"You know what this reminds me of?" Tony began conversationally. His heels were barely a metre away from the edge of the cliff both him and Kate were standing on, guns at the ready and waiting for the attackers coming after them. He sounded particularly casual for somebody standing on the edge of an incredibly high ledge with nothing to break his fall (if her were to fall off) but a vast expanse of rocks and ocean. Kate was restlessly looking around at their surroundings, expecting their assailant to come crashing out of the nearby woods with guns firing.

"DiNozzo," Kate began. "If you answer that question using a movie I swear to God I'll—"

"'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid', Kate!" When he saw her blank, disbelieving expression, he deflated. "You're telling me you've never seen that before? I can't believe it. Excellent movie. Starring—"

She rolled her eyes. "Tony!" There was an edge of anxiety creeping into her voice, Tony noted, as he observed her grip tightening on her gun, turning her knuckles white. "Have you realised it's entirely possible both of us are going to have to jump off that cliff to get away from this moron if Gibbs doesn't show up anytime soon? And all you can think about are movies?"

"Aaw, c'mon, Kate! Gibbs'll be here any minute," Tony said. "I think. Where the hell is he, anyway? He can't just leave us here to die— can he?"

"Do you even have a life?"

Tony shrugged. Kate sighed.

"And did I mention how much I hate swimming?"

He grinned widely. "Why you crazy, the fall will probably kill you!" he quoted, then began to laugh. Hard. Kate breathed out slowly, considering whether it'd be possible to push Tony over the edge, and somehow convince Gibbs it was all an accident and that he'd jumped out of fear. Probably not— but she could live in hope.