I Dont Care…REALLY

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I was storming round the locker room in a huff, god knows why, I mean it's not like me and Matt are really goin out is it? In fact, who knows why im upset anyway??
I know.. is it 'cos I secretly have strong feelings of passion and *is it love?* for Matthew Moore Hardy, older of the Hardy Brothers?


Ah who am I kiddin except myself and maybe Matt, he seems oblivious which is probably for the best.
I know Jeff notices, After we kiss he seems to see straight through my visage and his eyes seem to say " God who do you think yr foolin' aimes?"

In case you hadn't guessed, I'm Amy Christine Dumas or the WWF "star" Lita, Friend of the Hardy Boyz and "girlfriend" of Matt Hardy (I wish).

Sometimes I kid myself that he feels the same, feels the passion I feel when we share those all to brief on screen kisses that although are fake to him are so real to me.
And to make all matters worse I get all pissed like this when someone writes a script that hits to close to home.

Matt asked me when we got the scripts whether I was ok with this, spoken in his soft southern accent as we stood in the Boyz locker room.
I said " of course Matty, why wouldn't I be?" with that innocent little look on my face while inside screamin' sonofabitch writers how could you do this??!!
I mean it's not like it means anything to Matt… poor guy, still searchin' for his special someone (oh why couldn't it be me!) he doesn't exactly hate the thought of all these gorgeous women bein' thrust at him by the writers but none of it means anything RIGHT?!

I guess I just feel threatened by the ample "threat" of this buxom blonde.

Yup Yup, Trish Stratus the "bimbo" of the locker room. Don't get me wrong she can hold her own in that squared circle when the chips are down and she aint dumb either she can be a devious little temptress when she wants to and all the rest of the girls, Joanie especially bless her ( Joanie aka chYna, my trusted bud and counsellor who I spill my Matt fantasies to poor thing) have all admitted to hearing her saying she'd had her eye on the tall, dark, handsome Hardy honey, HER Hardy honey!
So ever since receiving this useful little titbit of info, she had been waiting for evidence to make this so.
Now she had it!

What had happened is that the big show had challenged Matty to a European title match earlier on raw, Matt bein' the Strong one that he was, accepted, Trish had somehow been persuaded (it probly only took a couple of bucks) to accompany him to ringside, and got tangled into the brawl by kissin' matt as a "distraction" to give Show the match and the title, Matt's title! But of course "Lita" wouldn't let that go without a fight so we had a bich fight.
BUT it wasn't all fake I was SOOOOOOO pissed that I did lay into her a little to much and then kick show in the balls to cause the DQ for Matt yay!

"BITCH" I said again, louder this time as Joanie sat looking concerned as I paced almost madly in my locker room.

"Amy hun, there's no use gettin' upset over it, You KNOW Matt doesn't feel that way about Trish and NEVER will" she insisted

" I don't care any more Joanie, this is the last straw, I thought everyone had figured out how I felt 'bout Matt! I mean know she probly does and doesn't care but it dont give the whore the right to march to the writers and demand it even if it WAS a "ploy" to put Matt off the match!"

I slumped down, defeated, into an inviting chair, I'd been on my feet all evening and was pretty much pooped.

I glanced up at Joanie and saw her looking worriedly at me, I never usually got this riled up 'bout anythin' but, I dunno I'd just had enough!

"look" she said soothingly " dont get all worked up over something this trivial because it's one push and she could tell Vince your stirrin' up trouble and get you suspended, or she could go tell Matt and screw your chances."

"I DONT CARE ANYMORE" I thundered, rage had taken over now, as I thought about it more and more it angered me further.

"Im not lettin' that little bitch get away with stealin MY man no siree I'm takin' matters into my own hands!" I growled as I stormed from the room.

"AMY WAIT" I heard Joanie cry but it was too late, I was on the warpath!

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