The Untitled.

Summary: An artist of 21st century dreams something he can't remember, and when he paints a picture, his heart can only cry out. He doesn't know what to title it, until his inspiration comes to life, literally.

Pairing: (Main) Sasuke x Naruto; (Side) One-sided Sakura x Sasuke, One Sided Gaara x Naruto, Kakashi x Iruka.

Warnings: Not for the weak of heart, those against homosexuality, and those who dislike curses. I ensure you there will be a lot of cursing. O.o

The Untitled: Prologue


Thunder crashed during the night, and a man woke up, cold beads of sweat sprayed on his body. Harsh pants of breath escaped his lips and he clenched his eyes closed, his hands roaming through his hair.

"What was that dream about?"

Something was nagging him, and it was at the tip of his tongue, but he never remembered it.

And it irritated him to no end.

He kept thinking about the dream that he just had, about the darkness that surrounded him…But he could come up with nothing. He gritted his teeth, and threw his pillow at the wall in frustration, resisting the urge to yell and shout.

Thunder crashed again, shortly followed by lightning, and the man shivered, rubbing his hands up and down his arms. "What a bad storm."

Then, he saw it.

There, in the storm, was a lone bird, flapping its wings and fighting the obstacles of hail and rain. Lightning kept flashing, thunder kept roaring, and still, it was fighting against all odds. Lightning flashed once more, and he saw the bird engulfed in light, as if were a spotlight for the bird and bird alone.

And that's when he thought of it. He sat up from the bed and went towards his canvas, retrieving the brush from its place, and gathering all his painting material. With soft, expert strokes, he started outlining his figure, and on a separate piece of paper writes what he needs to draw. He, however, had no idea that the 5 letter word would bring him so much trouble in the future.



Chibi Chidori's Nonsense:
Ahahaha...I know what you're all thinking. "Eh, you have like 1343098342084304 million stories you haven't finished, and you're starting ANOTHER new one?" I have a really nice idea for this one, so yeah. I gotta get these things done before I lose my own inspiration. And besides, I got this while I was painting, so yeah. Bite me, rawr :D