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Chapter 9: The perfect ending.

They walked in, they were glowing. I'm happy for her, she's my friend. They all cheered when they walked in. Apparently this has been going on for a while. At least, that's what Russ said. He and Adam live in the same city, so he knows. It's a good thing I guess, and I'm glad it happened because of me. Well, sort of because of me.

"Attention everyone!" Alex said, banging a fork against his glass. "Connie and I have an announcement."

"We all know what it is!" Lizzie said, she was quite drunk, "I don't get to wear my bridesmaid dress."

"Right," Connie said. "We're not getting married. It would be wrong because to face facts, we barely know each other." She smiled at Julie. "And, well I have a little bit of growing up to do still."

"Exactly, so we're not getting married yet." Alex smiled. "But we aren't breaking up. We're going to stay together, and maybe this time do it right."

The Ducks all looked at each other. This wasn't the answer that they had been hoping for. They all looked at Julie.

"You're a bunch of cowards." She said to the one's sitting next to her, she stood up. "Congratulations on your un engagement." She raised her glass and took a sip and then sat back down. Charlie and Fulton glared at her. "Do your own dirty work!" She stuck out her tongue.

"Thanks Julie." Connie said, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, I'm going to try really hard to keep you guys in my life this time. I'm gonna come home to visit, and call you. I swear it." That made the ducks applaud, and of course, start quacking.

"What is this?" Alex said looking at Connie with his arm around her.

"Just go with it!" She laughed, and joined in.

I made the right decision. I think.

Six months later, Connie was sitting on her couch, going over the notes on opening night at Madison Square Garden. Ever since the article about women in men's sports she had been given practically full creative freedom at the magazine. She wrote about what ever she wanted. It was a great feeling. She was about to start playing the tape she had made of player interviews, when the phone rang.

"Connie Moreau." She said picking it up. "Hottest Sports Writer in the country, how can I help you?"

"Connie" She heard a teary eyed and giggling voice on the other end. "It's Julie."

"Hey Jules! How's LA, the new hospital program treating you well?" Connie said.

"I have some news," Julie said. "So I got home from work this morning and guess what was waiting for me?"

"New skates?" Connie guessed, laughing.

"Adam proposed!" Julie laughed. "We're getting married. I mean, not for another six months, after the season, but then we're going back to Minnesota and getting married, and well, I need a maid of honor."

"You got it!" Connie laughed. "Julie, you do realize that that's"

"Exactly a year from when you were supposed to get married." Julie smiled, "I know."

"Great," Connie laughed. "I'll let you go celebrate. The Ducks come to New York in two weeks, tell Adam I want an interview."

"You got it." Julie laughed. "I'll talk to you soon."

"Bye." Connie said, walking in.

Another six months passed and Connie arrived in Minnesota. She had met up with Julie right after she got off the plane, and then settled into the hotel, but exactly twenty minutes after she headed into the city, to do something she had wanted to do for a long time. She knocked on the door of a town house.

Guy was sitting in his kitchen staring at a picture. The past year had been very strange for him. As much as he was glad that Connie had reconnected with the ducks it was hard on him. He hadn't talked to her since New York. He had started his own business, teaching kids to skate. He loved the work, but it was kind of all he had. The picture was of him and Connie, age ten, in their Duck jerseys. Maybe she had been right they needed to grow up. As he was thinking it, he heard a knock on the door. He got up and walked over. He opened it and saw her.

"Hi Guy." She said.

"What are you doing here?" He said staring at her.

"Julie and Adam's wedding." She shrugged. "I wanted to see you."

"Is he here?" Guy had heard the story about Alex and Connie's "announcement" in New York. Connie shook her head.

"We broke up. He's probably coming though. I guess, for Adam you know?" She said. "But that's not why I'm here."

"Why are you here?" Guy said.

"I hate myself, for the things I said to you in New York." She explained. "Really, and I didn't mean any of them. I know I don't deserve a second chance, but I was hoping I could get one anyway."

"What do you mean?" Guy asked.

"I love you." She said. "I always have and always will. I was wondering if you still felt the same way." Guy smiled.

"Always have and always will." He said, leaning in and kissing her. "I'm not moving to that city."

"Maybe I could use a change of scenery." She said. "Or a switch back." They laughed and held each other kissing.

See what did I tell you, my life is pretty perfect. Well, maybe not, but I love it anyway.

The End

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you guys liked it. I'm kinda horrible at endings that's why it might seem kinda clumsly.