Last chapter: "I couldn't sleep, I had a nightmare." Phantom grinned and put his arm around the other. He fixed the blanket, then drifted back to sleep. Danny smiled as he too went to sleep.


Danny slowly woke up to Phantom petting his hair. "Hmm morning." Danny mumbled to him. He slowly lifted his eyes to meet Phantom's. Phantom leaned down for a kiss. Danny sighed contently as he kissed him back.

"How are you feeling today?"

"Much better." Danny replied as he sat up and headed to get dressed. Phantom stood and stretched before running his hand through his hair. Danny felt Phantom's eyes on him as he pulled clothes out of his closet.

"C-can you turn around?" Danny stammered.

"But you're so sexy." Danny blushed at Phantom's comment. Seeing Danny's awkwardness, Phantom agreed.

"Okay for this time I will." Phantom said as he turned around. He heard the rustling of clothes as Danny changed.

"You can turn around now." Danny said once he was done. Phantom quickly spun around and closed the gap between him and Danny. He wrapped his arms around Danny's waist. Danny blushed again.

"You're too cute when you do that." Phantom gently told him as he leaned in for a kiss. Danny draped his arms around Phantom's shoulders and leaned into the kiss.

"Danny!" Maddie's voice drifted up the stairs to his room. "Breakfast is ready!" Danny slowly pushed Phantom away.

"Guess I should go eat."

"I'll wait here." He heard Phantom say as he opened the door. Danny blew Phantom a kiss as he closed the door behind him. Danny slowly made his way down the stairs. He felt up to school today, although the day off to be with Phantom would be nice. However he knew the final decision would be up to his mom on how she felt he was doing.

"How'd you sleep Danny?" She asked once he sat down.

"Good." Danny simply replied as he got himself some cereal. He felt his mom's hand on his forehead.

"Well, you don't feel to warm, how is your nose?"

"Slightly stuffy, but I think I can manage." He replied before shoveling more food in his mouth.

"Alright then, I will trust you to go to school today." Danny nodded as he finished eating. Soon Jazz made her way into the kitchen.

"Wow you're late." Danny commented.

"No, check the time, you are early." Jazz said. Danny glanced at the kitchen clock. Jazz was right, he was unusually early. He quickly finished his food. This extra time would allow him moments with Phantom before school started. He placed his bowl in the sink and ran up stairs.

"Back so soon?" He heard Phantom's voice as he closed the bedroom door.

"I have some extra time before school." Danny said as he sat next to Phantom on the bed. Phantom leaned down for a kiss. Danny eagerly kissed him back.

"Maybe we should fuse back." Phantom thought aloud.

"Yeah, I guess I don't want Sam and Tucker suspecting yet." Danny added. "At least I'll know you'll be there with me."

"Plus later tonight we can have time together." Phantom said with a teasing grin. Danny gave him another kiss.

"Should I surprise Tucker and Sam by being early?" Danny asked.

Phantom laughed. "Sure I'm sure they'll be shocked." Phantom grabbed Danny and phased them down into the lab. He gave Danny one more kiss before flying through the Fenton Ghost Net. Danny landed on the other side as one. He let out a soft sigh before going ghost and flying out of the house.

He first went to Tucker's house. Landing outside, he saw Tucker just walking out of his home. Danny ran up to him. "Hey Tucker!"

"Wow! You are early! You must be feeling better." Tucker said as he fiddled with his PDA.

"Yeah, I'm feeling better." The two started walking toward Sam's house. It didn't take long to reach her house and like Tucker, she was shocked to see Danny already there. She gave Danny a hug.

"Hey Sam." Danny said. The trio headed on to Casper High for another day of school. Danny felt giddy thinking of what would happen after he got home.


Next chapter may contain a smut scene.