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Chapter 15: The end is only the beginning

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Amy held Matt tightly in her arms. "Are you OK Matty?" She asked worriedly brushing the hair out of his face.

"I'll live." He groaned as she held an ice pack to his face.

"It was real brave what you did out there Matt, you are one hell of a brother!" Kurt commended.

"Speaking of brothers" Adam trailed off as Jeff slunk into the room, flanked by Chris and Jay.

"Matt," Jeff murmured "I am so incredibly sorry, I cannot believe what I did out there, I... I just wanted you to fight, hit me so this could be over, guess I got a little carried away."

"It's OK Jeff I get why you did it, but I could never hurt my baby brother, I'm sorry I got you into this mess. After all Trish did, I expected you to feel the same, but the way I hear it now... you were real drunk, I get it, an' I shoulda known that you would never... with Trish for the hell of it! I'm sorry Bro."

"Not as sorry as I am that's a cert."

"We cool?"

"Oh, we're cool alright!"


The two brothers embraced and Matt grimaced over Jeff's shoulder

"Oh right, sorry Matt."

Just then Vince came in.

"Well boys, I have to say one thing. That was great! The way you guys rallied round, as friends was great, the fans ate it up, Jeff great brute force and Matt, nice endurance, you gonna be ok?"

"I'll be fine Vince, I'm a fighter." Matt drawled.

"Great, look, I think you boys should have a couple weeks off, for your troubles, we'll work it in! Genius sheer genius." Vince muttered as he walked out, a bounce to his step.

"Well, that was weird." Jay commented.

"I say we go to a club and celebrate! That is, if Matt's up to it?" Chris asked.

"Sure, hey might as well loosen up a bit, just don't expect any brake dancing K guys?"

"Aww, party pooper." Jeff joked

"Lets go." Amy enthused

When they returned from the bar they parted their separate ways.

"We'll see ya tomorrow Matt, before we have to go traveling, it's alright for some, havin' time off huh?" Adam said.

"Yeah, we'll meet up at breakfast, night guys." Matt said watching them leave.

"Wow, long night." Amy smiled.

"I'm gonna hit the hay." Jeff yawned.

"K, as long as it's alone boy, I got no probs!" Matt quipped.

"Ha, ha, night guys." Jeff said, dragging himself to the lift.

"So, it's you and me kid." Amy said looking up at Matt.

"Yeah, guess so." Matt grinned.

"I bet you'd like one of my famous massages to ease up those stiff muscles huh?"

"I might well do..."

"And, I night away from Jeff's snoring?" Amy winked.

"Now, that I definitely need!" Matt nodded linking arms with Amy.

"Shall we?" He offered.

"We definitely shall." Amy said leading him upstairs.


"Morning..." Jeff grinned knowingly, as Matt and Amy came into the dining room arms linked, Matt looking a lot better this morning.

"Well, you guys look, Rested." Chris grinned.

"Yeah, nice night was it?" Adam asked.

"Very." Amy smiled.

"Well, we only have a few more hours before we have to be going, guess you guys are goin' back to Cameron for a while?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah, a couple of weeks off, do us the world of good." Matt smiled looking at Amy.

"Oh brother, get a room!" Jeff shook his head.

"We better be going." Jay said at length.

"Yeah, we'll see you guys in a few weeks. Try and let Jeff get some sleep ok?" Chris quipped.

The guys all waved goodbye and went to go get their bags.

Amy said " I'm gonna go pack, see you guys in a bit."

"Ok, meet you here in a while."

"I'm gonna go get some souvenirs." Jeff said.

"K, I'll be here."

"Matt..." Matt heard a voice purr in his ear.

"What the- Trish, what are you doin' here, get away from me."

"Matt, I understand that you would be upset, but please, Hear me out."

"You got five minutes."

"OK, Well, ever since I saw you, I thought you were hot, you were so kind and supportive and I'm sorry, I was really wrong but when I overheard you saying how much you liked her and then heard Amy talking to Joanie about you, I felt so jealous, I hated her and decided it had to be me, or no one. I'm sorry, and I know how much you cared about protecting Jeff and how you didn't want him involved and I thought it would be the best way to get you back, turning the person you care most about against you. But you hurt me so much so I just wanted to hit you where it hurt the most, your heart. 'cos that's what you broke."

"Trish I didn't wanna hurt anyone and I didn't know you felt that way, I can't help what I feel for Amy and you didn't do yourself any favors by blackmailin' me y'know?"

"I know, I've realized that now and I hope we can be friends?"

"I guess so... I don't like holdin' grudges anyway Trish, so yeah, we'll forget it."

"Thanks Matt." She said, leaning over and kissing him gently on the cheek.

"It's ok."

She walked off just as Jeff was returning. "What the hell was that?"

"She was just apologizing, we're gonna try an' be friends."

"Oh, right. Good." Jeff nodded.

"Hey guys whats up," Amy said appearing with her bags.

"We better be goin', lots to do." Matt said.

"I guess this is a case off all's well that ends well huh Matt?" Jeff said as he grabbed his bag.

"Y'know Jeff, I have a feeling that this is only the beginning!"


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