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Prologue: True Silence




Silence has a whole new meaning now.

Usually, silence is a comfort, a niche in life that I've grown used to. Silence used to mean no spoken words or sounds, just discrete, loaded glances and a few minute hand gestures traded with the person I knew best.

This new silence is… painful. Sure we talk. But it's basic, meaningless conversation that is required to pass between us. Any glances are met with flushed faces on either end of the look. Gestures are just… pointless with nothing to back them up.

And now I know- that old quiet I used to relish in, that was not silence.

This is silence.

I hate it.

The worst part is that it's my fault. I'm worried that I might've trashed our fragile friendship. It never made sense for us to be friends. We're polar opposites- if the whitecoats hadn't played God and tinkered with our destinies, we never would've met. If we were normal, she'd be the popular, pretty girl that everyone secretly envied. I'd be the invisible boy, the wallpaper that people ignore. Completely different layers of the social pyramid, the ones that never come together. If we were normal, she'd look right through me and I wouldn't care less.

But we weren't normal. We were far from it. And somehow, during our imprisonment in plastic dogcrates, we managed to form a friendship that made no sense.

But I must of been crazy to think that there was the slightest possibility we could be something more than just friends.

I'm an idiot.

A prickly sensation crept down my neck and I glanced up, catching Max red handed in the act of giving me The Look. She blushes scarlet and flaps harder, surging ahead of me. My eyes follow her in a detached sort of way. The Look. Ever since New Year's Eve, every now and then I'll catch Max watching me with this weird, unreadable expression on her face. I've spent hours trying to decipher it, trying to figure out what it's supposed to mean. It seems like part worry, part revelation, part… something else. I really have no idea. But it keeps me up at night, attempting to comprehend the message her eyes are unconsciously sending me.

I sigh aloud to the few birds of prey that have been shadowing us ever since we hit the state border. More than anything, I wanted to do something to shatter the new silence. If Max didn't feel the same way about me, I could live. As long as our friendship could be salvaged from the wreckage of that night, I would be happy. That was all I needed.

But so far, our friendship seemed like it had been broken beyond repair.

And there was only one person who could be the Krazy Glue to stick the pieces back together:





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