do? We can't just hand her over to the officials. She'd be scared out of her mind and who knows what they would do with her."

"Are you saying you want her to stay with us?" Peppy queried. "Or to stay with you?" Falco added. Fox ignored him and continued.

"I don't know what I'm saying. Let's just get through the holiday and go from there. She can stay with us till then."

"Then what?" Slippy asked. Fox leaned back in his chair and his ears drooped a little.

"I don't know."

Peppy looked at Slippy and Falco but let a small grin form on his lips. "Ok Fox. That sounds more than fair. I really don't want to see that sweet, innocent girl get hauled off somewhere strange either. I'm sure Christmas will be a lot more interesting with her around too."


They looked over to see Krystal in the doorway, the blanket still wrapped around her. Peppy looked to Fox with that smile still on his face and said, "You wanna take that one Fox?"

Fox looked to Slippy with a pleading look in his eye. "Please tell me you fixed the translator." Slippy suddenly had a nervous look spread across his face as he toyed with his gadget some more.

"Uh...I forgot the tools and translator on the Great Fox."

Fox banged his head on the table as Krystal asked again. "Christmas?" Fox got up and lead her back to the living room but not before turning to them and saying, "Pray for me."

Peppy chuckled and cleaned his glasses. Falco noticed the rabbit's good mood and called him on it.

"What are you smiling about?"

"Hm? Oh, just the way Fox reacts every time Krystal is brought up or in the same room. He's acting more and more like his father when he met Fox's mother."

"Heh. I got to admit, it is pretty funny seeing him turn as red as a tomato whenever she gets close to him." Slippy added.

"Well enough about Fox. We should organize tomorrow." Peppy stated, stretching his arms above his head. Falco raised an eyebrow at him and asked,

"What's tomorrow?"

Peppy gave him an evil grin causing Falco's eyes to widen in horror. "Oh no! No! You know how much I hate that! There's no way in hell!"

"Suit yourself. Although I'm sure Katt would like to know your back on Corneria right Slip?" Slippy chuckled as Falco's beak dropped from shock and got up from his seat.

"She sure would. I'll give her a call."

Falco cut Slippy off from the phone staring daggers at him and Peppy. "That's low guys."

"What's wrong Falco? I thought you liked her?" Peppy snickered. Same old Falco. "I do...but I really don't want to deal with her barrage of questions on where I've been right now!"

"So you'll do it then?" Peppy asked. Falco growled and nodded his head in submission. Peppy chuckled once more and got up from his seat. "Better get to bed then. Tomorrow's a busy day."

Fox tossed and turned in his bed that night. He was exhausted but could not get to sleep. He stared at the ceiling trying to forget the incredibly tough time he had trying to tell Krystal about Christmas. She managed to understand the whole gift exchange thing and even learned some more words but he didn't think she got anything about the tree or the religious stuff either.

Finally after an hour and a half of their little lesson, she showed signs fatigue. Fox showed her to one of the spare rooms they had and she immediately fell in love with the soft, comfortable bed. Fox smiled. It was so amusing to see her take such enjoyment in the simple things.


The vulpine nearly jumped out of his fur when he heard his name being called out in the dark. He peered out into the darkness and saw a shapely figure beside his bed.

"...Krystal?" He whispered. As his eyes adjusted more to the darkness, he could see it indeed was her. He sat up and asked, "What's wrong?"

He noticed that she was shivering again and that she was still in her loin cloth and tank top minus all the armor.

"Are you cold?" He asked. She nodded her head yes and rubbed her arms with her hands. "Alright, let me get you a spare blank..."

Fox was abruptly cut off as Krystal climbed into his bed and snuggled up close to him. Fox was frozen solid and felt his heart beating like a drum. "Fox warm." She mumbled again, nuzzling her face into his chest fur.

"Udt xudjemo kee..." She cooed to herself with a smile. Fox didn't hear her though. He was trying to make up his mind on what to do.

"Okay, okay, okay...This is awkward. Gotta think. Gotta get out of this."

Although in all honesty, a large part of Fox didn't want to. There was no denying how good it felt to be cuddled up with this beautiful, warm vixen. He had to restrain himself from wrapping his arms around her. But if the others saw this they would never stop teasing him. That and Fox had only known Krystal for a few days and it didn't seem right to be sharing the same bed right now.

His will of resistance was almost broken as Krystal scootched herself a little higher onto Fox's body and nuzzled him right below his chin.

"Gah! C'mon Fox! Get up!"

But his body wouldn't listen as Krystal affectionately rubbed his chest with her hand. It felt as if she was doing this on purpose. But he shook his head at the thought. This was probably how they kept warm back on her planet.

But Fox secretly wished that it wasn't.

Fox remained still as Krystal mumbled some more words in that strange language and rub against him for warmth. It was absolute torture for Fox but he was relived to finally hear the sounds of her light snoozing in the dark. Forcing all his will power, he carefully slid out of Krystal's warm embrace and got out of bed. He gently put some more covers over her and left the room.

Fox let out a sigh of relief and leaned against the wall. This girl was really getting to him. It's been a long time since Fox has had that much female companionship and the last thing he wanted to do was go all hormonal on Krystal. Grabbing some extra blankets and a pillow, he set himself up in the guest room and lay in the dark waiting for sleep to overcome him.

A/N: Bah! I really didn't want to have to split this into two chapters but I'm gonna. Could even be three. Any who, expect the silliness for Chapter 2!