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46. Showdown – Part 2


"True." Sam agreed, hands forming fists at his sides. Rage boiled up inside of him, tearing through him as he thought about his brother's actions and their consequences. He held his gaze on Nex, watching as Dean's body stiffened and became suddenly still, the knife no longer twirling.

"No…" Nex mouthed, pulling Dean's shirt open just enough so he could see the mark on Dean's chest.

"Stupid son of a bitch!" Bobby shouted, eyes landing on the mark and the several newly made lines running through it, "Stupid son of a…"

"Bobby, tell me that isn't…" Sam questioned, shaking his head in disbelief.

"A trap? A freaking lock with no key?"

"Dean…" Sam breathed.

"Looks like Dean didn't want me to leave." Nex smirked, raising his eyes to meet Sam's.

"He wants you to die." Sam answered, deadpanned, emotionless…

"But you can't kill him."

"I know…"

"And now he's trapped."

Sam bit his lip and found his eyes falling on the dagger in Dean's hand, "I could free him – I owe him that much."

Nex froze, his body stiffened as he saw the cold resolution in Sam's eyes.


The momentary shock brought Dean out of the darkness once again so he could witness what was happening on the outside. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and cold shivers ran up and down his spine. He didn't want to die but he didn't want to live like this. He watched as Sam's eyes fell on the dagger, a dark voice echoing around his thoughts.

"He's gonna do it Dean. He's gonna kill you. Don't you think it's time we stopped him?"

But Dean ignored the voice, his own drowning it out as he screamed inside his own mind, "Do it Sam! Do it!"

Sam dove towards him and Dean felt his body unwillingly moving to guard, readying the knife in his hands. But Sam was quick, grabbing Dean's wrist and pulling it away. Though his brother's eyes were hard he could see the lost look lingering in the back, the little boy wanting and needing his big brother to make everything alright. And Nex stopped fighting, unable drive the knife towards Sam's chest.

"I'm sorry Sammy." Dean whispered, not knowing whether the words were spoken out loud or just in his mind.

Unprepared for the sudden change of direction, Sam's hand lost it's grip on Dean's wrist, the knife heading straight into Dean's chest and the reaction almost immediate as the elder Winchester fell to his knees. He'd barely caught the whispered words only moments before but Sam knew they weren't Nex's, knew they weren't a taunt and that the last actions were Dean's attempt at once again saving his brother.

"Dean, don't you dare…" Sam pleaded, falling next to his brother and gripping him by the shoulders to keep him from falling onto the knife, "Why Dean?"

"So… you wou… wouldn't have… to." Dean coughed, blood trickling over his lips as he spoke.

"I can't lose you Dean… I couldn't have ever… I wasn't gonna hurt you." Sam tried to explain his actions, tried to explain that he had never intended for it to end like this. He watched as Dean's eyes began to slip closed and shook him gently, "Come on, stay with me! Stay with me!"

"I'm sorry…"

"Don't Dean… don't you dare… you cannot leave me like this… you can't die!" Sam begged.

"We need to get him to the hospital… quickly!" Bobby ordered, voice grounding Sam and causing Dean to blink his eyes open for only a second, "I'll help you get him to the car and then you gotta drive like crazy… I'll follow you in my truck"

Any other words spoken faded as Dean slipped back into the darkness, struggling to keep breathing and thinking and anything that meant living.


Once the Impala was out of sight, leaving only dust behind, Bobby turned to face the motel room. He swooped down and picked up the knife that had been thrown hurriedly to the side, knowing that maybe they weren't quite done with it yet, and then he moved to the other end of the room where the dark hunter Gordon was beginning to stir.

"Hi." Bobby growled, kneeling down in front of him, "You don't exactly look too great."

"Screw you." Gordon spat, dragging himself into a sitting position.

"I'm gonna do you a favour. I'm gonna let you walk out of this room. I swear I won't stop you and I won't ever think about you again. On one condition."

"And what's that?"

"Like I told you before, I want you to stay away from the Winchesters. I want you to leave them alone… I don't wanna even hear that you've been talking about them. I want you to forget about them, like I'm gonna forget about you."

"Not gonna happen." The dark hunter snarked, his lip twitching into a cruel smile, "They're not normal."

"Nothing wrong with what they are. You on the other hand… I heard you killed your own flesh and blood without a second thought. That's not normal. So you stay away from them… or you're gonna find yourself in a whole world of trouble."

Gordon pulled himself up, steadying his body against the wall, "What the hell is an old guy like you gonna do to me?"

This time Bobby smiled, grabbing Gordon's neck and dragging him forwards before pushing him towards the door, "You don't want to find out."

"But I guess I'll end up finding out one day." Gordon said; looking the old hunter up and down before leaving the room and Bobby knew that probably wouldn't be the last time he saw him.

Upon hearing the engine of Gordon's car, Bobby found the keys to his truck and set off in the same direction he'd seen the Impala disappear in, hoping to catch up with the boys.


One thing he knew was that he wasn't going to heaven, everything hurt too much for the light filtering through his eyelids to be heavens. Every muscle ached, every scratch stung and there was one hell of a pain in his chest that made it really difficult to breath. So it must have been hell.

That sickly stench of disinfectant that he hated so much, that piercing noise of constant buzzing and beeping that really irritated him and that really uncomfortable feeling from sleeping on a lumpy mattress. He was in hell. He'd died and gone to hell.

He dared himself to open his eyes, dared himself to look around and check out his new home for the next millennia or ten. Slowly, after a painful and hitching breath, he managed to prise one eye half way open and searched the place he was in. Oh great… hell was a hospital. The guys down below really did know how to torture people, sticking him in a damn hospital room for eternity.

Just as he was about to close his eye and wish for nothing but darkness, a voice called out, rising at the end in a questioning manner, "Dean?"

Impossible. It couldn't be hell… hell didn't have Sammy…

"Sam?" Dean croaked, trying to work his dry tongue around his even drier lips.

"Oh God, Dean…" And Dean felt an immediate movement to his right as what felt like a large and heavy object deciding to place itself on his bed.

"I'm not dead?" Dean asked, barely able to get the words out.

Sam laughed dryly, a low growl in his voice, "You try anything like that again and you will be."

Dean decided to open both eyes, taking in the fuzzy form of his brother, "What happened?"

"You nearly died Dean… you did die… you were gone for nearly two minutes…" Sam answered, and Dean could hear the hurt in his voice, "I don't know what I would have done…"

'I'm sorry' didn't seem nearly enough and even if he said it, Sam wouldn't have accepted it. So he turned his head away from his brother and instead asked a question that he really feared the answer too, "And Nex?"

"No sign of him… Bobby thinks… Bobby thinks that most of him died when you… when you…" And Sam couldn't seem to say the words.

"Refused to wake up?" Dean offered, tone playful but understanding.

"Damn it Dean. Two minutes! Two freaking minutes! Do you have any idea how long two minutes is when someone you love refuses to… come back."

There were tears mixed in with Sam's words, making it even harder for Dean to look at him. He was saved from answering the question by a rough cough from the other side of the room, announcing the arrival a third person. Turning his head, Dean was relieved to see Bobby strolling towards them, a coffee in each hand.

"One of them for me?" He smirked at the old hunter, the sweet smell drifting towards him.

"After the stunts you pulled? You're gonna be stuck with hospital food for at least a week." Bobby snarked back, handing a cup to Sam and taking a sip from his own.

"Nah ah… I'm not staying here for a week!" The injured hunter argued, but the moment he tried to pull himself up and into a sitting position, the pain in his chest increased tenfold and left him wheezing and coughing.

"Dean… be careful." Sam warned, forcing his brother back down, "You're gonna tear the stitches."

"Damn it."

"You gotta rest up. We've still got work to do when you get out of here." Bobby reprimanded, sending Dean a stern look.

"Nex…" Dean breathed, grimacing at the sound of the name.

"Yeah, him and all the other things that go bump in the night." Bobby went on, "See, the way I figure it, he's pretty much done for. If he ain't already gone, then I say getting rid of that knife should do the trick."

"You serious?"

"Yeah so just do us one favour, eh?"

"What's that?"

"No more invoking demons so you can try and kill yourself… or I will kill you for real."

"You'll have to wait in line… Sammy's already threatened me."


If it wasn't for Dean's stubbornness and refusal of help, telling everyone that he was fine and insisting on doing everything himself - he would have made it out of the hospital before the end of the week… as Sam constantly reminded him when they managed to check Dean out of there nearly a fortnight later. They left with strict instructions for him to behave and take it easy.

"Like that'll happen." Dean snorted, placing his hand out to take the keys for the Impala from Sam.

Instead, Sam pushed passed his brother and unlocked the door, climbing into the driver seat and ignoring the irritated groan from Dean, "Probably not."

"Where did you say Bobby was meeting us?" He asked huffily, crossing his arms like a five year old would do.

"Hillside County Cemetery."

"And we're doing what there?"

Instead of answering, Sam turned the key and started the engine, driving deliberately steady all the way to the large cemetery plot where Bobby stood waiting. Confused and angry with being left out of the loop, Dean climbed out the car and followed as Sam and Bobby led the way to a freshly dug grave. The date on the gravestone however indicated that the grave had been there since 1978, which explained why Bobby's clothes were so muddy.

"Thought you might wanna do the honours." Bobby said; handing Dean a small box made from metal.

"What is this?" He asked, fingering the box and lifting the lid enough to reveal several bullets.

"It's your knife and an iron box."

"They're bullets…" Dean raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah well, it's the only mould I got, okay?" Bobby explained, "Took extra precautions 'cause well… don't really know what we're doing when it comes to stuff like this… so they've got salt mixed in and they were doused in holy water."

"Why here?"

"It's a child's grave." Sam replied, and Dean noticed as he neared the grave that it was smaller than normal, "Superstitions state they're some of the most innocent creatures."

"Superstition's got it wrong before." But that was the last of the arguing Dean did, throwing the iron box onto the grave. He spent the rest of the night watching from the sidelines as Sam and Bobby shovelled the soil back into the grave, hand rising unconsciously to the mark on his chest as his mind wandered over the past months.

"And it's over?" He asked, more to himself than the other two hunters.

"This battle is." Sam answered, watching Dean's distant gaze, "But there's still a war to fight."

Letting his hand fall to his side, Dean turned to his brother and smirked, "Then we gotta be ready."


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