Um, I'm sorry, I have no excuse for the ridiculous hiatus, other than the fact that I just didn't have any more concepts, and since I won't have access to the games until I get home (I'm volunteering in Thailand) I'm rather low on inspiration. Oh well. Well, this piece is quite a turn from the last one, a force seer offers Atton a glance at one of his many possible futures. Enjoy


You know, for as much I used to love coming to Nar Shadaa, I really can't stand it out now. Since Ana 'opened my mind' to the force, being in loud places like this has become worse then a hangover, because hangover don't voice their problems inside your head, and hangovers at least come with the benefit that you had fun the previous night, but not Nar Shadaa.

Ana had dragged our butts back here before returning to Dantooine, wanted to talk to Vulga the hutt again about fuel for Telos...

"Fortune telling! Foretune telling! I will look into the force, and see your FUTURE!"

A cold skinny hand reached out and grabbed my wrist, whirling me to face a dry husk of a woman who could give Kreia a run for her money on ragged appearance.

"Not interested."

"Are you not curious as to what the future holds for you and your exile?"

I started at this, turning back to the woman who now had a smirk on her face. I looked at her a moment, opening myself to the force and I could clearly see that this old hag was force sensetive, but that didn't mean she-

"You knew the moment she released you from your cell on Peragus, that she would change your life, and a small part of you dared to hope that she would save you from yourself."

I froze when I heard this, my whole body going cold as her words resonated with my memories of that first chaotic, fateful day on the abandoned mining facility.

"Just ten credits boy, and I will use the force to peer into your future..."

I offered the old woman my own smirk, reciting what Anarui had told me dozens of time, "The future is always in motion, and by trying to understand it, it only slips further from our grasp."

The hag just chuckled and settled herself on the ground at my feet, "So she has told you, but your Exile is not a seer. She does not know how to separate the threads of time with a delicate enough touch to see all but destroy none."

I snorted, just who did this old bat think she was? "What, and you can?"

But her smirk just grew wider, she then patted the ground beside her, "You are a curious one boy, sit down."

I snorted, "As if I'm going to waste 10 credits on you giving me some hookey vision."

"Forget the credits boy, what have you got to loose then? At the very least, it will close off your mind from the drowning screams that is this wretched planet for a short while."

I regarded the woman again, from what I could feel in her aura, she seemed genuine, and the promise of at least having Nar Shadaa out of my mind for a little while was great but who knows, this could be Kreia's sister or something, just waiting to rip my mind apart as soon as I let down my-

"My kin are all long gone boy, I bear no relation to this one you fear."

"Would you stop doing that!"

The hag just shrugged, "I can no more stop interpreting your thoughts than I can stop breathing boy, now sit!"

"You know what, fine, if it'll get you off my back." I grumbled as I plopped myself onto the ground in front of the hag. She simply nodded then took my left hand between both of hers, I had to fight the urge not to cringe, her skin felt like dried out wax paper, and was cold as ice.

"Close your eyes boy, and reach out to the force."

With a frustrated sigh I complied, closing my eyes and reaching out to that ever-present glow that was the force. I then suddenly felt her presence all around me, sliding slowly over my brain, but unlike other mind probes, she felt like cool silk, soothing and gentle.

Unlike other's you've met my dear, I have a gentle touch with the mind...

Her voice was different now, younger, more melodic, and had a dream sage-like quality to it. The noise of Nar Shadaa quickly faded away, leaving me only aware of her silk-like presence.

Hm... Her inner voice crooned after a long moment, So many possibilities for you young one, so many futures laid at your feet, all so dim, fleeting, ready to be crushed under the wheel of time or bloom into reality...

"Well that's a lot of help," I grumbled, and I received a gentle mental swat.

Patience young one, I will call forth your strongest future, the star that shines most brightly in your constellation...

Then, I felt her slip into my mind, not clawing and slashing, but gentle, like someone idly digging through soft sand, this continued for a couple minutes until she paused.

My, my what a future... Many men would kill and die for this life, though I think it may not be one that would appeal to you...

"Well look are you going to tell me or not?"

She hesitated, but finally conceded Very well, I shall show you, but remember, as your exile told you, nothing is set in stone, and everything can change in an instant...

Suddenly, lights began to bloom and swirl before my eyes, various sounds, laughter, screams, tears, shouts, all merged and blended filled my ears, I felt like I was falling, falling...falling...

"Hey, are you going to come join us or what?"

I opened my eyes at the sound of Anarui's voice and found myself looking up to a clear blue sky, and felt the warm glow of a bright sun permeating my bare arms. I slowly sat up, realizing that I was in a grassy field, on what looked like Dantooine.

"Hey! Come on!"

I looked around until I saw Anarui sitting just a couple meters away from me, her back to me but was peering over her shoulder, force she looked...different. Her hair was, long, almost down to her hips, the skin of her bare arms and shoulders was a healthy tan, it looked like she had put on some much needed weight, and she no longer looked entirely composed of bone and muscle The thing that looked the most different was her face, force it practically glowed with happiness, it was clear she had been doing more smiling than frowning recently, the subtle wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and around her mouth became apparent with her ear to ear grin.

"Look Atton, are you jut going to sit there staring at us all day or you going to come over here and eat?"

Wait, did she just say, 'us'!?

"Yeah Dad!"

A second voice caught my attention, and as a young boy stood up next to Anarui my heart just about stopped. The boy's dark brown hair fell in loose waves around his face, on particularly long lock falling between his dark brown eyes and covered the bridge of his straight nose, the same eyes and nose I see every time I look in the mirror. I stared, dumbfounded as this boy walked up to me, a broad grin on his heart-shaped face. Kaye... a voice whispered in my head His name is Kaye...

"Kaye," his name bubbled past my lips, and his face lit up as he reached out and grabbed my arm.

"That's my name Dad, you gonna eat with us now?"

All I could do was stare as the realization crashed around in my head ...This is my son...Anarui is my wife, I have a family... I hadn't considered the idea of a family in years, not since, before the war I guess. I'd seen parents with their children and pitied them, being saddled with little brats because of some cruel biological trick that drained their time and money for years on end, but this, looking at my own son was...

"Are you feeling okay Dad?" Kaye reached out and touched my face, his eyes shining with concern like Anarui's always do, and when his little hand came in contact with my face, I felt emotion clog my throat and tighten my chest. After a long moment I managed a deep breath, and placed my hand over his and nodded.

"I'm feeling fine Kaye, just a little sleepy from the sun."

"Well, the food isn't going to wait sleepy head."

I looked up to Anarui again, and now she had turned slightly, half facing me and Kaye, and I could now see that both of her arms were hugging her massive belly. She laughed and made a beckoning motion with her arm.

"Me and the baby just might eat it all ourselves."

Maybe I had just been shocked so much in the past few minutes that I couldn't be any more dumbfounded, because it was suddenly easy to stand up, scoop my son up into my arms and walk over to my pregnant wife. As I sat down next to her, she edged a plate of food at me with her foot, arms still crossed over her belly.

"I thought of a new name for her, what do you think of Reja?"

I reached out and stroked her hair back from her face, just to make sure she was real as I dreamily replied, "It sounds beautiful Ana." I closed my eyes and leaned in to kiss her, but the instant my eyes felt shut the warmth of the sun and softness of the grass disappeared, leaving me floating in the cool blackness again.

Oh yeah...

This is one your many futures, and while it is the strongest, all of them are as weak as a candle in a storm.

I opened my eyes again and I was back in the noise and stink of Nar Shadaa, face to face with the seer again, "What can I do to-?"

"To strengthen this future? You must never speak of it, never hint of it, to her or to anyone. You must bury it deep down in your mind, where not even your witch can reach, because she will take it from you should she find it."

The very idea of anything, let alone Kreia, taking that future away from me set a blaze of fury in me, the seer must've sensed this because she smiled.

"I can only offer you one more piece of advice, and you will hate it because it is vague, but one as clever as yourself should understand it when the time comes. You must know when to give in, and when to push. That is all I can offer you boy. Now go, she waits for you."

I nodded, slowly getting to my feet, I was about to turn around when a thought struck me, and I reached into my pocket and pulled out a 20 credit coin.

"May the force be with you." I murmured as I tossed it to her then walked off to find Anarui.

When I finally found her outside the refugee sector, she was carrying a little blonde boy in her arms, she saw me and smiled.

"This little one got lost and somehow managed to wander outside the refugee sector. But we'll find your mommy soon, right little Kaye?"

The boy gave a fast nod against Anaru's shoulder. I felt myself start to smile at the boy's name, the same as my- Never hint of it, to her or to anyone. I turned my half smile quickly into a look of exasperation.

"Look, if the brat is clever enough find a way outside the sector, than he's clever enough to get back in, we need to go."

Anarui rolled her eyes and me and stroked the boy's hair lovingly, "Just go wait at the 'Hawk Atton."

I rolled my eyes as well and shrugged, then walked off the direction of the docks, but once my back as to her, I allowed a little smile to cross my face.

"Kaye," I whispered softly, "My little Kaye."


Well, there we are, it felt a little hard to not make Atton OOC, with it being a rather sentimental subject, but, I did my best I guess. Don't hold your breathe on another update soon though, sorry :( With that said, I'm out

CN: Anrui Yuy