Eureka Seven: The Sting of Silence


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Chapter One: Before The Echoes Pass

"It's been about ten years now. Doesn't seem so long ago though... Then again, now that I think about it, it feels like a hundred years ago. So long ago." Irik paused in his writing. Nestled between his fingers was a small pencil, and under the tip remained a book lying half open. Its pages were blank, crisp and ready for the new touch of words.

The room he was in was fairly large. Wedged into a corner sat a fluffy bed that bragged comfort. Next to it settled another long table, similar to the desk that Irik was using now. Both were evenly curved and polished, shinning a dim reflection of the surroundings. Irik's desk only held his lamp and book, while the longer table was blanketed with papers and documents. A closed closet was placed next to the door of the room, and the walls were lined with shelves holding curious gadgets and objects. Old ideas and concepts he'd started but never got around to finishing.

"I'm sorry Kess, a lot of things happened ten years ago. You might be thinking of your birth, or your mother Klera's death. No, I'm talking about the death of another. His death was the turning point of everything, at least for Gekko-State. He was a man I knew very well, or at least, he would be man now. I wouldn't be surprised if you've heard of him. And then, I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of him either. His name is Renton Thurston. He was a good friend to your mother and father."

"Now before I wander to off topic, I need to let you know why I'm writing this. Your mother died wanting you to know what she was like, and what your father was like. With her last breath, she asked me to continue writing this journal. I hate to admit that I haven't done so until ten years later, on this very day. I'm sure there are a lot of things you will have forgotten once I give this to you. So I'm doing this for you, so you'll never forget the history you come from. But, I'm also doing it for Eureka, your mother."

"Your father, as I'm sure you know, was a KLF pilot for the P.O.F…." Irik stopped once more and took in a large breath. His mind was wobbly with the thoughts of what to write.

"What are the things I should let you know…" He whispered aloud while gently shaking his head back and forth. Out of everything in the room, he seemed to have changed the most. His height was longer, and his build more mature. Black as ever sprung his hair out of his head, a less formal cut to keep it from straggling around at the edges. The white P.O.F. uniform he once wore was gone. Now he wore a black jacket with a green "G-S" symbol on the side of his arm. He wore blue pants, with a matching shirt, both having two green stripes.

Dropping his pencil back down on the paper, he started to continue his writing.

"He wasn't a very treasured pilot among the KLFs. The taste of war didn't settle in his mouth all that well. What I mean by this is, is that he doesn't wish or like to kill people, even for the right cause or survival. I've witnessed a few of his break downs. Although you need to know everything about your parents, you already heard enough in the first half of this book. So I'll stop here and continue onto the previous subject. Being this is the same book your mother had written in. So you should already know about that…" He shifted his teeth back and forth for a moment, pursed his lips, and let out a sigh. His hand quickly flipped the pencil around and scrubbed the writings off the paper, leaving a smolder of black behind.

Hesitantly, he continued.

"Eureka, the person you have adopted as your mother. I know you've never seen her real smile, but I have. There was a time when she would open herself to anyone. That was while Renton was still alive. She loved him more than herself… or anything else. When he died, she blamed me for the whole incident. I didn't stop her. The blame was and is well deserved. It took a two full years before she finally forgave me, by some sheer miracle. Those were hard times… I wanted to help her, and I only ended up hurting her more. Kess, I have to confess to you, after she forgave me, she suddenly assumed that his death was her fault. She took the whole blame on herself, and wouldn't let any one else carry the burden. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop her."

"That was when it happened. Eureka had just forgiven me, and then Gekko-State disbanded. Holland was already setting up for a second child. He didn't want to raise his children in the acts of war. Taking Talho with him, they all went into hiding. The rest of Gekko-State went their separate ways. Eureka was utterly destroyed by this. Gekko-State was her family… and the thing she thought would never happen, happened. Problems were piling on her like heavy weights Kess, Renton's death, the loss of her family, and then Klera giving you to her. Eureka willingly accepted and decided to take care of you. At that time she had four children. Maurice, Maeter, Linck, and you."

"I know this is a lot to take in Kess. There is so much about this ship you don't know. Eureka was distraught at all she had to carry. Finally I took action, and Artisen came in with full support. We both helped lift Eureka up and took care of the kids. It's true that we left the P.O.F. and searched for some means of work. We bought a little shop and sold various gears and gadgets that would hopefully support us for a living."

"Three years after Renton's death she took on the idea of starting Gekko-State back up again. I wasn't sure at first, I mean, she had gotten over Renton's death, but she just wasn't the same. Her smiles became rare, even for the kids. Just a year before the idea of restarting Gekko-State, Maurice left for the U.F.. He was angered at his mother, Eureka, and we still blame ourselves for not realizing it sooner. Maurice was very supportive to Eureka. He became one of the clutches she needed to make it through all her trials. Unfortunately, Eureka gave no gratitude back or attention whatsoever. She was too lost in the thoughts of Renton. Maurice eventually lost it. He was jealous, angry, and hurt. He left us and joined the U.F.. Though thankfully, Linck and Maeter stayed and supported her."

"Still, that was just a year before Eureka came up with the idea to start Gekko-State back up again. It was incredibly difficult to get things moving. First of all, we needed a ship. Secondly, we needed a crew, and thirdly, we needed LFOs. Eureka went to Holland and asked permission to start Gekko-State back up. The two argued for a long time. Artisen and I were behind it the whole way, supporting the idea with everything we had. Eventually Holland agreed to it." He paused and rubbed his eyes tenderly, wondering how late it might be. His writing wasn't nearly up to par to what he was use to, but even now he had a hard time recalling the past in his fatigued state.

Nonetheless, "We quickly headed off to find some way to produce a force. There was the Xellien, and Matthieu gave us the 606. Still don't understand that one, to be honest. So far we had two LFOs. It was then that we found one of our greatest allies. A month later Tolly Marcius came into our acquaintance. He was only too happy with the idea of helping us in the fight against the U.F.. When Holland heard we actually found a supporter, he revealed to us the location of the Gekko-Go. It suffered too many battle for much use anymore. We brought it to Tolly Marcius to look it over."

"Tolly Marcius was a man who knew the fine line between right and wrong. He was also a very clever mechanic, and owned his own secret franchise. We only found him through Artisen, who had met him previously."

"Tolly took the Gekko-Go and transformed it completely, with my help of course… It wasn't even the Gekko-Go anymore. Mostly the metal was used, and few components such as the engines, cannons, computers, and many other things. But the whole frame and model of the ship was torn apart and rebuilt. He gave his own special design and touch. It became the pure black ship it is today. That is where the Night Iris comes from, the ship you are on now. This ship wasn't for the P.O.F., but it did serve as a great ally."

"This detail may not seem important Kess, but I think you should know as much as you can about your adopted mother, Eureka. The more you know about her, the more you'll understand why she hardly smiles anymore. I've tried all I can. I hope you can do better. The detail I want to tell you about is the inside of the Xellien. It received a lot of updates, but the biggest one was that of the cockpit. It used to fit two people, but she specifically desired for it to become one. Tolly wasn't sure why, no one really understood, except for me and Artisen. We both assumed that the empty spot next to her was becoming too much to bear. We thought it was obvious, but apparently everyone else only found it an unneeded hassle."

"All of what I have written so far happened over a course of three years. Eureka broke down, and we helped her back up, along with the help of her kids. Maurice had also left at that time. We then all came together to once again form the Gekko-State. Tolly provided us a remodel of our ship, changing the Gekko-Go to the Night Iris. He also remodeled the 606 into its own new model, as you have seen before. The Xellien on the other hand never received a change, except for the inside. With all of that being seven years ago, Gekko-State reached to where it is today. One of the powerful strengths the P.O.F. has. Since the war has still been going between the P.O.F. and U.F. for the past ten years."

"There are a lot of things that happened over the course of those seven years. Eureka served as a great leader for Gekko-State. Even as Gekko-State received many of its new members it has now. With all that in though, there i-" Irik's hand jerked as a loud fist thwacked his door. Irritated, he twisted in his chair and rushed to open it.

"What?" His voice almost burst into an aggravated yell, but he held it back. Artisen stood there itching the side of his nose.

"Just following routine procedures. You're supposed to be up by this time." Artisen yawned and folded his arms. Thinking about the past so much, he noticed that after all these years, Artisan hasn't changed much at all. He even still wore that old P.O.F. jacket occasional assigned to specific Operation Forces.

"Well, Artisen, it's a good thing you caught me while I was awake… Because I'm always awake, usually before everyone else." Irik gave him a hard stare, but Artisan gave little reaction. Sighing, he shook his head, "Is Eureka up?" He asked, changing subjects suddenly. Artisen rolled his eyes and looked down the hall.

"No, she probably won't be out of her room for the next three hours… like always. I suggest you take your shower soon. She'll take all the hot water again. Which reminds me. We really need to fix that water heater. Then we might not have that problem, hm?" Artisen finished and turned his back to Irik.

"I'll take a look at it later. I'm sure it's only a small little problem." He responded and started to close the door, "Get me when Eureka is on the bridge." Artisen sarcastically saluted before the door completely shut.


"It's cold." Eureka whispered inside of her room. Out of all the rooms in the ship, hers exceeded all others in size. The walls were a creamy white metal, looking soft to the touch, despite its cold hard surface. White covered everything else in the room as well, except for a tan colored floor. The size of the room left it with too much empty space. All of the occupants consisted of a tall drawer, a closet, two doors, and table with a mirror placed on its empty surface. There was the bed also where she lay, rapped in her thick blankets in defense against the morning chill. She wondered if ships should have morning chills. Or if it was just her.

"I think it's almost time." She half whispered and slowly made it out of her crumpled bed. When the covers soft protection left her skin, she shivered as cold air rushed over her body, "Another thing to do… turn up the heater." Speaking no more, she walked over next to the door. Behind the door was a fine bathroom, pure with white glassy colors. Stepping inside she closed the door behind her.

An hour or so passed until she stepped back out again. Her hair shined with perfect reflection. Its aquatic teal color perfectly curved with her head. From ten years ago, she hadn't changed so much. For one, she was most certainly taller. Her hair was scarcely longer, but not noticeable enough. She still wore the same type of clothing, but now it was white and a dark shade of blue. A collar extended lightly around her neck, and two red lines traced her left sleeve.

On the table with the mirror remained a single lonely object. A mirror, covered in a golden frame, now holding Eureka's reflection. The golden hair pin sat there, never having been touched. There she left it and looked into the mirror. Her hair was short like it had always been; and every time she looked into the mirror she could imagine herself wearing it.

"ten years…" She whispered and gently rubbed the golden hairpin. It wasn't the same one as before, but the design was close enough for her. Distant memories softly seeped into her mind, the memories of the hairpin and the last person who had given it to her. She wondered how he knew.

Thoughts pulling her deeper away from reality left her surprised at a sudden knock at the door. She didn't jump or flinch, but only turned her eyes solemnly. One last time she looked at the mirror before opening the door.

"Yes?" She asked and glanced around. To her confusion, there was no one there, until she turned her head down.

Standing at about half her height was Kess. The girl had adopted little of her parents looks, though her cherry blond and fluffy hair reminded Eureka specifically of Klera.

"What it is?" Eureka asked and knelt down to Kess' height. A smile pressed against Eureka's face, but oddly, it felt hollow even to her. Kess twisted her heal against the floor and looked around uncomfortably.

"I was just wondering if you were ok mom." Kess struggled as she spoke. Eureka slipped her arms around her and shook her head.

"I'm sorry Kess. I just got a slow start this morning." She responded with calm soothing words, ones that could make anyone believe what was being said. With a newborn smile Kess held her mother back just as tightly.

"Thank you." Kess sighed peacefully as she rested her head on Eureka's shoulder. Gently Eureka pulled away and brushed Kess's hair with her hand.

"Do you want me to make breakfast?" Kess eyes lit up at Eureka's idea. She nodded in excitement, "Alright, let's go." Eureka took Kess' hand and they walked out into and down the halls.

The halls had a firm grey color. Large metal plates fitted the walls tightly, only sticking out slightly where a dim glow shined through. The ceiling corners bulged with bright white lights that traced down the hall and back. Grey and white left a military feel about the place, but that wasn't odd, for that's what the place was. War was bound to this vessel. It was a decision Eureka had decided a long time ago. Although she never intended to join the P.O.F., she would always attend to their needed aid. She didn't fully understand why the need was so great, why she felt that need, but either way it burned within her.

The steaming sound of sizzling grease crisply fumed the air with sweet sensations. Eureka carefully watched over her pan. It was strange to just watch it steam before her eyes. She knew what it was, and she had it before.

"Pancakes?" Kess called up to the female cook. Eureka glanced back and nodded.

"Yes… I've had these before. I wonder why I can't remember from where?" Her eyes gazed down into the sizzling pan, as if some window into another place, another world. Kess frowned and itched the side of her leg.

"Mom?" Kess nudged the side of her knee unsurely. Eureka blinked a few times before staring back down.

"Sorry… Today has been… a strange day." She forced another smile and continued preparing the pancakes. As she did so, a sharp pain was building in the side of her head. It was familiar, but foreign at the same time. Shortly a memory fell back into her thoughts, "Renton." She whispered to herself. That was why the pancakes were more than just a breakfast. Back a long time ago, she remembered Renton tried to surprise her and comfort her. It was that same day that she had had the nightmare of him disappearing… and the kids… she was alone, all alone.

She slipped the baked pancake onto a plate and handed it to an excited Kess.

"It smells very sweet!" Kess called as she cut off a piece.

"Wait, you need this first." Eureka slapped on a block of butter, and poured a layer of syrup over it, "There." She smiled and sat down next to Kess. They both sat at a circular table. Kess took a bite and held her cheek as the sweet taste stung her within. Eureka reached up and brushed her hair back once again. Kess for the past ten years had been a comfort to her. All the pain in the past just swept away by watching her sweet smile. Sometimes she wondered how she would be with out Kess, but that was a scary thought. Kess had now become her daughter, and she had become Kess' mother.

"I'll clean up, you keep eating." Eureka said and stood up. For a moment she glanced around the room. It was similar to the Gekko-Go's, but the ceiling was black, and two round tables sat in the middle. Everything else was too much the same, with the couches lining the wall, and the cooking room being just to the left of the door. All of it was familiar. Memories were finding their way back into her thoughts. Seeing old pictures again left a sharp pain at the side of her head. Why did she have these feelings now?

"What's wrong with me?" Her eyes started to close. The room shook and bent into itself, reverberating with powerful energy. She gripped her head tightly.

"Mom?" The word echoed through her mind, but it was muted by the ringing sound filling her ears. It was the sound of no sound. When there is absolute silence, a ringing somehow finds a way into the ears. Eureka knew this feeling like she knew herself, for it was the feeling that defined her life over the past ten years. It was the silence reminding everyone that it was there. She knew the sound of silence, and it shot through her hears like a knife. Falling to her knees, she fell to the side. Somehow the light in the room had gotten dimmer; a dark shadow covered her eyes. The pain grew sharper on the side of her head. Whatever it was, she had once known it before. Something was coming towards them, and it was coming fast. The ringing continued and darkness took her eyes.

One beep, two beeps, three beeps.

Eureka opened her eyes and blinked away an itch. She glanced around the room to quickly realize that she was in an infirmary. Computers leaned against one wall, while medical beds lined the other.

"Awake, Eureka?" A cheery voice called from beside her. Eureka twisted her head to see an older man looking back down at her. There was a tight smile on his face, one she had come to know of him so well ever sense he joined. His smile reminded her of Mischa, and dimly wondered if perhaps it was just a doctor thing.

The man looked to be in his later forties, with grey specs starting to breach the ends of his hair.

"What happened?" Eureka felt her head. The stinging was gone, for now.

"That's what I'm trying to find out." He heaved through a heavy sigh, "All the data is coming up with two things. Nothing happened, and nothing's wrong. I was hoping you could tell me a little more than what this did." He waved the note board while raising both brows quizzically.

"I'm not sure why it happened. Maybe it was because starting this day, Renton has been dead for ten years. While I've been going through out the ship, I constantly see things that remind me of the past. I'm not sure what to think. It wasn't long after my head started to hurt." She said with tiredness leaking through her voice.

"Alright, I'd like you to stay here for awhile." He stood up and started for one of the computers.

"No, I'm needed at the bridge. I'm sorry Dr. Ostler, but I need to be there for the crew." Eureka said, tossing aside his request. She jumped out of the bed and started for the door. Ostler turned around with an amused look on his face.

"You're always so healthy, and when you get sick once, you don't want to find out what it is?" Ostler questioningly pointed a pencil in her direction. She looked between the door and him, debating the decision herself.

"I'll co-" The room suddenly turned from a solid color, to a dark flashing red.

"Attention all crewmembers, There is a incoming force of over twenty five S.U.s.. Everyone is immediately needed at their stations." Artisen's voice calmly yelled through the speakers. Eureka didn't even think before running out the door and towards the command room. Ostler was left rolling his eyes.

"twenty five, eh?" He muttered while typing in a few commands.

Eureka charged down the halls until she finally reached a door that led directly into the command room of the ship. The room was circular, with computer consoles along its curved walls. Six large seats were placed in the middle, exactly the same as Gekko-Go's. A small balcony stood above the room, two sets of stairs leading down either side. The color scheme matched the rest of the ship, and a black screen lined the walls, displaying the current status of the ship.

At two of the large seat consoles, just in front of the command chair, sat two men. One was Artisen. The other man had fine blond hair, and blue tinted eyes. His eyes nervously bounced around the computer panel.

"How is our flow of trapar, Svent?" Eureka asked as she slipped into the largest chair, the command chair. The blond man weakly waved his hand, motioning to give him a second.

"Well, I'm not quite sure. I mean, they're only sending in about twenty five, right? That's odd, that's less than before. It doesn't seem likely that they would send such a small force when we've dealt with larger. How cou-" He stuttered over his speech as he spoke.

"Svent…" Eureka interrupted his continuous babble. Svent quickly shook his head to gather his thoughts. After a moment, his face relaxed and opened again, fierce.

"Sorry, it looks like we have a couple of large waves from the east. They're coming in fast, so we might want to take to a higher level." Svent finished with a professional tone. Eureka paused for a second to consider what to do. At one time she had also been the scanner for trapar movements, as well as the leader of the ship, but she couldn't do both. Eventually they found Svent. A man, when pressured, would act immediately when ordered, and organize any information given him instantly.

Eureka's thought turned back to the twenty five S.U.s. It was odd that they were sending only twenty five. Ten years before, that would have been a force to start an apocalypse. True at the time until the P.O.F. had developed technology to counter act the machines. Even so, Eureka knew that twenty five would be a threat to a P.O.F. ship, but they weren't the POF. They were Gekko-State, and Gekko-State had the Night Iris, which had her and the Xellien.

"When the Pilot gets here, tell her to direct the ship to move above the waves at the last second. We can hope that the S.U.s will be taken by the wave. If they are-" Eureka turned her head to face Artisen. She spoke with a complexion that leaked no emotion. Her eyes were slightly closed, not from fatigue, but the mode she shifted into when readying for battle, "I want you Artisen to lay a spray of fire on them. The confusion should add to your hits." Standing up she started up the steps, "I'll prep the Xellien for launch."

"Wait, Eureka, I want you to look at this." Svent flailed his arms at her. Eureka turned around and headed down to his console station.

"What is it?" She asked shortly.

"It's this here." He pointed at a few points that were spiking on the grid line, "Those are signs of trapar exhaust, or I mean, trapar being spent from a board. I've checked the map several times… apparently the computer says there're isn't any units there." He paused and waited for Eureka response. She didn't look surprised or sure.

"That is strange… It's leading at the front of that force." She stood up and started back up out of the room, "We'll figure it out." She added before passing through the door. Svent sighed and turned back to his console.

"It's like she has different forms. One for leading and one for being her normal quiet self." Svent said aloud in the mostly empty command room. Artisen nodded his head and raised his brows.

"I've known Eureka for a long time. There use to be a single her, odd as it sound no matter how you look at it." He smiled. "I didn't know what she was like when she knew Renton, but I know she wasn't like this. Irik told me that she was happy, and she expressed the feeling with all genuineness." He keyed in a few more controls. Then he leaned back in his chair to gaze out the curved view port, "She was a lot worse after his death." His brows tightened into a methodical frown, "She's a lot better than what she was ten years ago… well… ten years back… she might as well have been dead."


"Maurice?" A female voice came through the camped cockpit. Maurice sat in the heavily equipped chair. His cockpit held an ominous blue shade. The inside was black, and the walls were littered with screens of a blue glow. His hands tightly gripped two control sticks. Snuggly wrapped around his body was a black suit labeled with the U.F. symbol.

The voice caused him to raise his head, which was covered by a smooth black helmet. A metal necklace hung around his neck with a flat metal circle inscribed with the letter R.

"Sorry, it has been a while since I've seen the Night Iris." He half mumbled back to Daia, one of the former Ageha Squad members. She was dominant of the lot, and it clearly showed.

"Are you sure, you seem a little…" She cut off weakly. Maurice smirked and pressed two knobs forward.

"Daia, it has been eight or so years of hate… No, for me, it's never going to be alright." He snapped. He immediately regretted reacting so rudely to her. Some time back, she was the one that had helped him get to where he was now. He could still remember the day he served under Daia's careful hand, when he was fifteen. She gave him the commands, and he followed them in turn. Time between them eventually allowed a friendship to form. That friendship eventually grew into one of the few treasures in his life.

"I'm sorry Daia. I guess I'm just a little anxious." He admittedly apologized.

"It's alright Maurice, I understand." She replied simply, but he knew it was meant.

"Still, who is this guy leading the force?" Maurice reached over and clicked a few buttons. After he did so, two blue screens faded into a picture. Each one revealed a speeding LFO dressed in colors of black and red, a wild spew of green flew from the back of its board like fire.

"I'm not sure. Not even the higher ups would tell me." Maurice found that very odd. Daia had earned a lot of respect through the U.F.. What others didn't know, she usually did. It was because of that power she was able to push Maurice through the ranks and cause other to realize his skills. Maurice had become an excellent KLF pilot among the UF, even to the point where they didn't require him to use the inverse drive. All of it was thanks to Daia. She convinced those who lacked faith that he had something more.

"That bothers me greatly Daia." Maurice quickly shoved through the comm. before shutting it off.

The twenty five S.U.s flew forward, three LFOs at their lead. One of the LFOs was a pure black, with two red stripes across its chest, feet, and shoulders. On the left side of LFO was a dark blue LFO. It had gray shoulder pads and a thick R marked on its head. To the right side was one last LFO, with a matching design, but the paint was red instead of blue and held no symbol.

Ahead of them, far in the distance, was flying a large black ship. Its wings curved together in a large form, appearing as a crescent black moon. In between the wings pointed out the command room, shaped like a perfectly connected triangle. The ship was once known as the Gekko-Go, but now it was Night Iris.

Out the back shot three LFOs. One of the three was the Xellien. It quickly twisted in the air and activated streaming jets of thick hot fire. It shot forward like an extension of the trapar itself; flawlessy. The other two tried to follow the magnificent move, but they fell short and continued casually.

"Mom, how do you manage those moves?" The orange one whined through the comm. system. Inside of it sat the much older version of Maeter. Her LFO was that of the 606, but now it packed two large cannons on either shoulder, clearly built for a powerful punch.

"You're telling me. I've been practicing this thing for the past four months… I still can't pull off that weird twist." A deep voice replied back, this time from the green LFO. Inside sat Linck. His hair was a fuzzy as ever, but his face had matured greatly. His LFO was also designed like the 606, but the back held six wings that looked capable of piercing the hardest of metals.

"You two will be able to surpass me one day." Eureka replied back through her radio. Her cockpit was completely different then what it had once been. Several foot pads extended from the floor, each one acted as a control for a specific system. The console curved around her, uniformly lined with buttons, screens, and knobs. But the most important was her control wheel. She gripped the wheel like the Xellien had become connect to her body and very spirit. What Xellien felt, she felt. What she did, Xellien did, becoming one unit of mind and action. Xellien was alive much like the Nirvash and could hear the voice of her long time friend.

The three LFOs charged forward, all being of their unique design.

"This could cause a problem." Linck said through the comm..

"What is it?" Maeter asked back.

"I'm picking up three LFOs… They seem to be leading the force of twenty five S.U.s."

"Leading?" Maeter remarked in a sarcastic tone, "The only thing leading S.U.s nowadays is computers and a few scientists with those weird haircuts."

"True, but that's not the point. It just so happens that there is three of us." Linck chuckled nervously as they neared closer to the oncoming force.

"Don't worry, I have faith in you two. Lift up now…" Eureka commanded through her soothing voice. Both the green and orange LFOs lifted into the air. Just from the right of them poured in a large wave of green sparkling light. The wave fell on top of the S.U.s, sending them all into a spiraling confusion. From behind Eureka shot several blue beams from the Night Iris. Chaotically the beams ripped through the disturbed force, hitting a few and morphing them into nothing but liquid metal.

"That took down… five?" Maeter growled from the other side of the comm..

"There're increasing the activity of the signals guys. You'll have to be more careful when they reform." Irik's voice sounded over all their radios. The Xellien reacted by instantly turning down into the reforming units.

"What do you mean?" Linck asked as they charged in as well. The horizontal set of wings on his back extended, and the edges became thick red with heat. His LFO shot through the flying S.U.s, catching two and leaving them in a similar amount of pieces. Linck smirked to himself and yowled into the radio excitedly.

"I mean that they're computers will be sending them more complicated commands. If they are knocked off course again, they'll be able to calculate realignment within a matter of seconds. To put it simply, another wave wouldn't knock them off for more than two seconds. These guys are being pushed past their limits." Irik's urgent tone was building as he spoke. It didn't add well to the anxiousness in either Maeter or Linck, but Eureka seemed to be flying with no problem at all.

Maeter took her LFO and flew far away from her battle. Her skills lied in long distance combat. The two cannons on her shoulders could nail a fly two miles away.

"I'm setting up position. Ok, now Ieeehhhaaaa!" Maeter screamed, sending the communication system into a warble of crackles.

"What is it Maeter?" Linck yelled and struggled to find her on the radar.

"This dang LFO won't let go of me!" She screamed with such intensity that Linck had to cover his ears. Out the view port he spotted an orange LFO fighting another dark red LFO, except this one was designed like the S.U.'s thin design. It was continuously slamming its arms against Maeter's thick armor.

"Hold on Maeter, let's do the shove cut thrust!" He said with a turn of excitement.

"Good idea, this idiot won't see what's coming." Maeter replied smartly. Linck charged forward, out of the moving S.U.s. Oddly none followed, but continued on towards the Night Iris. To that moment Linck didn't care, he just wanted to make sure his sister would be safe.

"Ready?" He asked and clenched his teeth as their greatest move was about to take place.

"More than-. Look out Linck!" Linck twisted his head just in time to see the other LFO slam into him. The incredible amount of speed didn't even send the two into a tumble, but send the wind into a series of convulsions around them.

"Who are these guys?" Linck asked as his annoyance grew stronger. The dark blue LFO continued to push him, until it abruptly let go and sent him spiraling backwards. Linck gripped the controls. His hands moved fast, but his mind moved faster, as he recalculated his projector and steadied the LFO.

"Well Linck, that is interesting." Maurice's mature voice came through. Linck's face crunched together in a tight scowl.

"Shut up Maurice, you traitor!" He actually screamed back while slamming both fists on the controls.

"Me the traitor? You pathetic waste of human flesh… This world doesn't need more worthless beings like you. I'm still trying to figure out how you're still alive." Maurice answered in his own clever voice. The sound purged tears of hate through Linck's eyes.

"Hate me like you hate the evil of the world Linck, but I am not sitting on the darker side of this battle. You continue to live in some fantasy where the P.O.F. is the good guys, and the U.F. is the bad guys. All we want is to end this war, yet you continue to fight us." Maurice's LFO alarmingly charged forward. Linck smirked and charged his LFO forward as well.

"That's when I realize that I'm right about it all Maurice… when I hear your excuse of life." Linck shifted from angered to calm. Bare silence filled his cockpit before the two collided.

Eureka gripped the controls tighter and tighter with every word that was being spoken.

"It's my fault Renton… that our children are fighting." Tears were building within her eyes. With all the emotions getting stronger inside her, she knew she would lose it, but she had to stay strong.

The Inverse Drive, although broken, could have powerful effects on her unlike anyone had predicted. It was not longer like the one designed previously, but somehow had become a machine of its own, powerful and independent of all outside forces. When she lost control, the inverse drive would come alive and empower both her and the Xellien. Often times she wonder how the reaction happened, but Irik confirmed that the drive could no longer receive communication. It was a true mystery.

But even so, the thoughts of her children fighting eachother with the approaching results of death ripped at her heart. She just wanted to let it all go.

"Hope… Corrupted until I couldn't use it anymore." She whispered in a silence. Closing her eyes she concentrated on her mind. All thoughts of Renton disappeared, what was important now was the safety of Night Iris.

"Why does my head sting Xellien?" She asked her strongest companion. The answer pulled all of her thoughts back into one. Her eyes shot up and she slammed the controls to their max.

"Your right… now isn't about me." Her eyes tightly curved into a glare, "I'll protect them now."

The Xellien twisted about in the air and thrust its arm forward. A sharp harpoon shot through its tip and stabbed an SU. She pulled on the SU. Quickly taking advantage of the motion, she twisted around and kicked another SU with crushing force.

While the second SU fell lifelessly, another two came in for the attack. Timing was against them. Eureka reached under and flew the mecha like a boulder at the incoming attackers. The SU easily dodged out of the way, but was all in the plan. She charged forward and pierced the unit with a blade sharp with the taste of vengeance.

Death of allies didn't stop these suicidal machines. Swiftly the second SU charged in after her. Xellien twisted about and dislodged the harpoon from its victim, twisted around, and swung the weapon at the enemy. The SU charged in at her attack too fast and was caught in the swipe before it could dodged, leaving the massive vehicle in to pieces, and then exploding into a cloud of smoke.

"I'm sorry." Eureka muttered and she gripped the blade, "They need my help." Her voice called out of her thoughts control. "I'm coming." She pushed the control wheal forward, but suddenly a large force bumped her. It was like someone had thrown a building at her. The entire cockpit was flashing wildly and screens were going blank of processing errors.

A pain spiked at the side of her head.

"What's going on… why does my head hurt?" Eureka danced her fingers across the controls despite the violent shaking. The Xellien shoved back and spread its arms. Breaking free from the force, Xellien turned around to see its enemy. It was the black and red LFO from before. Although the LFO had a small frame, its armor was curved to perfection. Eureka could only compare it to a set of black rocks which have sat beneath a waterfall for a thousand years, looking smooth and elegant, but filled with ghostly malice

"Who is that?... and what is that model?" The odd LFO turned in the air and fell down. Eureka didn't hesitate to follow. Everything around them was near the coast. Off to side the ocean sparkled with the gathering of a billion blue jewels. Alongside the beach grew a thriving forest of green, like someone had poured pure silk over the landscape.

Eureka flinched.

The black LFO was about to crash right into the beach, but it swiftly tilted its board and surfed forward. Eureka quickly had the Xellien follow the same pursuit, having no problem in doing so. Suddenly the demon LFO turned around and shot at her. She quickly dodged out of the way and shot the harpoon extension at its back. A wave of surprise washed over her as the LFO flipped backwards and latched onto the harpoon.

"It-," was the only word she was able to get out before the LFO whipped her up and over. The pressure crushed her body against the seat. Without warning the ground crashed against her, creating a thick upheaval of sand to rise from the beach. Heavy, the sand fell back down, filling the area with a cloud of dirt.

"You're too dangerous… I know your mission isn't to kill just me." Eureka smoothly exhaled from her lungs. The LFO turned about and shot down at her, "I can't let you exist as a threat against the Gekko-State, I'm sorry." Everything in her actions suddenly changed. She cusped her hands around the control wheel. Xellien launched into the air with one simple jump. Twirling, it grabbed onto the bumpy green waves. Air split as the black LFO attempted to grab Xellien, but this time Eureka was thinking faster. She dropped and back flipped. Her board flipped in a hinged motion, smacking the tip of her board into the back of the black LFO. The action caught the enemy off sync. Unable to regain balance, the opponent fell and crashed into the ground.

"Again… I'm sorry." Eureka pulled out both blades from its shoulders and connected them together in a sword. Raising it into the air, she charged down to finish the battle. Her blade was aimed, and victory seemed secure. Just as her blade was about to meet collision, the black LFO twisted and dodged.

Dirt exploded as her sword slammed into the beach. Eureka gritted her teeth. The black LFO lifted its leg and shoved her back onto the ground. Both were now on their backs, momentarily dazed from the recent events.

"This would be a good time." Eureka muttered and hit a button just above her. The door slid open and she stood up. At her side she pulled pistol. Why she knew it would happen, she didn't know, but the demon LFO opened as well. A person stood up from the cockpit, holding a pistol like her. A helmet was tightly secured on his head, and the rest of his body was covered in a black pilot suit uniform. Both aimed the pistols at each other, neither pulling the trigger.


"Who the heck are you? Get the flip off of me!" Maeter screamed over and over. Finally she managed to aim her large cannons down at the red LFO slamming her. Before Maeter had a chance to fire, the red LFO flipped backwards, "At last, sweet freedom." She breathed a breath of clear blue skies.

"Lucky for you, I can't get Maurice off of me." Linck yelled back through the comm..

"Hold on little bro. Let me show you what a single click will do to stubborn old brothers." Maeter didn't even hold back her playful smile. Three screens flashed to life. The one in the middle showed a small targeting system aimed at them both.

"Hey hey! Don't aim at me!" Linck yelled in a sudden burst of worry. Maeter laughed as she pulled the trigger. For any other, they both would have been gone, but Maeter was excellent at her trade. The blast seared the air right at Maurice. Right when the beam was about to hit, the blue LFO broke off and formed back with its red ally.

"Those two were raised to be chaotic, ay?" Linck sarcastically whimpered.

"Night Iris, how's your status?" Maeter asked.

"We're ok, thanks to our excellent pilot and weapons specialist." Irik's tone went up and down like he just barely dodged a bullet. Maeter twisted her head to see the Night Iris pass over them. Wind was blaring behind it, along with about nine S.U.s.

"This battle is insane!" Linck laughed from his end. Maeter rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"fifteen, sixteen… and seventeen, right Maurice?" She asked to the empty comm..

"Let's finish this." A female voice cracked through. This one neither Maeter nor Linck recognized.

"Who was that?" Linck couldn't help but question.

"How would I know?" Maeter replied, relishing in a tone of annoyance, "Go, here they come!"

Red and Blue shot their LFOs forward. Like one, they both split to opposite sides.

"They're trying to confuse us, stay together." Maeter quickly said as the enemy circled around them.

"I got Maurice, you keep track on… the other one." Linck suggested.

The LFOs stopped when both were on opposite sides of each other. They dipped down and back up, their targets being Linck and Maeter.

"Twist and slam?" Linck questioned and smiled like he already knew the answer.

"Agreed." Maeter smirked as well.

"GS and OT, or also known as Green Storm and Orange Thunder." Maurice commented through the radio, sounding as if he were about to break out into a laugh.

"Shut up." Maeter dully replied. The two LFOs ran into the OT and GS, but this time they were beaten. OT turned about her LFO, as did GS. They seized advantage of the momentum that was aimed at them. When they gripped and twisted around, the Red and Blue slammed into each other, rather than the OT or GS. A loud bang rumbled the air.

"Heheheh, served on a golden plate." Linck proudly announced into his microphone.

"It's a one sided window Linck." Maurice replied with a knowing tone. The blue and red LFOs pushed off each other, twisted around and kicked the OT and GS. Maeter and Maurice fell back through the air.

"This battle is so even…" Maeter gripped her controls tighter, "It ticks me off!"


"Artisen, two on left, 203 degrees!" Svent shouted as his eyes quickly scanned over the data.

"I got it, just nine left right?" Artisen asked and wiped the sweat off his glistening forehead.

"Should be… please." Svent replied with a few anxious laughs. Outside the Night Iris soared the remaining SU's, all desperately trying to dismantle their prized ship and home.

"I got an idea." Irik announced, "Terina, I want you to turn the ship on its axis. With all the S.U.s swarming us, we should at least knock out four." A girl in the front console nodded, her long brown flowed back and forth at the motion.

The Night Iris spiraled towards the around. All of the SU's spread out, but a few weren't so lucky. A couple of the units were hit and crushed into thin paper.

"Three, that leaves six!" Svent called out in his excitement.

"Five actually, got one in the peek of the moment." Cockily Artisen added. The Night Iris continued to fly forward.

"Wait a second." Svent said and frowned down at his controls, "They're breaking off?"

"Hmmm… Pity." Artisen grumbled, letting out a sigh at the same time.

"Calling them off? Twenty five… this was all a DISTRACTION!" Irik slammed his fist on the console, "Quickly Svent, where is the Xellien?"


"Who are you?" Eureka asked as she held the heavy pistol in her hand. The man didn't even make a movement to shoot her, but just continually held his gun. Her breath came thick. Something in her head was pressing the sharp pain. The man lifted his hand and started to click a few buttons on the side. When he finished, he lifted towards the front and pulled back the helmet.

"I don't know why I have to kill you… but what has to be done will be done, for the sake of peace on this broken world." The man answered in tired annoyance. Eureka eyes became wider with a power of shock. Ten years of silence, and it felt like someone had just shot a gun next to her ears.

"Your face?... Your voice?" She stuttered with her quivering voice. The man frowned and gave her a strange look. "Ten years… I'm seeing things. I've seen many before who fooled me. I was just a thing to be tossed around." Eureka studied the ground as if it meant something, "I can still see him, like he had never left." Eureka lifted her head at the man. Her eyes bore into his, taking in every ounce of emotion she could pull from their reflective film.

"Who is this woman, why can't I pull this trigger?" The man asked himself as he stared down at the gun. It looked like him, sounded like him. He had grown taller, older, but Eureka couldn't believe it was him. Years of wishful thinking had detoured her judgment. Eight years ago she had given up for the last time. He was gone, and she had to let it go.

"So this is how far the U.F. is going to go this time? The Inverse Drive didn't suffice their greedy needs?" Eureka asked the man. He lifted his head and frowned in confusion.

"You're not Renton… but if that's true… Why can't I pull this trigger?" She asked the silence that had finally left her.


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