A part of me is relieved that this segment of the story is complete, although I must admit that I am going to miss writing about the early days of Zuko and Katara's relationship. In the sequel, they are going to face the problems of their relationship head on. They'll wonder, as all couples do, if they rushed things. They'll have to struggle to carve a future for themselves in a world completely dominated by the Fire Nation, should Katara possess the strength to forgive the man who murdered her best friend.

Sokka and Suki will also search for a new place in the world as Kyoshi is conquered at long last by the Fire Nation, and the Water Tribes have become a dangerous place for women who are with child.

In addition, the world will have to achieve some sort of balance now that the avatar has been killed and it will be years before the next is old enough to assume the title that Aang vacated…assuming it survives Ozai's wrath.

Relationships will be both forged and destroyed, children will be born and heroes will die.

And there is one choice laid before them all: one that their ancestors had been forced to make long before any of their births: Should they accept their fate, or should they fight it with all of their strength?

Look for the sequel of Eclipse…