Here is a new story. Once On A Sick Day

Summary: DFxDP Danny gets sick, but ghosts are coming in at higher numbers. Phantom separated them so that he can get rid of the ghosts. When he isn't fighting ghosts, he's trying to help Danny get better.

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Cough, cough. "Danny are you sure you're okay?" Sam asked, concerned. This was about the 6th time that morning he'd had a coughing fit.

"Its probably just a cold Sam, I'll be fine." He said as he turned to her. He then gasped as his ghost sense went off. "Man," he groaned, "not again." He went ghost and flew out of the house. Sam turned to Tucker.

"I'm getting worried about him."

"Why? He said just a cold."

"A cold doesn't last for more than a week." Sam answered back. Tucker shrugged. He knew Sam was right, but the way he saw it, if Danny said he was fine, he'd be fine. It wasn't very often Danny said he was okay when he really wasn't. So Tucker believed him, even if Sam didn't. Tucker turned his attention back to the TV as he waited for Danny's return. He noticed Sam fidgit beside him.

"Will you calm down, I'm sure he'll be fine Sam."

"But what if he won't be fine!"

"Sam, he's been okay before.."

"But what if this is the one time he won't be! I mean he's sick right now." Sam interupted. Sam sat nervous for the next few minutes until Danny reapeared in the living room. He was in one piece, but looked exhausted. He changed back almost as soon as his feet touched the carpet. Before he could even walk to the couch, he let himself fall on the floor, using his arm as a pillow, he yawned as he laid there.

"Danny! Are you okay?" Danny glanced at her. "Sorry, standard question."

"Okay, I am sick."

"I told you that Danny." Danny rolled his eyes. He didn't like admiting he wasn't right. Even though most of the time that was the case. After another coughing fit, Danny decided it was time to give in and take the cough medicine Sam had told him to take. He slowly sat up and walked to the kitchen. Once he had taken it, his ghost sense went off again.

"What is with all these ghosts? If they keep coming, it'll take me longer to get better." He said as he went ghost to take his frustrations out on whatever ghost it was this time. Tucker kept busy watching his show, while Sam tried to deal with his show until her's came on, or they had to go home, whatever came first. Although Sam was getting so tired of his show, she's almost prefer the go home to come first. She couldn't take 2 more seconds of his show. Deciding to get her mind off it, she went to the kitchen to see what was taking Danny so long.

"Danny? Danny are you in here? I swear if you are invisible and are trying to scare me, you'll wish you were fully dead." But not getting a response to that told her he must've had another ghost come by. Now, she was more worried. He already seemed tired enough when he came back last time, she could only imagine what'd be like now. Sam sat down at the table. Although there was nothing here, it was in a way better than the TV. Here she could think at least.

Lost in thought, she didn't notice Danny come back right away. That is until he collapsed from exahustion on the floor near the table. "Danny!" She rushed to his side. He pushed himself up so he was sitting. He put a hand up to indicate he didn't want her touching her just yet.

"I'l be fine Sam. I just need to do one thing." Grabing her hands, he used her to help pull himself up. Once standing, he coughed a couple times before continuing what he was doing.

"Danny why are you going to the lab?" Sam asked as she followed him into the lab. She watched him look around before heading to the ghost catcher. "Danny why the ghost catcher? Why are you gonna separated youself?"

"Well, I'll just tell you where the idea started from.."


Danny ducked as the Box Ghost launched a box at him. This was the second ghost today, that same hour, and he couldn't keep up much more.

Just separate us, I'll fight the ghosts, you get better.

"Oh, you again." Danny thought to the voice in his head he now knew to be Phantom.

Yes, now take the idea.

"Well I suppose it would be good to do."

Exactly, now finish this fight and get home.

"On it." Danny said as he sucked the Box Ghost into the thermos. Glad for the distration of a car stopping near by that caught the ghosts attention.

End flashback

"Danny, do you really think that would be good. I mean, remember what happened last time."

"I know, but this would be just until I get better." Sam sighed. It would ease her worry for him if he did that. Danny took her silence as a okay to go. He flew up to the ghost catcher and then on through it. His human half landed roughly on the floor realizing he should've put something soft there. While Phantom flew above, but soon set himself to stand on the lab floor. He reached down to help Danny up.

"Okay, I suppose you could sleep in my room until I'm better, but wouldn't that get you sick too."

"I don't get human diseases. I'll be fine in your room, just set up your sleeping back."

"Would the beanbag do?"

"I suppose so."

"If you're done talking with him, Danny I think you should take a break and rest." Sam added in their conversation. Danny nodded.

"Yeah, you're right, I'm pretty tired anyway." He started to walk up the lab stairs, when Phantom grabed him and phased him up to the room. Once there, Danny asked, "Not that I didn't mind the lift, but why?"

"You look bad, I was unsure if you'd make it up all the stairs to your room." Danny smiled some.

"Well, thanks." He laid back and was soon sleeping. Phantom headed back downstairs to find Sam on her way up. To her question on her face, he said.

"What, I didn't think he'd make it up."

"Well, I guess so. So, what do you do?"

"Not sure, haven't been like this enough to find what I really like to do."

"Well, if you're anything like Danny, I bet even you'll get tired of Tucker's show." She laughed some.

"Hey, I heard that Sam!" Tucker yelled. Sam laughed some more as she led Phantom down the stairs. They sat down to watch TV until they were told they had to go home.


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