The Untitled.

Summary: An artist of 21st century dreams something he can't remember, and when he paints a picture, his heart can only cry out. He doesn't know what to title it, until his inspiration comes to life, literally.

Pairing: (Main) Sasuke x Naruto; (Side) One-sided Sakura x Sasuke, One Sided Gaara x Naruto, Kakashi x Iruka.

Warnings: Not for the weak of heart, those against homosexuality, and those who dislike curses. I ensure you, there will be a lot of cursing. O.o

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The Untitled: Chapter 4 (Happy Birthday, The Untitled! Yay!)


Chocolate-brown eyes opened, still clouded with sleep before closing as their owner stretched out in a yawn. Grumbling to himself, Kiba made his way to his bathroom, relieving himself before proceeding to continue his daily routine.

"Naruto, what's the weather going to be like today? And what do you think I should have for breakfast?" He waited for the blond to shout at him with the daily, "I'm no weatherman!" before being followed by what Kiba wanted answered…

But all was silent.

Kiba hummed to himself, not liking the awkward silence he had grown unaccustomed to in the few weeks he had shared with the blond. He lied down on his bed, wondering where the blond was before he remembered Naruto telling him to not wait for him if he didn't come back in two hours from when he left. That was the last thought Kiba had yesterday before he allowed sleep to consume him.

That's right, he thought. Naruto hasn't come back yet…Wait

Kiba shot up from his bed. "Naruto hasn't come back yet!"

At this, Kiba hastily dressed himself and swallowed down the quickly made cereal, nearly choking himself in the process. He took a quick glance outside, noting the slightly grew weather, before grabbing his keys and a jacket, running out the door.

He hailed for a taxi, temporarily forgetting that he himself owned a car and shouted his destinations at the driver, hastily shutting the door before sitting back. Then, he began to twiddle his thumbs. Where was he going, exactly?

Why, to Uchiha, Sasuke's house, of course!


Sasuke cursed at whoever was in charge of him up there. It had been the third night in a row that he hadn't slept and honestly, he was willing to kill anyone and anything that popped up in his sight. A soft rustling of fabric sounded next to him and he turned, glaring at the perpetrator. Him.

It was all his fault.

Last night, after the discussion about Naruto's appearance, Sasuke asked a question. The one question then escalated into a series of more questions.

"What happened to my painting?"

Naruto gave him a look before explaining.

"As long as I materialize, your painting won't exist. When I go back to my spiritual form, however, the painting will appear where it was last, so it will be back in your stand in your studio."

"…Are you going to go back to your spiritual form?"

"No, I rather like having a solid body that people can see, hear, and talk to."

"But you have Kiba –"

"Who is just one person." The blond interrupted. "Why are you asking me this anyway?"

"Well…It is my painting and since I'm an artist, I do make a living off of selling my created works–"

"You want to sell me?!" Naruto screeched.

Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose. He probably shouldn't have worded it like that.

"Sasuke, I thought you agreed to help me with my second chance! You only wanted me to stay so you could sell me for money?! Why, you bastard! I'm going to hate you and eat all your strawberries! I know your weakness for them! And you know what? After I eat all of them, I'm not going to feel a single ounce of guilt!"

Sasuke blinked before interrupting the other in his angry rant about consuming all of the food located in the apartment.

"Naruto, I am not going to sell you, you idiot. What am I, some kind of slave-master? You make it sound like you're a whore!" At this the said blond calmed himself.

"Oh…Then, what were you implying when you said you were a painter who sells paintings?"

"I was just wondering, that's all. I needed to know so I could decide whether or not to start a new painting. Money doesn't last forever, you know, and neither does inspiration." Naruto hummed in thought before nodding eagerly to himself.

"Hey, hey! I got an idea! How about I turn into a painting and get sold, you getting paid. Then at night, before I'm shipped off, I'll turn into me and fly back to you so you'll get the money and won't get blamed for the missing painting!"

Sasuke let the idea roll around in his mind, thinking of different outcomes before shaking his head in disagreement.

"I can only sell the painting once, then, and the buyer will probably demand a refund, so there won't be much of a point. He watched the angel deflate, eyebrows furrowing as the blond concentrated on another idea before sighing.

"Ramen." Sasuke blinked.

"What?" He said, rather stupidly. Then all of a sudden, he found his face full of the pillow Naruto threw at him. Why that idiot blond - !

And so, the night proceeded in an immature pillow fight, Naruto winning as he decided to pour ice down Sasuke's back before retreating to bed at five in the morning, ignoring Sasuke's screeching of promising death.

Hence, Sasuke getting no sleep at all.

Sasuke looked in disdain at the blond. Not that he hated Naruto or anything, but he needed to take a piss and the blond was the one thing from preventing him to go into the bathroom.

"Hey," the raven nudged the blond, "Naruto, wake up." The blond didn't even stir and Sasuke began to twitch. With a quick glance at the clock to check the time, he turned back to the blond, nudging a bit more urgently.

"Naruto, get up. I need to go, now."

The blond murmured before sighing happily, his grasp around Sasuke's waist becoming tighter and firm. Sasuke began to grit his teeth.

"Naruto, get up now or God help me, I will piss all over you and this bed." emphasizing his point with a firm shove. He nearly sighed in relief as the blond let go before rushing to the bathroom, ignoring the quiet "Sasuke?" that was muttered after him.

Ah, that felt much better.

Sasuke cleaned himself, making sure he was decent before going back to his room, noticing, with mild irritation, that Naruto had fallen asleep again. Figures.

He headed to the kitchen, fully intent on enjoying his coffee with the peace and quiet he was previously unable to enjoy before he was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell followed by a couple of loud, cacophonous knocks.

"Uchiha! Uchiha, I know you're awake so open the damn door!"

Sasuke merely cursed at his luck.


After allowing entrance to Kiba, who nearly broke down his door, Sasuke made his coffee and warmed up a croissant in the microwave.

"So Sasuke, what'd you do last night?" Kiba said with a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows. Sasuke blanched at the lecherous thoughts that might've filled Kiba's head and debated if he should ignore or answer him. He decided to go with the latter, since Kiba would probably give him a hard time otherwise.

"It wasn't the worse night of my life, I'll tell you that. I got to sleep with Naruto after all, and let me tell you, he's pretty warm." Sasuke wasn't lying at all, just arranging the words to give a more suggestive idea, which Kiba did not fail to miss if his brightly blushing face was any indication. Sasuke mentally smirked. Who says he couldn't have fun with his friend? After all, Kiba did ruin a perfectly quiet and peaceful morning.

"Y-you what?!" Kiba screeched. Sasuke winced, his pounding headache from the previous night surfacing again.

Damn it, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

"Sasuke? 'm hungry…" came a low, mumbled sound from the doorway. Both Sasuke and Kiba looked to the entrance of the kitchen, Sasuke smirking and Kiba nearly choking at Naruto's appearance.

Naruto was wearing one of Sasuke's long shirts (and it seemed that he was wearing only that), the shirt coming down to the blond's knees. Sasuke couldn't help but ogle the adorable blond with his eyes as the other man – angel – lifted the all-too long sleeves to rub his eyes of sleep. Sasuke quickly glanced at Kiba and snorted quietly. Perhaps this joke can continue for a while. Besides, Sasuke really needed some fun.

With a fluid motion, Sasuke placed himself next to Naruto and wrapped an arm around the blond's shoulder before lowering his mouth to the other's ear.

"how are you feeling? Are you tired anywhere at all?" Naruto stretched his back, yawning before replying.

'Yeah, I'm a bit tired. You were really rough last night, Sasuke." The said man glanced at Kiba, nearly smiling as the boy continuously began to pale. Sasuke turned back to Naruto, who was staring at him curiously, and leaned in closer.

"Just sit down and I'll make you something good so I can pay you back for last night." Naruto smiled before nodding and apparently that was the limit for Kiba.

"Aw, you guys! I don't need to know about you guys sexing each other! Keep those details to yourselves! What's worse is that you know I'm here yet you're still flaunting – "

'Kiba, what the fuck are you ranting on about?" Naruto interrupted quite harshly. Hey, nothing comes between a man, er angel, and his stomach.

Sasuke started to chuckle before it transformed into all out laughter and both Naruto and Kiba turned to him, the latter looking at the raven as if he grew another head or two.

"Er, Sasuke, are you all right?" Kiba asked, suddenly frightened for his life. First his two friends were going at each other like rabbits after one day of meeting each other and now Sasuke was going crazy. What next, Itachi wearing pink and singing the Barbie girl song coming through the door?

At this thought, Kiba shuddered, goose bumps making an appearance on his arms.

"Er, Sasuke, I don't get what's all that funny. I just asked you guys to stop talking about your sexual experiences with each other last night and – "

"Whoa whoa, wait a minute, what did you say we were doing?" Naruto interrupted once again.

Sasuke calmed his laughter, although he was still laughing outrageously on the inside. He just loved the priceless look on Kiba's face.

Kiba looked at Naruto strangely.

"Naruto, you don't have to lie about your relationship. I'll keep it a secret if you want, but – "

"Keep what a secret?"

"That you guys are having sex and presumably in a relationship!" Kiba seethed, irked at the fact that he got interrupted numerously in a short amount of time.

Sasuke uncharacteristically began to laugh again, although his heart clenched painfully at the fact that this assumption wasn't true. He wondered why.


Naruto blinked. And blinked again.

Why did Kiba think that he and Sasuke were doing each other? He looked at the raven, who had quelled from his second burst of uncharacteristic laughter and decided that he had something to do with the situation. He prepared himself to reprimand the man, second chance or not.

"Sasuke" a voice growled, and Naruto blinked. That wasn't his voice. The blond turned to Kiba as everything seemed to click for the brunet as well.

"Don't tell me you raped Naruto!"

…or maybe not. So maybe Kiba wasn't as bright as Naruto had initially thought.

The blond gave a sigh before yanking the angered boy to sit back down.

"Calm down Kiba, Sasuke was only joking with you."

"No I wasn't." Sasuke stated with a smirk, amusement still lingering in his eyes.

"So you did rape Naruto, you perverted fu-"

"No, Kiba, I did not rape him." Sasuke quickly interrupted. Once Kiba got on his cursing rant, he would never stop. "I just slept with him, that's all. You just inferred from what I said in a different way and I couldn't help teasing you."

At this revelation, Kiba blushed brightly, realizing how stupidly he must have sounded. He quickly excused himself, rushing into the bathroom before slamming it shut, no doubt cursing himself at his stupidity.

Naruto glanced at the shut door before turning an angry gaze upon Sasuke.

"I can't believe you played a joke like that, Sasuke!" The man merely gave a shrug of his shoulders and picked up his forgotten coffee from the table, sipping it quietly.

Hm…It had gotten cold during the time Kiba spent muttering stupid ideas to himself.

Naruto just huffed and went to the bathroom, knocking on the door and asking if Kiba was alright. Sasuke heard a crash and a moan, snickering despite himself. He had forgotten that he left the wet towel on the floor last night, after wiping all of the ice off of him.

Oh well.


Asuma checked his clock as he impatiently waited for the elevator to come down. He was sorely tempted to take the stairs to Sasuke's 7th floor apartment, but he decided to save his energy.

He had a feeling he might need it later.

He looked up at the chime of the elevator signaling its arrival and stepped through the doors, thinking to himself as the door closed.

Why was Sasuke so hesitant about talking about his picture last night? He was so keen on finding it, then suddenly it appears and he's satisfied? Asuma just couldn't figure it out. It had bothered him all morning and he just had to come check and see. He glanced up and wondered why the elevator wasn't moving. They were still on the ground floor. He looked to the elevator buttons, preparing to call the apartment's technician when he suddenly felt stupid and pressed the '7' button. He watched as the button lighted up and heard the elevator chime as it began to ascend.

He had forgotten to press the button.


Sasuke hummed to himself.

His morning went fine, despite the fact that he did not have his peaceful and quiet morning. Kiba had made sure of that.

Now, he was quietly sipping his newly brewed coffee, his gaze on Naruto and Kiba, who had finally made it out of his bathroom, as they chatted with one another. The hum of the television filled in any, if what would be empty, spaces of silence. It was quite serene and Sasuke made sure to enjoy it for as long as he could.

Suddenly, there was a sound of a knock and Sasuke restrained the urge to groan. He knew the eventful morning couldn't last. With a sigh, the Uchiha walked up to the door and opened it, before slamming it closed.

Shit. He hadn't expected Asuma to be here so early. Heck, he hadn't expected Asuma to be here at all. Sasuke's eyes went back to the blond, who was now looking at him curiously, the sound of the door catching his attention.


Before Sasuke could answer him, the knocks sounded again.

"Sasuke, open the door! Didn't Kakashi teach you that it was rude to slam doors in people's faces, specially if the person was your manager?!" Sasuke cursed at his luck and took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for what he was about to do and the consequences that would follow.

His intuition did not fail him.

Sasuke opened the door, only to be brushed aside as Asuma quickly walked in, the scent of cigarette smoke overwhelming the raven's nostrils.

"Sasuke, what on earth is wrong with you?!" Asuma exclaimed, looking at the said man before looking around the room, giving a nod to Kiba who waved back. "I thought you didn't sound right in the morning when you called, but then you slam the…" Asuma trailed off as his eyes finally landed on the blond, who awkwardly waved at him, wearing a somewhat sheepish smile.

Asuma opened his mouth to say something, then closed it before opening it again.

"Asuma, stop it, you look like a fish." This brought the said man out of his stupor, giving a quick glare in Kiba's direction before turning to Sasuke.

"Sasuke…Care to explain to me about that person over there? And your painting?"

Sasuke couldn't help himself this time; he groaned.


Few Minutes Later…

"So…You mean to say that this guy is not human," Asuma pointed to Naruto, " and every time he materializes, the painting is gone?"

"Yup" Kiba chirped, quite content that Asuma was taking it better than he assumed.

"And, he also becomes a human again if he uses his second chances, which is you Sasuke, right?"

"That's right!" Naruto said cheerily.

Sasuke watched Asuma with calm eyes; was he seriously believing all of this? He took a quick glance at Naruto and Kiba, who had hope fill their eyes as they seemed to have 'found' another helper, but Sasuke wasn't quite convinced yet.

"Then prove it." And with these three words, the smiles were completely wiped off their faces, a disconcerting expression replacing it instead. "It shouldn't be hard if the story is true." Asuma continued.

Naruto seemed to contemplate it for a moment before nodding fervently. He suddenly stood up and began to glow, just like the other night. However, this time he was encompassed in wings.

Or something that resembled them.

Naruto was no longer visible as he was swallowed by what looked to be wings that sprouted out of nowhere. Instead of feathers, they were made of leathery, shimmering scales that looked as if it were worn and falling apart. After a few minutes, the light faded away and Naruto was no where in sight.

"Where'd he go?" Asuma asked, rather amazed at the light show. Sasuke got up and headed to his studio, his manager following right behind him. The Uchiha opened the door to his studio wide, giving access to his manager, who held his breath as he saw the painting before him.

Then, the painting began to glow and Naruto began to materialize out of the painting once again, just like before.

"…Well, now I know you're not lying." Was all Asuma said. Naruto smiled, Kiba joining him victoriously, while Sasuke just slapped a hand to his forehead.

What kind of people did he live around, honestly?

Sasuke nearly popped a vein as he heard the doorbell sound a second time. Could his day get any worse?


Sasuke just stared at the person standing in front of the door. After all that had happened, he didn't have the energy to shut the door as he had done to Asuma.

"Hello, little brother. Long time no see."

Sasuke cursed to himself and every other person in the world. His day had officially topped the list of the 'worst days of my life'.


//The Untitled Chapter 04 End/Completed January 01, 2009.

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