"Vala!" Sam exclaimed, surprised to see the ex-thief standing on the ramp of the 'gate, her trademark grin on her face.

"Where's my Daniel?" she asked in a demanding tone. Cameron frowned.

"Uh…what about Domus?" he asked. Vala shrugged, her happiness not fading in the slightest.

"We ended up deciding it had been too long ago that we had actually had anything," she answered, "and that we couldn't find that old spark. And I missed you all too much." She paused, looking hard into all four of her friends' eyes. "I ask again, where's my Daniel?"

"Well, old Danny boy just died again for a couple seconds," Jack answered. "Died trying to make you happy."

Vala's grin faded and her eyebrows shot up, shocked. "He's…dead?"

Jack shook his head. "He's back now." He paused, a thoughtful look on his face. "You know, I wonder if Daniel has the ability to stay dead."

"Wait, so he died…" Vala trailed off, obviously confused.

"He died of grief," Teal'c explained. "He let go of you because he wished you to be happy, however knowing it would hurt him."

Vala smiled. "That's…so sweet!" she almost cooed.

"Why don't we go talk to him, rather than stand around talking about him?" Cam suggested.


"Sam?" Daniel muttered, squinting from the light. Sam smiled, her motherly smile.

"Yeah, it's me," she told him gently. He blinked, taking in everyone else in the room.

"Jack? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Good to see you to," Jack returned. "You just died, for your information. I wasn't going to let you die without me being here."

"I just died?" Daniel asked incredulously. "Again?"

"You're not getting sick of it yet, are you?" Jack jested. Daniel rolled his eyes.

"Of course not."

"Hey, Jackson. You have a visitor," Cam interrupted. "You know…other than us four."

Daniel frowned. "Who?"

"Me!" Vala exclaimed, jumping into view. Daniel's eyes sparkled, a smile flickering onto his lips. But the sparkle and smile soon disappeared and he sobered, looking away.

"Vala. How was the wedding?" he asked politely. Vala rolled her eyes.

"It was fine. There was something wrong with it though," she told him slyly. Daniel raised his head to meet her gaze again.

"What?" he asked, concerned.

"The groom," Vala replied good-naturedly. Daniel frowned, not understanding.

"What was wrong with Domus?"

Vala sighed, realizing he wasn't going to get it unless she spelled it out for him. "He wasn't you."

Cam and Jack both stifled a laugh at Daniel's bewildered expression. "What are you saying?" he demanded after regaining control of his thoughts. Vala flashed him her blinding grin.

"Domus and I are no longer married. We figured it wasn't going to work out, I'll fill you in on the boring details later," she said dismissively. "The point is, I love you. You should've told me you felt the same."

Daniel was speechless. He told her so. Vala grinned, shaking her head. "You don't need to say anything. Just kiss me."

He obliged willingly. After Vala drew away, Daniel's head spinning and a foolish grin on his face, Jack couldn't help but comment.

"Awww…look! The space monkey's blushing!"

Daniel whipped his head to glare at the general. "Jack!"

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