Soul String

My sister once told me that everyone has a soul mate, someone that they're destined to be with for all of eternity, whose heart can mesh seamlessly with your own. Legend says that a single red thread connects them at the ends of their fingers and no matter how far apart they are, no matter the distance, and almost nothing short of death can ever sever the strings.

I couldn't help think on this and that day so long ago now, on which I was able to see our own thread; Mine and hers; and now I think I can see a new thread's path, but it can't go where it seems to be leading.

"Hey, Rikuo, do you believe in fate?" the slighter boy asked looking at his partner, "You know, that two human beings can be destined to be with each other and no one else will do?"

"Are you serious? The only thing that connects people is attraction." The taller boy said as they walked down the sidewalk to Kakei's next assigned duty. Suddenly, the heavens opened up and rain pelted their two young bodies. They dashed beneath a sheltered store's awning and tried to wait out the worst of the storm.

Kazahaya just couldn't keep quiet. "What if I could tell you that I can see these strings, the one's that connect two hearts, tied at the end of a single finger for each person? That sometimes the only mystery is when the string will shrink and the two people will meet?"

"I'd say you're full of it. There's no such thing you weirdo!" He then added a quick "Let's go." And was off, Kudo trailing behind.

"Jerk! I can't believe I even talk to you!" There was just something about riling the smaller boy up that greatly appealed to the older boy, and was slightly disappointed when the boy looked once again, deep in thought as they walked side by side. "Two lives entwined together by one thread, It stretches for miles, or just a few feet. But these two have always been destined to meet. Under a cherry tree full in bloom or within a city as one is to meet their doom. At the end of my finger is tied to you, the most beautiful thing that ever I'll see. A tiny red bow that says you're tied to me. I'll always remember the day that I saw it. And cry forever for the day that it severs."

"That was actually beautiful, for a moron, that is." Rikuo laughed as his roommate freaked out once more and then smiled at how cute the boy looked as he turned serious once more.

"My sister taught it to me when she realized that I'd be leaving her, that she didn't have much time left. She wouldn't even tell me that she was dying, knowing we might not meet again, she wanted to protect me." He seemed sadder all of a sudden. "And on that very same day I noticed the string that had tied us, it fell in the middle and my end stretched out into the distance, I saw her end unravel."

"Kaza…" he was cut off when lips pressed into his own, ending in a searing kiss.

"I finally found the end of my string again, Rikuo. Please, don't let it be severed again?

"I found within you the most beautiful thing that I'll ever see, a bow on your finger that leads straight to me." And ignoring the stares and the people on the street the two kissed as if they would never part. Tears streamed down the pretty boy's face as they remained locked in their embrace and the sun's halo that surrounded them echoed another such meeting. One that had taken place long ago, one that never got to be completed in time. In the distance, an old fossil of a man watched the scene with a tender heart and a head full of memories and smiled.