One day at Titans Tower, we see Robin on the computers, Kid Devil watching T.V and Rose polishing her blades.

"Robin, what ever happened to Jason Todd, the second Robin?" Kid Devil asked.

Robin thinks

"I vote for Jason to die" A tiny Tim said over the phone

Tim hangs up

"How was that?" Tim asked the shadow in background


"So, Mister DiDio, when can have my own comic?" Tim asked

"After I retcon somethings!" He said with an evil laughed

"Batman and Nightwing told me that he was beaten and then blown up, but then somehow came back to life"

"So where is he now?"

"Last time I saw him he was about to kill me, although it wouldn't be the first time he tried to…"

"If he's not Robin anymore, what does he do now?"

"He kills people, who do wrong or have wronged him"

"YEAH!" Rose yelled.

"He was so cool, we teamed up and defeated a villain together" Kid Devil said remembering the pen pal letters.