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Synopsis: Sequel to LadyBozi's "A Runner's Sorry." Just as Ronon thinks his life is put back together again, his past comes back to haunt him and just might destroy his future. RononTeyla, some ShepWeir.

Rating: T

Warnings: Violence, kissing (duh), if I think of anything else I'll put it at the head of the chapter it's in

Pairings: Ronon/Teyla, a little bit of John/Elizabeth

Spoilers: "Trinity," "Runner," up to "Return pts. 1 & 2"

Title: A Runner's Hope

Sequel to: A Runner's Sorry by LadyBozi you should probably read that first for this one to make sense

Author: fyd818 & LadyBozi

Part 1/?

Author's notes: LadyBozi asked me to Pleasee plleasseee write a sequel to her story "A Runner's Sorry." So she gave me the info I needed to start and the rest is just my creative brain, LOL. I loved reading "A Runner's Sorry" and was so amazed when she asked me write the sequel, of course I said "yes! Yes! Yes!" We both hope you enjoy it!

A Runner's Hope

Chapter 1

Belsa was a beautiful world, filled with color and light and life. It was a trading world, but many confused it for a partying world, for there always seemed to be some kind of celebration going on. It was a good place to go for a few days of relaxation; to trade; or to blend in and disappear for a while.

Ronon Dex quietly allowed Teyla Emmagan to pull him through the crowds by the hand, resigning himself to following her through the crush to wherever she was taking him. Whenever he asked her, the petite Athosian would just smile and tighten her hand a little, a reassurance that he was going to like whatever it was that she had to show him. He trusted her, there was no doubt about that, he just wasn't big on surprises, that's all.

He'd asked her to come off-world with him, for just a few quiet hours to themselves, and then she got this gleam in her eye and asked if he had a planet in mind. He had said no, because in all honesty he hadn't decided yet, and then she'd gotten a secretive smile on her face and said that she had the perfect place to go. It was how they'd wound up on Belsa, weaving through the chaotic crowds in pursuit of Teyla's secret perfect place. It made Ronon wonder if she knew his plan, if she knew that he had finally gathered up enough courage (and wits) about him to ask her that all important question: would she marry him?

Teyla stopped at a T in the road, looking right, then left, then pulling him right. She called out the occasional greeting to someone or other that she knew, but she didn't stop to talk. He could feel her excitement growing, and his own grew with hers. He wanted nothing to ruin this day.

Finally she slowed, closely examining each building as they came to it, and then she came to a stop, a smile on her face. But then she looked closer at the building, and he felt her deflate, the smile slipping off her face. A small, disappointed "Oh. . ." escaped her lips, and a sad look filled her soft brown eyes.

Ronon looked at the boarded up building then back at Teyla. "I'm sorry," he said, disappointment to share hers and curiosity warring inside him. "What was this place?"

She sighed and turned away from the building, this time allowing Ronon to guide her through the bustling streets. "My father used to bring me here on my birthdays when I was a little girl. It was a small out-of-the-way place, but they served wonderful tuttleroot soup, the best I've had next to Charin's, and their tea was fantastic. I wanted to bring you here, because I wanted to share it with you." She still looked so disappointed, and Ronon's heart twanged a little in sympathy as he draped his arm over her shoulders and pulled her to his side for a gentle hug.

"I'm sorry," he repeated. "Maybe they relocated?"

Teyla sighed heavily and shook her head. "I don't think they would have. The owners were already elderly when my father and I came here. I don't think they had any children, so when they died someone probably just closed the place and boarded it up."

He had to cheer her up, so there was no backing out now. Ahead, he spotted a little tea shop that looked fairly quiet and, hopefully, romantic, so he gently tugged on Teyla's hand and pulled her after him towards the building.

"Where are we going?" Teyla questioned him, a small, confused smile flitting across her lips and dancing in her eyes.

"You'll see." Ronon pulled open the curtain that covered the doorway and entered, relieved to see that the place was indeed small, cozy, and even candlelit. The Ancestors were smiling favorably on this day, indeed. . .

They sat at a table towards the back of the restaurant, the candle in the center pushed to the side so they could see each other better. A blonde woman dressed in a long skirt and loose peasant top came over to them, listed off their varieties of teas and their matching prices, then smiled when they told them what they wanted, complimented them on their choices, then left to go fetch their orders.

Ronon patiently made general small talk with Teyla until their tea came and their waitress swished off again, then reached into his pocket and withdrew the necklace he'd been keeping there for just this moment, swallowing back his nerves and plunging straight into what he had to say. "Teyla?"

She looked up from where she was examining the intricate patterns on her teacup, a content smile on her face now and a soft look in her eyes, her earlier pain at least lessened. "Yes?"

Ronon swallowed again, his throat suddenly dry. He couldn't believe his nerves. . .he could face a Wraith without flinching, and here he couldn't even propose to the woman he was madly in love with because he was so nervous it felt like he was shaking all over. "You. . .I. . ." He took a deep breath. "Okay, this isn't coming out right."

Teyla set her teacup down, one eyebrow raising slightly in confusion or impatience, Ronon wasn't sure which. "What?" Subtext: Spit it out, man!

He could do this. "I know we didn't necessarily get our friendship off on the right foot, me shooting you and all, and even our relationship has had a few rocky patches, but in truth there is no other person that I'd rather spend my life with, and I just recently realized that."

Teyla sat up a little straighter, and the look in her eyes noticeably changed. A small, almost incredulous smile was curling up her lips, and the sparkle in her eyes grew brighter.

Ronon lay his hand on the table between them and opened it, revealing the necklace he held there. "If you're ready, and if you want me, will you take bonding vows with me?"

The smile on Teyla's face turned into a full-blown grin, revealing the same woman he'd seen one night so long ago, when she was so carefree and different than her usual self. "Yes!" Her voice was low as to not disturb anyone else, but it quivered with excitement, and so did her hand as she reached out and placed it over his and the necklace. "Yes, Ronon, I will!"

He twined his fingers with hers and pulled her to her feet with him, leaning down to kiss her as he gently secured the earth-toned bead necklace around her neck, securing the clasp tightly so it wouldn't slip off.

This day was perfect now. . .

A commotion by the door made Ronon lift his head from Teyla's and look in that direction. Suddenly his day was no longer perfect. . .it was terrifying, snatching away his joy and turning it to sudden dread.

Teyla must have seen the look on his face, because she turned her head and spotted the three men standing by the door. Her own smile faded when she saw the tattoos clearly etched into the skin of the men's necks, frighteningly similar to the one Ronon carried. "Ronon. . ." Her voice was tight, her entire body rigid. She knew as well as he did why they were there, that his past, and vicariously hers, had come back to haunt them.

By now the three men had spotted them and were heading over, businesslike (and somewhat menacing) looks on their faces.

They're not going to get Teyla. The thought leaped into the forefront of Ronon's mind, and he gently pushed her behind him slightly, shielding her from danger that was probably only aimed at him. But just in case. . .

"Ronon Dex." It wasn't a question.

"Yes." He saw no need in denying it. What was the point?

"By the laws of Sateda that you and we are all bound by, you are under arrest for the murder of Commander Kell of the Satedan army. . ."

Ronon tuned the rest of the man's spiel out, dread forming a pit in his stomach as the other two took him by the arms and led him towards the door, away from Teyla, away from his love, his life. . .

"Ronon!" she called after him, her voice tight with concern and slight anger.

He looked at her over his shoulder, unable to say anything or reassure her, knowing it would probably be hopeless, because there was no way that he could reassure her that everything was going to be okay, because there was no way he could.

His last sight of Teyla was the stricken look on her face and the tears trickling down her cheeks just before they pulled him from the building, and away from her.

To Be Continued. . .

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