This is for you, my Niniel, as I thought Farawyn fluff would be a better belated gift than some lame holiday card. I love you! This is not up to my usual standard at all, I admit, but... you know.

However, I do not love the fact that Faramir and Lord of the Rings in general are not mine. Bummer.

"What is it that you would you have, if this world were bright again?" Faramir asks. They stand on the City's walls before the spreading gloom, their last hope.

"I could not say, honestly, as no riches, no valour, no conquest of mine could win it. If it were possible to me, I would look at the darkening sky and not fear the night's arrival. I would not fear death."

"That sounds fair, Éowyn."

"What would you have?"

He smiles at her, his eyes bright, and takes her hand in his. "I would have you know that I love you."