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Raylin turned to Sasuke one morning and said, "I think it's time. I'm ready now."

Sasuke said, "Are you sure, because I've been ready for a while now."

"I know, but I had to make sure I was ready. I have to do all the work you know."

"I know, but how are we ever going to complete our mission if we don't get started?"

"Ok, I've taken care of things. I'm ready."

"Good. Race ya."

"Cheater!" They ran to the bedroom to begin their next mission; trying to conceive their first child.

A year later, black haired twins entered the world, two healthy girls. A year after that, they had another girl. Two years later, a boy joined the family. The Uchiha clan was well on its way to being reborn through the children of Raylin and Sasuke. They had eight children, all strong healthy Uchiha, who would eventually end up marrying and having children of their own. The Uchiha genes and the sharingan gift didn't seem to weaken as it was carried into the generations. It only got stronger through the instruction from Raylin and Sasuke. She even found a way to evolve the blood line trait, to strengthen it, not dilute it.

When Tsunade, the hidden village's 5th Hokage retired, Naruto was installed in her place. The advisors and other high ranking officials agreed that as long as the talent was available that Konoha was better off with two ruling Hokage. The 6th and 7th Hokage fought to keep peace in the world, and were quite successful at it. Between Raylin's gigantic power and Naruto's kind heart and fierce loyalty, there were very few problems they couldn't solve together.

Unbeknownst to most people, Raylin continued to regularly visit Orochimaru. Sometimes when Sasuke was sleeping, she'd carefully lift his shirt and touch the seal. She actually missed Orochimaru at times. He'd given her so much. He'd turned her into a gift, not only to Sasuke, but to an entire village, herself, and future generations. She had turned into a gift for the whole world.


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