Notes: Done in the holiday spirit. For the 12christmas LJ. Please enjoy. (:

Santa Neji

She grinned toothily, gazing at the line of girls waiting by the door. He watched as she counted the customers.

Neji should have refused.

But then again, Neji never refuses what she asks.

The Hyuuga analyzed the line, after hn-ing to some other girl's request to sleep wit her. There were barely any boys on the line, most of them teenage girls that wore outfits quite... skimpy.


Tenten turned, slightly, the elf hat she wore jingling. She was dressed in a cute elf costume, equipped with the jingling hat, green skirt and leggings that showed off her shinobi legs. However, it wasn't quite as embarrassing as Neji's getup.

Neji was clad head to toe with red fabric, lined with white cotton, so white it matched his eyes, as the fake beard trailed across his chin. It was also Tenten's brilliant idea to make this Santa not fat, as Ino and Sakura helped make the outfit form fitting, showing off the lean muscles from the constant training sessions. Thus, hoards of fangirls waited outside the door of the little decorated living room, as Sakura and Ino were outside, clad in the same elf costume as Tenten collecting money.

"Nuh uh, Santa, call me your elf helper."

Neji glared at the teasing girl, before she came over nonetheless.

"What do you need Santa?"

"Lunch break."

Tenten tsked, shaking her head playfully, "Santa works around the clock, there is no lunch break."

Neji raised an eyebrow, as another rabid fangirl tried to jump on him much to his grimace. The other elf helpers pulled off the girl, shutting the door behind the foaming girl, panting from the strenuous work.

"We're taking a break!" Kiba yelled at the older boy, stretching his sore muscles in his green elf outfit. The elves (nine shinobi to be precise) left the room, leaving Tenten alone with Neji.

There was banging on the door, before Naruto yelled from the other room, "Santa's on a lunch break!"

Neji glared at Tenten, as she toyed around with his beard. "Why am I doing this?"

"Because your pretty eyes attract money."

"Why do we need money?" Neji said, his voice irritated. If Tenten desperately needed money, she could have asked him. But they both knew, Tenten loved to see Neji in a Santa costume.

"To fund a Christmas party at Kiba's and Naruto's pad."

"Get Naruto to be Santa."

"Yes, but he won't attract as many customers as you will, Neji," Tenten cooed, pulling off the elf hat. Neji stared at the kunoichi before sighing.

The kunoichi slyly sat on his lap, batting her eyelashes at the boy.

"Neji... do you know what I want for Christmas?" she asked mischievously, leaning in closer to him. The Hyuuga hid back a smile, desperately looking another way, away from her. But it was so damn hard to resist those chocolate eyes.

He glanced over, almost pouting at the stupid scheme in the first place. Why did he have to be Santa for a party he wouldn't even attend? His hand dropped around her waist as she kissed his cheek.

"Hn..." he grunted half-heartedly.

"I want Santa Neji," she smirked, as he turned his head to receive her kiss.

"No fraternizing with your elves, Santa!" Naruto yelled from the doorway, jolting the two away from each other.

Neji glared at the blond idiot as Tenten blushed and picked up her hat.

The other nine shinobi smirked watching from the doorway.

"Finally, Neji and Tenten have combined their spring of youth to heat up this winter!" Lee yelled, causing Tenten to flush harder.

Neji pouted, as the snickering Kiba opened the door to more fangirls.

Just when being Santa had a good point.