Koji sniffed the sleeping form of his trainer subtly, knowing he wouldn't wake up until it was time to leave for battle. The whole night he had slept, the Murkrow had gotten closer and closer, soon resting by his side for most of the night. They had touched him in awe, almost with that same curiosity Murkrow's were known for when they found something shiny.

When he had questioned the dark types, they had simply told him he gave off a strange scent that attracted them. They had soon left when Harry had mumbled in his sleep, gossiping the whole way as they left the forest. They didn't care for the problems of the forest, only for themselves.

Koji, eyed Harry carefully as he sat on his haunches before yawning widely. He was tired. He had barely gotten any sleep, preferring to watch the moon and think. He thought about the weak Ekans he was supposed to help save. Harry didn't know it, but all he cared about was fighting. Fighting and getting stronger. Even if so many others helped take down that monstrous Tangrowth, he would still gain power.

Each time one pokemon defeated another in battle, they gained spirit energy. It was this energy that gave pokemon the power to learn moves and, someday, evolve. He wanted this energy to gain levels and strength, to become so strong that no one could stand up to him.

Koji yawned once more, giving Harry a once over, eyes straying toward the lightning scar. He briefly wondered how his trainer had gotten it before thinking about the weak snake pokemon. Well, he had helped him out in that scramble, so he did owe him. So, perhaps, in this battle, he would pay back his debt as well as gain strength.

Lying down, Koji decided to get at least an hour of sleep before it was time to battle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Shane coughed weakly, curling into a ball of coils. Bruises littered his body and one eye was completely closed from the puffy skin of his black eye. Sneezing as dust floated into his nostrils, Shane shrank even further as the Tangela guards shifted their vines dangerously as they heard the sound.

/Keep quiet,/ one grunted angrily, walking over. Shane only curled up even further so that he could only see the red feet that looked like shoes of the Tangela. /Keep your wits about you,/ it continued to the other guards. /Our king believes an attack shall happen today./

The guards talked amongst themselves and moved away from Shane, allowing him to breathe more evenly. He had barely let out a breath, afraid that they would snap at him for being too loud. Frustration burned in his veins. How he longed to show these plant types a thing or too, but he was so weak and they were a much higher level than him.

/Do you really think an attack will come?/ a Sentret asked fearfully. /Or better yet, will they save us?/

/The pokemon of this forest are brave,/ a voice rasped. /They will try their hardest./

/Who asked you!/ the Sentret snarled quietly, glaring daggers at the large Beedril that was tied with vines.

She was a large Beedril with a green sheen and blue eyes instead of the regular yellow body and red eyes. She was a shiny. Her arms were spread wide by tight vines, leaving her to dangle. It was a rather pitiful sight, especially with the bruises covering her body. She was the Queen Bee and portrayed more sorrow than Shane thought possible for a Beedril.

/It's your kind that helps that monster,/ Sentret continued. /They are too cowardly to fight back!/

/My kind is loyal to its queen, they would do nothing to harm her, just as I had done for the previous queen./


/That's enough,/ Shane said at last, lifting his head out of his coils. /She is just as much a prisoner as you./

/Don't even start,/ Sentret said coldly. /You know nothing of this forest, outlander. Besides,/ Sentret sneered, /you're weak. I saw you fall so quickly./

Shane reared, Leering down at the quivering Sentret. /Do not forget who eats whom,/ he said quietly, voice deadly.

The Queen peered down at the two disapprovingly. /That is enough,/ she said strongly, voice reflecting hidden power. She wasn't Queen for nothing. /We must keep strong,/ she said continued gently. /Our friends will come and, when the time is right, we will need to do all we can to help./

With a bitter look, Sentret moved toward a few Seedot, preferring their company.

Shane sighed dejectedly. When the time came, would he even be able to help? He was low on health and did such a poor job the first time.

/Do not fear, young poison type,/ the Queen said, peering down at him, wincing a bit as she tried to make herself comfortable, only to have the vines become tighter. /You have a hidden strength within you. Do not give up hope. You have someone waiting for you, yes?/

Shane flicked his tongue out thoughtfully. /Yes,/ he said, knowing that Harry cared for him. They had become rather close within the past few days. /My trainer, though he does not like to be called that. He doesn't like to battle./ Shane paused. /But he fought when he saw a Pikachu hurt./

/Then your trainer will come,/ the Queen stated. /If he would save a stranger, then I am sure he will save you as well./ The Queen twitched her antennae. /Get some rest, young poison type. The guards are returning./

And indeed they were, and they did not look happy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry fiddled with the thick branch in his hands, wishing it was a wand. He was marching along with the pokemon that were prepared to fight. The stick had been given to him so that he could whack away an opponent. Funny, because as much as he wished for a wand to blast them away, the stick seemed even worse.

Harry eyed the Raichu leading the way. He had come up with a battle plan. He had spoken to the pokemon but had drawn the battle plan in dirt for Harry's benefit. Koji was walking stiffly by his side, teeth already bared in preparation. Face becoming stiff, Harry peered through the trees and came to a stop with the rest. This was it, and he would do all he could to rescue Shane.

/Halt,/ Raichu whispered to the assembled group. /Something isn't right./

Harry didn't understand, but by the worried tone, he could guess Raichu was a bit confused. He looked around before realizing what it was.

"There are no guards," he whispered quickly, bringing about more whispers.

/He's right,/ Koji said, sniffing the air. It was hard to pinpoint a grass types location as they had more plant than animal in their scent. And as they were in a forest, this did not bold well for them.

They were all silent, waiting with tense shoulders for barely a moment before it happened. From the top of the dam, several beams of light shot down at the group, creating a small explosion as dust, twigs and leaves hurled around the air. Thankfully no one was hit, and only the ground.

/Now!/ Raichu roared. To your positions, now!/

The pokemon took immediate action, even as Tangela, Bellsprout, Oddish, a few Budew and Beedril started swarming out of various openings in the dam. Leaves were already flying toward them.

/Flying team in front!/ Raichu barked.

Pidgey and Taillow flew in between them and the leaves, creating a large Gust.

/Seedot, now!/ Raichi cried, voice slightly high pitched.

The Seedot all ran to the front and began to glow as they powered up their Bide. Pokemon rushed in front to protect them so that they wouldn't faint before being knocked out. Sentret and Rattata and rushed out with Quick Attack while the Pikachu unleashed Thundershocks. The rest were doing all they could to bring about as much damage as possible.

"Come on," Harry said to Koji. "We need to get inside and rescue the prisoners."

"Trike," Koji barked in agreement, running in front of him and Tackling anything that got in their way.

With all of the chaos, Harry and Koji easily ducked low and entered into an opening, though a few dive bombing Pidgeotto really helped against a few Weepinbell that were trying to spread their Stun Spore around the battle field.

"Look at all this," Harry whispered as he crawled through the opening. He grimaced as his hand touched something slimy on the walls. "Gross." Harrys hook his hand off before frowning. Tentatively, Harry smelled his hand before licking, much to Koji's horror. "It's honey," he said. Glancing around, Harry came to a sudden realization. "Tangrowth didn't create this; he stole it from the Beedril!"

Koji rolled his eyes. He and all of the other pokemon already knew that, but to be fair, Harry couldn't understand so it was rather smart of him to figure that out.

"Ele," Koji growled as he sensed someone approaching.

"Bell," the Bellsprout said threateningly, glaring at the two of them.

"Go for it," Harry said. If someone were to take another's home and willingly hurt others for no reason, Harry had no problems with stopping that person with violence. After all, he had trained himself and others to take out Death Eater's.

With a smirk, Koji Quick Attacked the Bellsprout, sending it flying towards a wall.

"Sprou!" it shrieked angrily. Taking a deep breath, which expanded its small bulb head, it shot an Acid attack.

"Dodge it," Harry commanded.

Jumping away, Koji barely missed the attack. As he jumped toward the wall, he used the momentum to shoot toward the Bellsprout, barely hearing the command of "Bite it!" Instead he simply Tackled it, leaving it sprawled on the ground.

"Tik," Koji said disdainfully, giving Harry a glare that obviously told him he didn't know that attack.

Harry sighed and brought a hand to his forehead. "For Merlin's sake," he said. "Koji," he said in exasperation. "Who cares about leveling up? Just bite down. You do know how to chew food," he said wryly, earning a huff from the green dog. "So just do the same. That's how Shane learned on his first try."

Koji growled, not liking the thought of that weakling learning something before him that took them both leveling up to learn. Snorting into the ground to blow away a few leaves, Koji led on, though this time he knew he would try it.

Harry continued to walk right behind, holding the stick even tighter as he heard noises up front. Coming to a corner, the two peeked over, his eyes narrowing. All the prisoners were there and were either too tired or weak to do anything or were tied up with vines.

"There are two guards," Harry whispered, nodding to the Tangela who were pacing up and down. "Think you can handle it?"

Koji scoffed and gave an arrogant look before sneaking away and into the shadows. As Koji crept even closer, Harry looked around for any sign for Shane. He saw all sorts of pokemon, but not a single bundle of purple coils. Resisting the urge to growl in frustration, Harry kept a close eye on the guards. He could see Koji waiting in the shadows, watching for his confirmation. Seeing the guards turn their back on Koji, he gave the nod.

With a loud Howl that even made Harry shiver, Koji ran snarling at the guards and bit down on a Tangela as hard as he could. To Harry's astonishment, green blood began to leak out of the Tangela's vines as it screamed loudly and thrashed.

"Tange!" the other Tangela shouted in outrage, trying to send a Vine Whip towards Koji.

Leaping off of the other one in a flash, Koji jumped toward the other one, but this time got a nice Vine Whip in the face.

"Trike," Koji said irritably, shaking his head before glaring.

"Gla," Tanglea said, giving him a pleased look before unleashing a burst of purple powder from its body.

"Quick, get away from that!" Harry shouted, finally drawing attention to himself.

"Tangela!" the Tangela ordered its partner and pointing at Harry. Turning around, it was met with Koji's wide smile before those white teeth of his bit down into his eyes. Screaming from pain, Tangela ran around wildly as Koji leapt away. With an even louder wail of pure hatred as Tangela realized he was blind, vines escaped from his body as he tried to hit everyone and everything around him.

"Move away!" Harry cried desperately as Tangela nearly hit him.

The prisoners cried out in fear as the wild vines began to move closer to them. The Tangela's partner stood completely still, terrified by the pure sight, only to be knocked out by a swift Tackle to the head by Koji.

"Koji, I need you to get in their and stop it," Harry said grimly.

Koji growled as he walked up slowly. Tangela, sensing this, stopped its frantic screams and stopped before turning toward the electric type. Even Koji winced as he stared into the eyeless sockets before getting over it with a shake of his head.

"Rec ele," Koji said softly, a sick grin on his face. /Blind weed,/ he had said.

"Glllllaaaaa!" Tangela screamed wildly, running at full speed, vines waving everywhere like whips.

Startled by the sight, Koji jumped away, but Tangela kept running. He just kep onto running until he fell out of an opening in the dam. Sadly the opening was rather high up. The Tangela shot out toward a bunch of Pidgeotto, whom all thought was an attaker, and Wing Attacked him into the ground where he landed on his head, Currently he is in a coma and will die soon if help doesn't come. Sadly for him, no one would come to his rescue, but Harry and Koji didn't know any of this.

"Ok, everyone," Harry called to the scared prisoners. "I'm here to help. We all need to get out of here, so help anyone who can't move."

He and Koji began to untie the pokemon and had to help balance a few of the weaker one's on other pokemon.

"Have any of you seen Shane?" Harry asked worriedly. "He's an Ekans, has purple scales, ye big," Harry said, holding out his arms.

The pokemon all shifted guiltily.

"Beed," a Beedril called softly.

Harry winced as he saw the weak form of a Beedril being held up by vines. As he cut it down, he noticed that this Beedril had different colorings.

"Beed…" it said, pointing toward an exit that led to the outside and the battle. It gave a weary sigh before twittering in surprise as Harry lifted her onto his back and carried her gently.

"Come on, to the exit!" Harry called, earning a roar of excitement from the once prisoners as they all ran to the outside.

Koji led the way, battling any guard that they came across. Thankfully most were outside, and with the twenty pokemon by Harry's side, they didn't have much trouble.

"Piku!" the Pikachu that Harry had saved the other day called in excitement, running towards Harry.

"Pikachu, you're ok," Harry said happily.

"Pi," Pikachu said happily, though giving the Beedril a weary glance.

The entire area was filled with fighting pokemon, and even more fainted pokemon on the ground. Many grass types were fighting the rebels on the ground while Beedril fought against the flying types.

"Beed," the Beedril on Harry's back said weakly, trying to lift herself off of him. With care, Harry helped her. Nodding in thanks, Beedril took a deep breath before letting off a loud, "BEEDRIL!"

She clacked her pincers together angrily, giving a weak glare as the Beedril stopped fighting. They looked at her in confusion before buzzing joyfully as they surrounded her, giving Harry hard glares and even shoving their needles near his face.

"Beed," she reprimanded, giving Harry a thankful nod as he was holding her up. Harry returned the nod. "Bee, beeed!" she cried, pointing at the dam. "Beedril!"

"Beedril!" they all cried, much to the confusion of the rest of the pokemon as they found themselves with a new ally.

However, the attack which the Beedril were prepared to do was halted as Tangrowth finally showed his face. "TANGROWTH!" he screamed, standing on the very top of the dam so than he could look down on them all. He saw the Queen and Harry and gave them an ugly glare.

/Enough!/ he shouted, firing off a warning Solarbeam into the air. The power was enough to halt any attacker's movement.

/You're army is finished!/ Raichu shouted, pointing at Tangrowth. /You are surrounded. How do you hope to defeat us all? Give up and leave this forest,/ Raichu continued quietly. /Leave and never bother us again./

Tangrowth laughed. /There may be more of you, but do not forget who is the higher level,/ he gloated.

/It takes more than level!/ Pikachu snarled.

/Enough!/ Tangrowth shouted. /If you truly wish to be rid of me, attack me!/ Tangrowth smirked at them all. /Or, if you would like it to be easier, give me the boy./

The pokemon all stared at him in shock before looking at Harry. Harry, whom had been listening attentively, suddenly found himself at the receiving end of many selfish faces.

"What?" he finally asked.

"Elec," Koji said warningly, stepping in front of Harry as he growled at them.

/That's enough!/ Pikachu snapped at them all. /Is this how you repay an ally? Someone that actually saved all of your lives?/ This one was pointed at the one prisoners.

/Why do you require the trainer?/ Raichu asked carefully.

Tangrowth laughed again. /Fools, why do you think I was sent here? Becoming Lord of this pathetic forest was just a bonus. I was sent here for the boy. Give him to me,/ Tangrowth said, pointing to Harry, /and none of you shall be harmed./

The pokemon were silent.

"He wants me, doesn't he?" Harry asked at last, startling the pokemon. Harry glared up at Tangrowth. "What makes you think I'll just walk up there and hand myself over to you?" he demanded.

Tangrowth narrowed his eyes victoriously as he reached down and pulled out an unconscious figure.

Harry gasped. "Shane!" he cried out, staring at the bruised snake.

Shane, who actually wasn't unconscious, opened his good eye a little and took in the scene around him. 'Harry,' he whispered softly. 'Harry!' he called, only to have the large arm tighten its grip on his throat.

'Shane!' Harry called back in the snake language. He was so happy to see Shane was alive, but when he saw Tangrowth tighten his grip around Shane's throat, he glared at the plant type venomously. His fingers curled into fists, and he could feel his magic pulsing to match his anger.

/Coward,/ Koji growled, hackles raised as he took in the disgusting sight. This Tangrowth was pathetic. Koji growled warningly as Harry began to move forward.

/I want you,/ Tangrowth said, clearly pleased as he beckoned Harry over.

Harry took a deep breath as he saw the large pokemon gesture him over. "You can have me, but let Shane go," he said dangerously.

/Fool,/ Tangrowth said as he jumped down from the dam, causing the ground to shake. He stood but a few feet away from Harry.

'Don't do it,' Shane begged, once again getting his air circulation cut.

"Stop it!" Harry cried, seeing Shane's life slowly disappearing in his eyes. "Alright, you can take me!" he said angrily, fists tight as he still held the stick by his side.

The pokemon all grunted or cawed in agitation at the sight as Harry walked closer toward Tangrowth.

Shane still couldn't breath with the hand around his throat, but he could feel an energy build up inside of him, just like when he had first learned Acid. He tried to catch Harry's eye, to beg him to stay away. He didn't, but instead caught Koji's eye. The arrogant dog was snarling angrily, saliva dripping down his teeth with pure rage. Then, to Shane's amazement, a single shock flickered at the end of Koji's tail. No one but they had noticed, and apparently Koji was just as shocked.

Koji, finally catching Shane's eye, gave him a deep look. Shane gritted his teeth, feeling the energy surround him as he gathered his strength, Harry barely a step away. Then, blinking deliberately with the slowness that could rival a Squirtle on land, they attacked.

/Take this!/ Shane snarled, taking his limp form and Slamming it into Tangrowth's face.

With a grunt of surprise, Tangrowth actually dropped Shane. /You'll pay for that,/ he snarled, already trying to reach for a slightly stunned Harry.

/Don't count on it,/ Koji smirked, unleashing a bolt of electricity at Tangrowth. Tangrowth's hand, which had been so close to Harry, paused as he became paralyzed. /Taste my Thunder Wave,/ he crowed arrogantly.

And that's when they all attacked. Pokemon left and right charged, trying to hit all they could.

Tangrowth lashed his arms out, sending most of the pokemon flying and out for the count. /Don't believe a simple status problem will stop me!/ he snarled, still trying to reach Harry.

Harry glared at Tangrowth. "Don't even think about it," he snarled angrily, running with his stick and prepared to help do whatever damage he could do. Harry would help these pokemon defeat this monster once and for all.

/Stupid human!/ Tangrowth roared, practically bulldozing pokemon out of his way in his attempt to reach Harry.

Glaring, Harry could still feel his magic pulsing. With an angry snarl, Harry brought up his stick and swung, catching Tangrowth right in the face as he had to falter from the paralyzation. To Harry's shock, and everyone else's, Tangrowth was actually lifted off his feet as a huge force of wind and energy hit him and slammed him into a tree.

Harry and the pokemon stood their in shock before Harry fell to his knees, exhausted. He then threw up on the side before turning to Shane. "In my world, I'm a wizard." He smirked. "And I guess I can still use my magic…uhg." Harry threw up some more, before several pokemon helped him to his feet.

'So that's what you are,' Shane said softly as Harry picked him up gently. 'I knew you would come.'

/Not that it will do you any good!/ a voice snarled. Tangrowth jumped high into the air, beady white eyes completely enraged. /You're all dead!/ he spat.

Then, before Tangrowth could even land, a huge gust of air slammed into Tangrowth, sending him spinning into the ground. A four winged bat flew in front of the awed warriors.

/Don't count on it,/ he screeched. He stared at Tangrowth carefully. /So you're the problem in this forest?/

/Then I suppose we'll just have to stop you,/ another voice said. A large sea monster walked out of the trees. It was blue with three whiskers on it's cheeks and two roundish horns.

"I completely agree with you both," another voice said. A man walked next to the giant monster. He had brown hair and slanted eyes that didn't allow you to see the color. He looked around before finally taking sight of Harry. "A trainer has been in here all this time? Kid, didn't you know that Veridian Forest has been closed off?"

Harry shook his head, gazing at the man carefully. "Who are you?" he asked.

The man smiled. "I'm Brock, and I've been sent to find out why there have been so many disturbances in this forest."

/Enough of this!/ Tangrowth roared, launching at the sea monster. /Die!/

Everyone gave a surprised gasp. Harry barked out a warning but Brock only look disappointed. "Crobat, Swampert, deal with this problem."

The bat, Crobat, grinned. /No problem./ Slashing the air with his wing, Crobat sent a gust blast of air towards Tangrowth and blasting him away.

The forest pokemon watched in awe at how easily that monster of a pokemon was being taken down.

"Swampert, finish it with an Ice Beam," Brock ordered.

/No!/ Tangrowth screamed, looking horribly battered. With a roar, Tangrowth took off, fleeing from the scene.

"After it," Brock commanded quickly. "Don't let it get away."

With a nod, Crobat and Swampert went after Tangrowth. As soon as they were gone, a strange feeling sat in the pits of each pokemon's stomach. They had won. Mind you they hadn't struck him down themselves, but they had won! Tangrowth would soon be stopped!

Cheers rose up within the forest as the pokemon congratulated one another.

"Brock, how did you know to come here?" Harry asked, holding Shane carefully.

"It wasn't that hard to find this area with such a loud battle going on," Brock said grimly. He turned to the trees where he had come from. "Alright, we need some help now!" he called.

Harry gave the man a confused stare before watching in awe as many people dressed in white ran out of the trees. They all carried medical supplies and began treating the pokemon.

"Let's take a look at your Ekans," Brock said gently.

"He's not mine," Harry mumbled a little heatedly. "He's just my friend."

Brock smiled. "I gather you must be Harry."

Harry gave Brock a suspicious look. "How do you know who I am?" he asked, voice defensive.

"Woah, easy there," Brock soothed. "I'm a good friend of Ash. He told me to be on the look out for someone who didn't view pokemon as tools and has a strange accent. I've never heard yours before and took a guess."

"Oh." Harry racked his brains for something. "I think I remember him telling me he had a friend in the next city." Harry let out a sigh of relief as he helped Shane with some Super Potions and a few pills. "I'm just glad you came when you did. I don't know what we would have done. That Tangrowth was insane, and I didn't even know the forest had been closed off."

Brock sighed sadly as he treated Koji as well. "It's sad to think there really are bad pokemon out there like that Tangrowth. What bother's me is that this isn't even its natural habitat. No strong pokemon live in this forest, but it could be assumed that it had been abandoned."

Harry was silent for a moment. "I don't think so," he said quietly, rubbing Shane's sleeping form soothingly. "He wanted me."

Brock jerked his head up. "Excuse me?"

Harry nodded. "I think someone sent it here looking for me. Tangrowth demanded to have me…" Harry was silent. "But why?"

Brock sighed. "Honestly, Harry, I don't know." He leaned in close and whispered, "But if anyone knows you're from another world, certain scientists or groups may be after you. As it is, only Ash, Misty, Professor Oak and myself know. You haven't told anyone, have you?"

"Of course not!" Harry said indignatly. "Only Shane here, but who would he tell? He's been with me the whole time."

Brock sighed again. "I suppose we'll just have to wait until Crobat and Marshstomp get back with Tangrowth. Then we'll have some answers."

Just as soon as he had spoke, the two pokemon came back, and Swampert dropped Tangrowth to the ground, face filled with horror and confusion.

/He's dead,/ he told Brock. /We found him dead./

Brock paled at the news and checked Tangrowth for any signs of life. He found none and swallowed the bile he could taste in his mouth.

"What is it?" Harry asked, staring at Tangrowth carefully. "What's wrong?"

"It's dead," Brock said at last. "Tangrowth is dead."

Harry gazed at the pokemon in shock, barely finding the energy to scold Koji for spitting on Tangrowth's dead body.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tangrowth's body had been removed for testing back in Pewter City while the rest of the pokemon had been healed. They had all celebrated and Harry helped them all put back the forest that had been destroyed.

"Chuka," Pikachu thanked as Harry handed him a berry.

The pokemon had invited Harry, Brock and the healers to their celebration and were all enjoying a large buffet of fruit and berries. It was all very interesting how the pokemon celebrated. They had strange dances and even a few story tellers. One particularly old Butterfree was telling a tale to some young pokemon that were gathered in a circle.

"Pika puka," Pikachu said, jumping onto Harry's shoulder as they wandered through the party, laughing as they did so.

They found Shane talking with the Queen. They were in a deep conversation with Shane looking slightly depressed.

"Anything wrong, Shane?" Harry asked, coming up to the two.

Shane's depressed look disappeared and grinned at Harry, though his eyes didn't glance at Pikachu on his should for a moment. 'Nothing's wrong,' he said easily. 'Her majesty and I were just talking about poison type moves.'

Harry could tell it was a lie but let it pass. 'If you're sure,' he said in the snake language.

Shane nodded. 'I'm fine,' he hissed.

"Alright, then let's go find Koji. The party is ending soon and we need to get going."

'Harry, the Beedril actually have something for you,' Shane said. 'They asked me to translate for you, and are eternally grateful fro you saving their queen.'

Harry blushed at the happy buzzing. One even rubbed its head against his own. "It was nothing," he mumbled. "I was just doing the right thing."

/Which is why we are so grateful,/ Queen stated, flying just a little above him. Shane began translating as she nodded her head at another Beedril. It brought over something that was wrapped in a bundle of leaves. /We give you a taste of our best honey. We know you humans often steal from us./ She gave him a stern look. /However, no human is able to get to a Beedril's heart in the nest where we keep the best honey. Take it, warrior, and live with honor./

Tentatively Harry took it. It was actually a large, hollowed out acorn with honey in it with leaves wrapped tightly around it. He licked a little, mouth tingling. "Wow, this is amazing," Harry said appreciatively, letting Shane and Pikachu have a taste.

/Now go, I have a few words I need to say to Shane./

Harry nodded and walked away, now looking for Shane. Pikachu hopped off his shoulder and ran ahead.

Shane couldn't help a bitter hiss escape his mouth.

/Jealousy does not do anything other than harm,/ Queen said knowledgeably. /Your trainer cares deeply for you. He cares for others as well. He saved that Pikachu. Pikachu is simply thankful for it. Do not feel threatened./

Shane nodded. /I suppose./

Queen nodded. /Good. Now I have something for you. It is not an object, but it is information./ Shane waited patiently as she assessed him. /I know where your mother is,/ she said, causing him to gasp. /Do you wish to know?/

Sadness coursed through Shane's veins as he thought about his strong mother before hatred replaced his grief. He also remembered how she had abandoned him in this very forest. As Queen ruked this forest, of course she would know what had happened. Pewter City was where he was born, and where she would most likely be if she wasn't traveling.

Shane glared at the ground, nose curling as he tried to cope with the betrayal. /I… I…/ He hissed in exasperation before looking over to Harry. He was busy laughing with the old Raichu and was trying to get Koji to join in. The electric type simply scoffed and turned away. Harry, sensing Shane's gaze, turned to him and waved him over, smiling widely.

Shane turned back to Queen. /No, that person is dead to me./ And he slithered off.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The day was soon turning into night as the sky turned dark. The humans were beginning to leave and the pokemon were splitting up. Harry was busy saying goodbye to Pikachu with Shane by his side to translate.

/Promise to come back and visit,/ Pikachu told him. /I want to grow stronger and become leader, just like my father incase something like this ever happens again./

Harry chuckled.

"I'm sure you'll grow to become very strong," Harry told Pikachu, ruffling his ears good naturedly.

/And thank you for saving me,/ Pikachu continued, giving a formal bow. /We couldn't have done it without you./ Pikachu smiled up at Harry. /Maybe someday I'll get a trainer like you./

Shane flicked his eyes downward at that.

"Nah," Harry said. He surprised them with laughter. "You definitely don't want someone like me. I'd get you into all kinds of trouble. Just ask Shane here." Harry poked Shane playfully, smiling kindly at him. "It's a wonder he can even stand me!"

Shane blushed and began mumbling.

Pikachu nodded nonetheless. /Then I wish you luck on your journey./ And he ran off in search of his father.

Harry sighed. "Come on, Shane, we have a long way to go."

Shane looked up and slithered onto Harry so that he was wrapped around his neck and shoulders. 'Let's go,' he said quietly.

Harry tapped Shane's head with his own, smiling gently.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Koji let out a bark of frustration as he missed the twig he had been aiming at with Thunder Wave. Growling, Koji simply whacked it away with his paw.

/Now just where will that get you?/ Raichu asked, watching Koji snarl. He gave a quizzical smile. /You've never controlled electricity before, have you?/

Huffing, Koji looked away in anger. /No,/ he said grudgingly. /Even when I was supposed to learn Thunder Wave, I never did. Why did I now? What was it about that battle that helped me unleash my electricity? And the snake, he somehow seemed more energized at the last minute./ Koji growled in confusion.

Raichu walked to his side. "Your trainer unleashed his psychic powers, as I'm sure you noticed when he hit Tangrowth./

/Hard to miss,/ Koji said sarcastically.

Raichu just nodded patiently. /Perhaps he is the key. I have heard of tales where a pokemon and trainer and trying so hard, their will actually disobeys the laws and allows them to learn moves earlier. It is more regularly seen in evolution./

Koji's lip curled in thought. He had heard of forced evolution because a pokemon was too weak in battle and so it forced itself to evolve to become better. Perhaps that was what happened with him, but then again he had been suppose to learn Thunder Wave a long time ago.


Koji looked up and saw his trainer calling to him, the snake on his shoulders and the other humans behind him.

/Go on,/ Raichu said encouragingly. /If you truly wish to master your electric powers, you must learn to guide it. We are the power source. We create and guide it. Always remember that, and you shall become strong./

Koji stared at Raichu for a moment before scoffing. /Crazy old rat,/ he muttered, stalking toward Harry and Shane where they would continue onto Pewter City. AS Koji looked up into the sky, he could see the faint outline of circling Murkrow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Three figures sat around a large crystal. Their faces were covered in the shadows they stood, though if one were to see them, they would see three figures that were dressed in strange robes. One had blue robes, the other had green and the final one wore pink robes.

"So it has failed," the green one spoke.

"It was rather foolish to send the Tangrowth to such a weak forest," Blue noted. "It would have been noticed sooner or later."

"We will simply need to be more careful," Pink said thoughtfully, eyeing the other two carefully. "The fact of the matter is that we don't have the boy. If we cannot control or destroy him, balance will be in chaos and darkness shall rule." Pink touched the crystal thoughtfully, his pink eyes glowing sinisterly in the shadows. "We must prepare."

"Of course," Green said.

"We will be better in the future," Blue added, eyeing the crystal hungrily. "We shall make sure our world stays in balance."

"We had better, for if we fail, the sinners will be free and darkness shall reign supreme," Pink said darkly. "We cannot let that happen."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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