How to Annoy Dracula.

1. Tell him black is so out of style.

2. Ask him if he wears makeup to make him more pale than he already is.

3. Stare at him, if he asks why, say "I just though you were dead. Why aren't you dead, wern't you killed?" then run away.

4. Ask why he wants Anna as a bride, he already has 3 of them.

5. Trade his shoes with 5 inch heels

6. Permanently die his clothes a neon yellow

7. When he gets mad, tell him it brings the color in his eyes out.

8. Call him Count Chocula

9. Give him a wooden stake for his birthday, then run

10. Put him and a drunk Van Helsing in the same room with no weapons.

11. Video tape it and put it on youtube.

12. Kill Anna

13. Carry around a jar of blood, and when he asks why, toss it at him.

14. Introduce him to emo music.

15. Show him the movie Dracula: Dead and Loving It.

16. After doing all this, follow him around with a video camera and ask stupid questions constantly until he snaps.

This is my first thing like this, so tell me what you though.