Boba sighed, splashing his face with the dirty, fake water onboard the Slave I. He lifted his head from the sink and turned to face his small sleeping quarters in search of a towel. When he had finished groping about the storage bunk for one, he dried his face and looked in the mirror, surprised at the blank, emotionless look on the young man's face.

It had taken him so long to realize that he was becoming a young man that he felt as if he didn't fit inside of his own body. He'd been assigned missions ever since he'd turned 11, and now at the age of 18, he was finding his way back to the memories he'd experienced on Aargau. With her. Aurra Sing. And she always made him feel like a child.

He pulled his dark blue tunic over his head and made his way toward the large rounded door in the hull of the ship. He proceeded to punch in a code of complicated symbols, and then made his way back up to his sleeping quarters to make sure all of his belongings were safely stowed. His presence on Aargau would be known in the Undercity, and he wasn't very comfortable with that. So he kept his most precious belongings on his person -- the Slave I was sure to be searched by some sort of Undercity-dwelling scum who managed to sneak their way up to the first level. But that was to be expected.

He slid back into his cockpit seat and prepared for the landing as a "Welcome to Aargau" message scrolled across the screen in front of him. His hand gripped the joy stick as he threw the ship out of autopilot and sped forward into the gravitational pull of Aargau, until it took complete hold of his ship.

He leaned back, grinning a small grin at his memories of Aargau, the maze civilization as he liked to refer to it. The ship began shaking violently as the pull became stronger, and he strapped himself in, prepared for the landing.

What happened next, though, was a complete shock to him. The scrolling message on the screen in front of him quickly turned red, and words scrolling across it read menacingly:

"As an offender of the neutrality of Aargau, you are to be arrested on your landing platform. Come unarmed, with transcripts of your vessel's mission and/or purpose for being on Aargau."

Boba's eyes widened as he read through the message when it scrolled through for a second time. What the hell was wrong with them? Boba had done nothing wrong... He was here for a simple meeting with an old...friend. He had no transcripts! This was his ship; he ought not to be troubled by petty commands from some far off gangster.

When the ship came in for its landing, the shaking had ceased, and the ship hovered above the docking area for a few moments before touching down smoothly. Boba walked calmly to the gangway, punching in another code and grimacing as the gangway began to open, showing him the glowing red light that always lurked on the first level of Aargau's pyramid.

As the hull opened wider and wider, he expected there to be a squad of police droids waiting for him. Instead, the hull slowly crept down, revealing a feminine figure standing with her hands on her hips, a blaster in the holster at her thigh. He squinted through the glaring red light that surrounded them.

"Aurra Sing?" he called.

"It's been a long time, Boba."