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The dark man watched the young girl play as he had done for the past two weeks. She's perfect he thought as he memorized her body, face, hair. He was 42, she was 8. Oh he didn't want her for inappropriate reasons. He would teach her those when she wanted to know them, but not for his benefit. She would need to know them, and she would be taught gently and correctly. She'd need to know how to please a man, if she was to be presented as the perfect gift. The man had long range plans, and she was a very important part of him attaining his goal. He decided to approach her and her mother. He walked out of the trees and approached her. She stopped what she was doing and said, "Hello."

"Hello," the dark man replied. "Is your mother around?"

"Yes, she's inside. Follow me."

"Thank you." She doesn't fear me and she's never met me. Not very smart of a young girl to be so trusting. She's confident, and her chakra is strong, I can feel it. The young girl led him through the kitchen door where her mother was preparing lunch.

"Mama. The man wants to talk to you." Her mother turned quickly eyeing the dark man. He thought the man? Had she seen him watching her before? If so, very good little one, you're observant.

The girl's mother said, "Hello. Can I help you?"

"Is there somewhere we can talk privately?"

"Here is fine. Raylin, go outside until I call you."

"Yes Mama." The little girl left her mother with the dark man.

The woman started right away, "What do you want with my daughter."

"Raylin is such a pretty name. Very fitting of a beautiful young girl."

"Are you some kind of pervert?"

"No. Your daughter is Uchiha isn't she?"

The woman started. "How did you know that?!"

"So it's true then." He giggled inside, and I only thought the rumors were rumors. So this is the other remaining Uchiha. The one no one knew about. Excellent.

"Tell me. How did you know?"

"I can tell. Believe me. I've known Uchiha for a very long time. In fact, I do believe I knew her father."

"That's impossible. He's been dead for a long time, and he was older when he,"

"I know. I'm not as young as I look."

"Listen, nobody is supposed to know about her. That's why we left. When I told her Father that I was pregnant, he ended our affair immediately and went back to his family. He wanted nothing to do with another child. So we left the area and have been here secretly since. I fear for her safety after I heard what happened to the rest of the Uchiha clan."

"What if I told you I could protect her, and nobody else but me can?"

"How can you say that? How do you propose to protect her?"

"Dear lady, I am a person not too many people try and cross."

"Who are you?"

"That's not important. But your daughter is."

"What do you want with her?"

"I want to raise her as a medical ninja along with my other colleagues. I believe that with her Uchiha blood, obviously strong chakra, and her awareness, that she would be a fantastic medic. Maybe one of the best ever."

"Better than Tsunade?"

Why did you bring her up?! "It's possible I'm sure."

"How can I be sure?"

"You can't be. But you have something I need, and I'm willing to compromise to get it. I can guarantee your safety. Make sure your village is ignored by mercenaries and enemy ninja. She would live a long prosperous life with me."

"As your slave?"

"No. She has something that I don't have, and I'd like to, shall we say, possess it in a way."

"She does not have the sharingan."

"Not yet she doesn't." This is taking too long. I will compromise my own way. I must bend her mind and her will. The dark man stepped closer to the woman and looked at her calling up a hypnotic genjutsu, "I can take your daughter with me then. Sure. I'll keep her safe and will arrange for you to visit her. It'll be like she's attending a ninja academy. She'll be best in her class, and she'll make you so proud. That'd be excellent wouldn't it? The girl the village would have shunned would instead be the hero."

The dazed woman said, "Yes, that would be best. She'll be the hero."

"Good. Let's tell her."

A voice said from the doorway, "You don't have to. I heard what you said. Why am I going with you?"

The dark man turned and faced her, squatted down to her level and looked into the depth of her black eyes. "You have something I need and I may never get it if you don't help me."

"So you're going to train me then?"

"And then some. You will be brilliant. I will make you perfect. Even more perfect than you already are."

"Alright, I'll go with you. But you have to promise not to hurt my mother or me."

"I promise you. Now, go gather your things. We must begin our training."

"Ok." The girl went to her room and packed her belongings. She returned to her still dazed mother and told her, "Mother, I'm going with this man to begin my training. Is that OK?"

"Ok, Raylin. Do what the man says. I'll see you soon." The child hugged her and turned and left with the dark man. She was a bit apprehensive, looking back as they walked away from the house.

The man spoke up, "Don't worry, she'll be fine. We'll see her next week. In the meantime, you have much to learn and I have much to teach you."

"You know my name's Raylin. So what do I call you?"



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