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- - - - - - - - - - -

"Can you believe we have to actually deal with that Umbitch?" Ron demanded to Harry and Hermione as they exited the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

"Ron," Hermione scolded. "As much as I disagree with her teaching abilities, that still doesn't give you the right to talk about her like that."

"But, Hermione," Ron whined. "She made us write twelve inches about a simple stunning spell. We already know how to do all that!"

Hermione pursed her lips. "In case you've forgotten," she said quietly, "the only reason we know how to do all that is because of the DA."

Ron rolled his eyes. "The only reason we made that club is because our teacher sucks."

Hermione sighed, giving up. There was just no arguing with him.

Harry smiled at his two best friends. "Don't worry guys, I'm sure sooner or later Umbridge will get what's coming to her and kick her out on her fat arse."

Ron chuckled. "I hope she gets beaten up by a werewolf, or maybe a vampire. A giant would be cool! She hates other species and that would be the best way to get her out of here."

Harry sighed. "If only that could happen, Ron." He shrugged. "But the chances of that happening and getting a good DADA teacher would be like Voldemort telling the world he was sorry or Malfoy beating me in Quidditch. It just won't happen."

Ron grumbled a bit.

Hermione giggled at Ron's look. "Don't be so gloomy, Ron. We have potions next."

Ron and Harry groaned loudly. "Why did you have to remind us, 'Mione?" Ron exclaimed.

"And it's double potions with the Slytherin's," Harry said, frowning.

Ron gave a low moan. "When is it ever not with the Slytherin's?"

Harry only shrugged.

"Well, I suggest we head down to the dungeons and get through it quickly," Hermione said, ushering them toward the dungeons. "Besides, if you just ignore Malfoy, I'm sure you'll get a good grade."

Harry rolled his eyes. "It's not just Malfoy, but Snape just doesn't lay off."

"Harry, Professor Snape is a teacher, I'm sure he doesn't fail students on purp--"

"You've been here how long!?" Ron interrupted, earning a scowl from Hermione.

Harry just shook his head, noticing a fight was about to happen. "Let's just get this done quickly."

- - - - - - - - - - -

Harry furrowed his brow in concentration as he added the Billywig stingers to his potion. Snape was hovering just above him, a sneer in place and a quill at the ready to give him another zero.

Harry sighed in relief as the potion turned a light blue color, just a bit lighter than it should have been but still good. He glanced into Snape's eyes to give a glare. Snape just returned the glare and walked off to torture someone else.

Of course today just had to be more difficult than most. It was a N.E.W.T level potion called somnium potion. It would give the person who drank it dreams or flashes of other worlds. Harry didn't know why they made such a potion or why people still tried to make it. According to Hermione, there has never been a somnium potion that has actually worked.

"Stupid git," Harry muttered.

"Potter!" Snape barked. "No talking. Ten points from Gryffindor."

Harry gritted his teeth in anger, trying to ignore Malfoy's laugh and taunts.

Hermione leaned over, looking into his cauldron. "Harry," she whispered, "you need to stir clockwise ten more times."

"Granger!" Snape snapped. "That will be ten points from Gryffindor as well."

Hermione blushed furiously. Harry had to bite his tongue from saying something nasty. He clenched his fist. His anger just increased as he saw the 'I must not tell lies' scars on his hand.

Harry shook furiously and glared fiercely at Snape who just watched him, almost daring him to say something. Harry narrowed his eyes. He would not give Snape an excuse to take more points away.

Harry returned to his potion and, thankfully, the rest of class went by smoothly.

"You should all be done by now," Snape said silkily, his eyes darting to each student. "I want you to put a vial on my desk. If you have not done so in the next three minutes, you fail." His eyes drifted to Harry.

Harry didn't notice the look but instead filled his own vial and settled it onto Snape's desk. Wearing a grin, Harry made his way back to his desk to clean up his supplies and get rid of the remaining potion.

As Harry walked closer to his potion, he frowned as he saw it turn a dark blue color and bubble uncontrollably. Harry ran over quickly, trying to use his wand and to cancel whatever had happened.

"Professor!" Hermione shouted as Harry's potion started squirt liquid out, almost hitting him in the face.

"Potter!" Snape yelled. "Get away from that potion. What did you manage to do this time?"

"I didn't do anything," Harry snapped. "It just started bubbling when I came back." His eyes widened as a large amount of liquid shot up. It was at that moment that Harry caught Malfoy's eyes. The blond smirked at him and Harry felt anger boil inside of him once more.

"Harry!" Hermione and Ron screamed. Harry didn't have enough time to glance back at them. Whether it was curiosity or horror, Harry watched the potion shoot up again, this time pausing in midair in the shape of a large circle. Electricity crackled around the blue liquid that was slowly turning black.

A force pulled Harry in, making him almost knock the desk over as he flew into the liquid. Harry gasped as he felt his skin get hot. It felt like he was burning up. All he could tell was that he was moving at a really fast pace and there were different color light surrounding him.

The last thing Harry saw before all went black was what appeared to be the ground and a large rock.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, everyone in the classroom was panicking over what happened. Kids were darting around while Snape was trying to get everyone to calm down.

"Enough!" he shouted at last, silencing everyone. "You!" he pointed at Hermione. "What did Potter add to his potion before it exploded?"

Hermione shook furiously. "No..nothing, professor. Harry just dropped his sample onto your desk and came back to his potion. It was already bubbling when he came back."

"It was Malfoy!" Ron shouted suddenly, pointing an accusing finger. "I saw him smirk at Harry just before he was sucked into that…thing!"

"Ten points for false accusations, Weasely," Snape said, bending cautiously over Harry's ruined potion. "All of you get out," he snapped. "Weasely, Granger, follow me."

When everyone had cleared the room, Snape led Hermione and Ron to the Headmaster's office, levitating the almost destroyed cauldron and the rest of the potion.

"Headmaster," Snape said as they entered the office. "Potter has once again screwed up a simple potion and caused a…incident to occur."

"Harry didn't do anything!" Ron yelled in defense of his best friend."

"Silence, Weasely!" Snape glare at the red head.

Ron glowered angrily.

"Perhaps it would be best it would be best if you started from the beginning," Dumbledore offered.

They all told the story from their perspective, causing the Headmaster to pace in deep thought. "This is troubling," he said more to himself than the others. "It seems like Harry has been forced through a portal. But what kind?"

Dumbledore walked over to Fawkes, petting the phoenix. "Is he in a world of demons, or perhaps something completely different than this world?" He continued to talk to himself for a few minutes before turning back to Snape.

"Severus, I want you to leave the potion with me for the time being. When you return to me again, I want you to bring a few items with you." Dumbledore wrote a few things down on a piece of parchment, handing it over to the potions professor. "Perhaps we can find a way to see or perhaps come in contact with Harry."

Snape nodded and left immediately.

"Professor," Hermione said slowly. "Do you think Harry will be alright? Will you be able to bring him back?"

Dumbledore looked at the two seriously. "At the moment," he said slowly, "I am unsure of how to properly act. But," he said, noticing their sad looks, "I am sure with professor Snape's help, we can get Harry back safe and sound."

The two beamed.

"I would advice you to not tell the other students and least of all Umbridge what will be happening," he advised.

"We understand, sir," Ron said.

Hermione nodded. "We won't say anything.

Dumbledore smiled kindly at them. "You two are free to go. If you have any questions, you may come back to my office."

The two nodded and left the office, looking a bit better.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Red eyes glared at the man at his feet. He was a rich man, gelled hair and a nice suite could tell anyone that. He screamed as he was forced under the Cruciatus curse once more.

"For the last time," Voldemort said dangerously, "where are we?"

The man at his feet, who Voldemort learned was called Giovanni, panted hard. "You are in my base. I used our advance technology to bring a force with incredibly power to aid me on my quest to ruling this world."

Voldemort smirked at the irony. "It appears that you miscalculated, because Lord Voldemort does not serve anybody."

Giovanni shivered. His subordinates in the room were on the ground as well, either bloodied up or dead.

"But," Voldemort said carefully, "I am sure we could help each other out."

Giovanni's head snapped up, eyes wide with disbelief. He would actually live? He choked on a sob but almost laughed as he realized he would only be used by these…beings.

Voldemort smirked down at the broken man and turned to his followers. He had about fifty of his Death Eaters with him. He almost frowned as he realized only half of them had wands. How they lost their wand was beyond Voldemort.

He smiled cruelly. "It seems we are in a new world. We will use their resources to help us in our own fight in London." He glanced at a few specific people. "I want you all to watch over this…Team Rocket and make sure they not only do our bidding, but find a way for us to get back to London."

They all bowed.

Voldemort fingered his wand. "Take over everything. I want these people to know who they are dealing with. I will deal with everything else."

"Yes, master," they all said and started swarming the place, stunning or killing a few people and monsters. The one's without wands were given a few transfigured wizard weapons from the others.

Voldemort laughed at Giovanni. "It seems you have just helped me. I will let you live for now." He turned to Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrang. "Lock him up."

Lucius smirked and pointed his wand at the weak man. "Crucio."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry groaned as his eyes fluttered open slowly. He put a hand to his head, hissing in pain as he felt a headache coming on.

"Don't move now," a voice commanded.

Harry looked up and saw a red haired girl with bright blue eyes. "Who are you?" Harry frowned at his hoarse voice.

The woman smiled kindly at him. "I'm Misty. Who are you?"

"Harry Potter."

"It's nice to meet you, Harry."

Harry blinked as she realized she didn't make a big deal about his name. Perhaps she was a muggle? "Uhm, where am I?"

Misty started to dab his forehead with a cold washcloth. "You are in Pallet Town. We found you in a small crater. What did you do, fall from the sky?"

"Probably," Harry muttered, closing his eyes. He felt around for his glasses on his face but didn't find them. He frowned and opened his eyes, wondering why he could see. "Where are my glasses?"

Misty stopped dabbing his head. "Your glasses were broken. You were such a mess we were sure you were dead."

"We?" Harry questioned.

Misty nodded. "Me and my friends. We found you and took you the hospital. You had so many internal injuries and bruises that you almost died. When we took you to the hospital, there were some Chansey's that healed you. They even managed to fix your eye sight."

"What's a Chansey?" Harry asked. His headache was a little less thanks to the cold washcloth but it still hurt when he talked.

"It's a pokemon healer."

"What's a pokemon?"

This time Misty frowned. "You don't know what pokemon is?"

"No," Harry said annoyed. Why would he even ask if he knew?

"Where are you from?" Misty asked, not telling him what pokemon was.

Harry tensed. "England."

Misty stared at him blankly. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I've ever heard of England before."

Harry frowned. "Look, I just need to get of here."

"Oh not you don't," Misty said forcefully. "You just got out of the hospital. Right now you're at Professor Oak's lab. You're not going anywhere."

Harry pushed her away, glaring. He suddenly wondered if this was one of Voldemort's traps. Perhaps to lure him into a false sense of protection? Harry jumped up.

"Sit down!" Misty yelled at him. Harry was already long gone before she finished. It didn't seem to click that all he had on was a pair of boxers. He ran fast, out the door and down the hall way.

"Where the hell am I?" Harry thought desperately. All kinds of weird machines and wires kept grabbing Harry's attention.

"Ash!" Harry heard Misty shout.

"Oh crud!" Harry ran faster, trying to look for an exit or even a window. Before he could take two more steps, two vines shot out and wrapped around him, tying him down and dragging him back.

"Let go of me!" Harry shouted. He turned to see what grabbed him and could only stare in shock at the small green creature with a large…thing on its back.

Misty and a man with black hair and chocolate brown eyes stared at him.

"Just try to calm down," the man told him.

"Like hell I will!" Harry snapped, trying to fight against the bonds. "Like I would ever listen to a bunch of Death Eaters!"

The man blinked and turned to look at Misty who only shrugged in response. "Look, were not – what did you call them? – Death Eaters."

Harry still didn't stop fighting back. "What's with all the noise?" a cranky voice said. Harry turned around to see an old man come up to them. He glanced at Harry and sighed. "Ash, let the poor boy go. I'm sure he's just scared."

Harry huffed. "I'm not scared."

The old man just smiled kindly at him. "Of course not. Now, Ash, let him go."

The man, Ash, grumbled. "Ok, Bulbasaur, let him go."

The green thing let him go. "Bulba!" it said happily.

Harry stood up warily. He blushed as he realized the only thing he was wearing was boxers.

Misty giggled and Harry shot her a glare. "What is that thing?" Harry asked, pointing at Bulbasaur.

Ash gave him a look. "That thing is Bulbasaur. He's my good friend."

"Pika!" a large yellow mouse said on Ash's shoulder, startling Harry.

"And this is Pikachu, my other friend."

Harry looked at the strange mouse and frowned. "I still don't… Are you working for Voldemort?"

They all blinked, looking at him as if he was crazy. "Who?" they all asked.

Harry almost sighed with relief as he saw real confusion in their eyes. He stared pointedly at Misty and pointed at Bulbasaur. "Is that a pokemon?"

Misty nodded but Ash's jaw dropped. "How do you not know what pokemon is?"

Professor Oak coughed to get their attention. "Perhaps we should continue this conversation when our guest has some clothes on."

Harry blushed and grudgingly followed Misty back to his room, still not trusting her.

Ten minutes later had Harry and the others sitting on a couch and a few chairs, fully dressed. Oak sipped some tea. "When we found you, you were nothing but a bloody mess. In fact, if Pikachu hadn't found you, you probably wouldn't have made it."

Harry glanced at the yellow mouse. He folded his hands in thought. That still didn't explain how he got here.

"You were surrounded by a strange light," Oak continued. "It only disappeared after we came close to you. Do you have any idea what happened before you woke up?"

Harry sighed. "Tell me more about these pokemon creatures first." He couldn't tell them about the wizarding world…yet.

Oak folded his hands thoughtfully. "Well, each creature is unique. There are hundreds of them. There are still some new ones being discovered. People have a chance to capture and train them, thus becoming a pokemon trainer."

"What?" Harry glared angrily. "You mean you capture living creatures and you…what do you do?"

"Pokemon battle," Ash supplied.

Harry glared at Ash. "That's disgusting," he snarled. "You force other creatures to fight each other? What if they kill each other?"

Ash looked startled at the proclamation and paled.

Professor Oak decided to explain to the youth that it was impossible. "Pokemon do not die in battles. They are merely knocked unconscious. Trainers take them to a place called a pokemon center to get them healed."

Harry shook his head. "But you still force these beings to fight for your own amusement."

Ash stood up and said calmly, "We never force pokemon to fight if they don't want to. Pokemon, by nature, are fighting creatures. They love the thrill of battle. Trainers like me capture and train them to help them reach their full potential."

Harry sighed. He just didn't get it. "So pokemon fight with vines?"

Ash laughed. "Bulbasaur is a grass type. There are different types of pokemon. What he used was an attack called vine whip."

Harry tapped the couch in thought. "So there are others like fire and water?"

Ash nodded, happy Harry was starting to get it. "Yes. Pokemon have different attacks depending on the type. Sometimes two different types can learn the same attack."

"It sounds like there are a lot of attacks."

Professor Oak said, "Yes, and there are still more, just like there are more pokemon."

Harry grumbled. "I still don't like the idea of battling."

Ash clapped him on the shoulder. "It's true there are some bad people out there, but pokemon don't fight just for the trainer, they fight for themselves because that's what they love."

"Pika chu chu," Pikachu said.

"Can you even understand what pokemon are saying? It just sounds like they are repeating their names."

Misty smiled. "That's basically what pokemon do. When a trainer has been with a pokemon for a while, a bond is formed and you both start to really understand each other."

"Ah." Harry stayed silent. From what he heard, these people just forced other creatures to fight for pure amusement. Harry looked at Pikachu. But the pokemon looked happy. He sighed. It would be best if he just got home as soon as possible.

"Now what about you?" Oak asked. "Tell us your story."

Harry nodded in agreement. They told him there's so it was only fair he told his.

Misty, Ash and Oak all listened carefully, eyes wide and disbelieving as he told them about his world. Harry honestly didn't know why they were so shocked since they had creatures who could throw ice or lightning. Then Harry realized he had been shocked too.

Professor Oak was almost jumping up and down with excitement. "Another world? This could change scientific research for good!"

Harry shook his head. "You can't tell anyone else! I juts need a way to find a way back to my world."

"But…" Oak started to protest.

"Harry is right," Ash said. He turned to Harry. "Until we can do more research, there's basically nothing we can do right now."

Harry sighed and suddenly froze as he realized something. "Where's my wand!?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Are things going as planned?" Voldemort asked, eyeing Lucius.

"Yes, master. This base has been taken over. Your servants are learning as much as they can about this world. This technology is difficult to understand. It seems too muggle," Malfoy spat.

Voldemort nodded. "As disgusting as it may seem, this technology and the strange creatures in this world will be useful. Make sure you keep that fool of a man alive." Voldemort was referring to Giovanni. He man was still useful. Voldemort would use him to draw in the other bases.

"These fools know nothing of killing," Malfoy said, disgust in his voice. "This petty little group of worms does nothing but steal artifacts and the strange creatures they call pokemon."

Voldemort nodded, already knowing this by using Occlumency on Giovanni. "Train them. Use as much force as possible. I don't care about treasure or strange creatures. Just make sure they find away for us to get back."

Malfoy bowed low. "If I may make a suggestion, milord, but perhaps it would be useful to use these creatures in any way you might agree with."

Voldemort eyes Malfoy carefully, fingering his wand. "Explain."

"These creatures use powers such as fire and ice. They have a huge amount of stamina and appear very strong."

Voldemort sat down on a comfy chair. "No, these creatures require training. It takes too long for them to grow. I have no use for creatures that grow at such a slow pace."

Malfoy didn't say anything.

"But, perhaps with magic they may be of some use not only this world, but in London as well." Voldemort folded his hands. "Leave me, Lucius."

With one last bow, Malfoy left, thankful for not being tortured for speaking out of turn.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry threw dirt, rocks and all kinds of grass in many directions. He searched frantically in the small crater that he had landed in. Ash and Misty had taken him to where he first appeared. They didn't have his wand and now he was searching for it.

His effort was in vain when Harry tried to send out his magic, trying to feel for the power of his phoenix wand. Harry nearly dropped to the ground with a sob as he realized it wasn't there. His wand wasn't in this world.

Misty knelt down beside him. "Harry, I'm sorry you couldn't find your wand. Can you make another?"

Harry shook his head. "Only a wand maker can do it. Every wand is different. They have a core or type of wood that chooses the wizard."

Harry sighed and got up. "Perhaps it is in my world."

Misty nodded. "Come on, Professor Oak has something to tell us."

Harry dejectedly followed her back to the lab.

Back at the lab, Oak smiled at them. "Harry, I think I have found a way to get you back to your world."

Harry's eyes lit up. "Did you?"

Oak nodded and beckoned them all to follow him. Harry was nearly bouncing with excitement. Oak started typing and a picture on a large screen appeared.

Harry looked at the picture. It was a green stone with gold encircling it.. "A stone?" Harry questioned

"Yes," said Oak. "This stone is very powerful. No one has ever found it, but it is rumored to be in one of the islands by Cinnabar Island. There is a ferry there that takes trainers to one of eight islands. There is one island that was closed off, though."

Ash looked at Oak seriously. "The one where Moltres used to live?"

"Yes. When Moltres left that island in shambles, Ho Oh claimed the island and changed its terrain completely and hid the stone there, creating traps to make sure no human could get it easily. It is actually known as he Orb of Power, created by Ho Oh himself."

Harry was totally lost. He had no idea what a Moltres and Ho Oh were. Oak, as if sensing his confusion, tapped a few buttons and pictures appeared.

Harry blinked. "Are those phoenixes?" Oak rubbed his chin.

"Perhaps in relation, but research on the legendary birds are so low, we have no idea."

Harry sighed. "So, we just have to go to this island and get this orb, right? It will give you the power you need?"

Oak nodded, still a little unsure. "I would be using psychic pokemon and a bit of your DNA to try to pinpoint your world. It will be hard, and it will take a lot of time."

Harry nodded. "I understand. When do we go?"

Ash and the others looked uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, Harry," Misty said sadly. "We won't be able to go with you. I have to help with the gym in Cerulean city."

"Gym?" Harry asked.

Misty said, "Gyms are where trainers use their pokemon to fight with the leader. If they win, they get a badge. When a trainer receives enough badges, he or she can enter the pokemon league where people will battle for first place."

"Oh." Harry looked at Ash. "What about you?"

Ash sighed. "I am a Pokemon Master. I have to stay with the league and fight challengers. I am unable to go on another journey for at least a year."

Harry looked at Oak desperately. "I can't go with you because I need to do the proper research to get you back home here. Also, I have to give beginning trainers their first pokemon."

"But how can I get there if you don't help me!? I don't even have a wand anymore!" Harry knew he was becoming hysterical, but he needed to get home.

Ash patted his shoulder. "I'm sorry. But this is something you have to do on your own." Ash smiled. "It will give you experience as well. Besides, it can get you in shape when you have to fight that Voldemort guy," Ash said with a wink.

"But I don't even know where to go."

"A simple remedy," Oak said. He typed something else on his keypad and a map showed up. "This is the Kanto region." Harry listened attentively, trying to memorize the map and everything that was said.

He couldn't believe he had to do this alone. He had nothing now that he had no magic. Harry sighed.

Professor Oak glanced at Harry. "Don't think we won't send you out there without equipment or protection. I have enough supplies to get you started."

Harry looked at the old man, wondering what he meant.

"Tomorrow, I'll give you a pokemon of your own. You will receive a sleeping bag, some food, basic camping materials and of course a map."

Harry suddenly frowned. "I don't want a pokemon. There's no way I could ever make someone fight like that."

Professor Oak shook his head. "Your pokemon will be for protection."

Harry shook his head. "But what you have told me, it will still fight wild pokemon other trainers who challenge me. Thanks, but no way would I ever do that."

Ash frowned as well. "What about your little fight club, huh?" Harry looked confused before he remembered mentioning the DA. "You're training kids to fight against adults in a war."

"That's exactly it," Harry snapped. "It's a war. Death Eaters are killing innocents and our teacher is horrible. They need to defend themselves!"

"And so do pokemon!" Ash yelled. "They need to be trained to fight as well."

"It's this worlds fault for even making them fight!" Harry yelled back.

Misty sighed as she watched the two fight. "You would have thought the two were related," she muttered. "Besides having a temper, they even look alike with their wild hair."

Oak laughed. "I do hope they calm down, though. I also hope Harry realizes pokemon are not our tool, but partners."

"That's a load of bullocks!" Harry shouted.

"What the heck does that mean?!" Ash yelled.

"It means you're full of shit!"

"Why you little!"

Misty could only shake her head. "And here I though Ash was eighteen, not eight."

The fight lasted a lot longer than anyone thought possible and Harry was given a room for the night. Harry glared out at the windows as he paced angrily. He couldn't understand these people.

Making a low growling sound, Harry threw himself on his bed. Punching his pillow for a few minutes didn't help him calm down as much as wanted but at least he was able to think properly.

"Why do they use creatures to fight?" Harry asked himself. Harry lay on his back, staring at the ceiling.

Thoughts about this strange orb and going home went through his head.

"Is there no other way to get home?" Harry thought. "Do I really have to go through all these towns? Would I have to force someone to fight?"

Ah, but aren't you already forcing your friends to fight?

Harry frowned at the sly voice in his head.

"This is completely different."

Is it? These creatures fight because they want to. Your friends fight because of necessity.

Harry curled into a ball. "Why am I so weak?"

The voice was silent for a moment.

You do not try.

"I try!" Harry shouted.

You do not complete your vows.


You do not adapt.

"What the hell?"

The voice did not come back and Harry waited a few minutes before he slapped himself.

"Damn internal conflicts," Harry muttered. He sighed. The voice did have a point. He wanted to fight Voldemort, but was held back. If he said no to a pokemon, would it be the same?

"I can't stand this!" Harry quickly got dressed. He had been given a pair of pajamas and some new clothes since his robe had been destroyed. Quickly dressing in blue jeans and a black shirt, Harry tip toed into the lab area where he saw Professor Oak keep all his pokemon books.

Grabbing one, Harry made his way over to the couch. He read silently. Pokemon did appear interesting, but it didn't tell him their opinions on battling. Could people even understand them like Misty had said?


Harry jumped and saw the yellow mouse. "Oh, er, Pikachu, right?"

Pikachu nodded and jumped onto his shoulder.

Harry sighed. "Pikachu." The mouse looked at him. "Do you truly enjoy fighting?"

Pikachu cocked an ear before smiling happily and gave a small, "Chu!"

"Are you allowed to say no?"

Pikachu nodded again.

Harry ran a hand through his hair. "Do you…" He sighed. "I don't know what to do." Harry pulled his knees to his chest.

He stared at Pikachu. "Do I really make my friends fight for me?"

Pikachu, sensing his distress, jumped in front of him. "Pika chu ha ha pikachu cha pikachu."

Harry could only shake his head. "I'm sorry, but I don't understand you."

Pikachu seemed to think for a moment before running off and bringing a hat back. Harry noticed it was Ash's.

Pikachu put the hat on and walked around. He put the hat on the ground and patted it. "Pika Pi." He then electrocuted it. Harry jumped back from shock as he saw the electricity.

"Chu pika!" Pikachu ran around the hat and shook his head.

Harry, who didn't understand this at all, could make out that Pikachu was trying to tell him Ash never forced him into fights. He always asked.

Harry frowned. "What would Sirius have me do?" Leaning his elbow against the armchair, Harry let his chin rest in his hand. "What should I do?"

Pikachu jumped on to his lap and pulled up his hands so that they looked like fists. Harry laughed as Pikachu made a few punches in the air. "So you're saying I should fight?"

Pikachu nodded.

"I don't know…"

Pikachu suddenly smiled evilly. "Chuuu!"

Harry screamed as he was electrocuted. He slumped to the floor, slightly smoking.

Coughing, Harry managed to say, "I guess you're not giving me a choice?"

"Pi." Pikachu nodded.

Harry groaned and pulled himself back onto the chair, surprised no one heard his scream. Folding his arms, Harry stared at Pikachu.

"Adapt," he whispered. Pikachu tilted his head in confusion.

"I have to adapt to survive," Harry continued. "I need to survive so I can back to my world. I need to get back to my world to defeat Voldemort and help my friends."

Harry stared at Pikachu, eyes starting water. "I'm scared."

"It's alright."

Harry jumped as he was snuck up on twice that night. Ash came over to him and sat down next to him. "I would like to apologize for earlier. You are new this world and don't understand it like we do."

Harry looked down, ashamed. He had acted like a child earlier. "No need to apologize."

"Yes I do," Ash insisted. "I suppose I got a little angry that you didn't accept something I've loved my whole life. I guess I snapped when you accused me of abusing my pokemon. That is something that I would never do."

Harry just nodded. He fiddled with the hem of his shirt. "I have a lot to learn," Harry admitted. "I suppose I am doing the same thing with my friends."

"No." Ash shook his head. "You are right; you are in a war while we are not."

Harry just shrugged. "I'm still helping to train them to fight."

Ash was silent.

"Do you think we can start over?" Harry asked.

Ash nodded and smiled. "Of course! " He looked over at the book in Harry's hand. "I could help you understand pokemon a bit more."

Harry smiled widely. "Would you really?"

Ash nodded, grabbing a few books as well. "You won't really need these," he told Harry, holding out a red device. "This is a pokedex. It'll give you information on just about anything. A pokemon or a move, whatever."

Harry looked at the strange device. "I wish I had my wand."

Ash shrugged. "Is that why you're scared of going out into the world?"

Harry shrugged. "Maybe a little," he admitted. "But I'm so used to having my friends with me." He laughed suddenly. "I used to be used to being alone. For the first ten years of my life I was a lone."

Ash stayed silent.

Harry ran a hand over Pikachu's head. "What if I stay here forever?"

Ash regarded Harry seriously. "Then I suppose you'll just have to try to live life to its fullest."

Harry smiled. "I guess your right.

They were silent for a minute.

"So how about I tell you about the different types?" Ash suggested. "No way you're gonna learn a whole bunch of names in one night."

Harry nodded in agreement.

"So, first we have fire types…"

Harry had probably never paid this much attention to anything. All night they talked, Ash trying to explain things. Harry managed to get a quarter of the map of Kanto down. Of course, it would still be different actually going there. At least Harry was being prepared so he would know what to expect.

Morning had come fast but Harry wasn't even tired. He was nervous as hell and still didn't feel comfortable with sending out someone to do battle while all he did was send out orders.

He would get used to it, Ash had said. Ash had also told him, he could train with his pokemon. Harry doubted he would catch any.

Harry sighed as he finished breakfast with the others. A journey? This would take a long time. It seemed like he had to travel around all of Kanto. He had to get to a place called Fuchsia City and take a ferry to Cinnabar Island. There…well, he would try and get to the islands.

"Are you ready?" Misty asked Harry.

He shrugged. "I have to get home. If this is the only way home, I'll do anything."

Ash grinned. "Call us everytime you get to a pokemon center."

Harry nodded. "Will do."

Professor Oak handed him a backpack. "Inside are some items that will help you out at first. I gave you some money but soon, you will have to buy more and even challenge others for money."

Harry frowned. He still didn't like that. Perhaps if he only used money for food? He new of some wild plants that could be used as food.

"I have added several potions and antidotes," Oak told him. He held up a red device similar to Ash's. "This is a pokedex. I am sure Ash has told you by now, especially since you two were up all night."

Harry and Ash tried to look innocent.

"Some food, cooking utensils and a sleeping bag are in here as well." Professor Oak handed him the backpack.

Harry was surprised so many things could fit into such a small thing.

"I also give you five pokeballs," Oak said. Harry sighed. He hesitantly grabbed the round balls Ash told him about. "And," Oak handed him a belt, "a belt that will hold your pokeballs magnetically."

Harry put it on slowly. He shook his head, thoughts still going through his head.

"Finally, a pokemon to protect you." Professor Oak held out an enlarged pokeball. Harry glanced at Ash. He nodded encouragingly. Harry took it slowly and nearly dropped it in shock as it opened with a flash.

Harry watched as a long creature started to take form. When the light cleared, Harry's eyes bulged out as he saw what it was. It was long, purple, and had yellow eyes.

Harry nearly gagged in disbelief. "You have got to be kidding me."

"Ekans Ekans!" the large snake said happily.

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