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First is the Worst

Story By StormDancer

It is not light that we need, but fire; not the gentle shower but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

Hermione Granger is perfect. Everyone knows that, it's like an accepted fact to the Hogwart's population. She gets the highest grades, knows everything, is the teacher's pet, and is a third of the Golden Trio. She's not beautiful, but she was interesting enough to catch a famous quidditch player's eye and hold it. Not insanely popular, but everyone knows who she is. Not particularly intuitive, but the universal sage.

She overshadows everyone. No one can measure up to her. Well, Harry has his own thing, but that's different. But in classes, all of us 6th year Gryffindors can't shine, because Hermione will automatically take the lead. We can't beat her in intelligence, we can beat her in loyalty, we can't beat her in logic, we can't beat her. We can't even beat her in friends. The Trio would lay down their lives for each other, everyone knows that. And as good a friend as Parvati is, I'm not so sure about her risking her life for me. Hermione trumps us all there, too.

And most people don't mind being near perfection. They use her, going to her for homework or advice. They like to be overshadowed. Parvati's confessed to me in our late night confidences that she really likes Hermione, she's just a bit scared of her. I agree about the scary part. Perfection is scary. But I don't like her.

I hate her. I hate to be second. I hate to be shoved into a corner without even ebbing given a chance to shine. I put effort into divination because Hermione failed at it. It was the one class I could beat her at. I despised the Slug Club because she was in it and I wasn't. I was our quidditch team's biggest fan because, despite having two best friends on the team, she really couldn't care less about the sport.

And the feeling's mutual. She doesn't like me one bit. She may have liked me or been indifferent to me once, but now she hates me. And I'm glad. That's at least partly why I did it, after all. Not the whole, I'm not that shallow, but a good portion. Because then I could have something Hermione Granger wanted. For however short a time, I had Ron Weasley.

And then was the shoe on the other foot! She was so jealous of me I could see the steam coming out of her ears at points. So I flaunted him. Who wouldn't? And it was beautiful. Finally, finally, I had beaten her. And it's not a single victory, either.

Every time she looks at me, she'll remember what it felt like to see him locked in my embrace. And no matter how faithful he is, and I don't doubt he'll be the perfect boyfriend because he's hers and she's perfect after all, she'll always remember the hurt of betrayal when he first went out with me.

She'll always despise me. And I love it. There's nothing more degrading then hating someone who doesn't hate you back. I had to live with that for five years. But now she loathes me as much as I loathe her. I may eventually forgive her for having everything. But she'll always hate me, because no matter what, I had him first.ewrmione