Author's Note: Didn't like original ending so rewrote Chapter 6. Hope everyone enjoys the changes.


Chapter 6: A Bright Future For All

Calico Briggs was still shaking her head at the incredible revelations and changes that had occurred at this morning's meeting. Walking beside her was the city's newest katizen and beside him was the newly revealed werekat, Commander Feral, once more in his kat form. She tried not to think about the fact the Commander had no clothes on under his overcoat. Said clothing had been shredded when he'd altered to a panther form under his alpha's command. She still shivered at the memory of Feral's beautiful and frightening forms.

She shook off that feeling and continued to her office. Going to her desk, she gestured for Jeraz to have a seat. She summoned her secretary. As she was requesting certain documents, she heard Feral tell Jeraz that he was going to his office to get a uniform and would return for Jeraz in a little while. She turned in time to catch them trade a kiss. Feral quickly left, closing the door behind him.

She studied Jeraz for a moment. The handsome alien looked pleased and content. She envied them their happiness. "I wish to congratulate you personally on your finding a mate so quickly and the pleasure you so obviously are enjoying with him." She smiled warmly.

"Thank you, Ms. Briggs. I am truly happy and looking forward to my new life here on your planet." Jeraz said politely.

"Now the paperwork we need to do isn't very much so let's get this part done quickly then we can discuss how to go about getting you an office. Will you need assistance finding a residence as well?" She asked as she sorted through the paperwork they would be reviewing.

"No, thank you. I've already moved into Ulysses's apartment. We may be moving from there if kittens are expected, but for now his phone and address is where you will find me." He informed her.

"Of course." Callie said briskly. No surprise there. "Alright let's get down to business then." For the next couple of hours they worked on getting him settled into the system.

A few weeks later...outside the Bio Chemical Labs...

Standing huddled in a concerned group, the SWAT Kats, Ms. Briggs, Dr Zyme, and Feral with his enforcers stared at the mess Dr. Viper had left behind when he stole a special catalyst yet again.

"We must get that catalyst back, Commander. It is highly volatile and in Viper's hands it could lay waste to the city." Dr. Zyme told Commander Feral, anxiously wringing his hands in agitation.

"He's disappeared down the sewers again, sir." The on scene officer reported.

Sighing in frustration and annoyance, Feral realized this time they could not afford to just wait for Viper to reappear. There was just no telling what that lizard had in mind. Realizing there was no choice, he prepared to go after the creep and his were form was the best way to do it.

"Alright, I'm going to track him. You monitor my location and prepare to be there to help me capture him." He ordered the senior officer of the squad waiting.

Four of his officers, however, pushed forward to stand near the Commander. He eyed them questioningly.

"Sir, we will be going with you." The most senior of the four told the astonished Commander.

"No, you will not." He growled warningly.

"Sorry sir, our Alpha has ordered any enforcer were to be your protective guard whenever you intend to be in a dangerous situation." The officer apologized.

Feral snarled in fury which caused the four to immediately drop to their knees in submission in response to the beta's power rolling over them. "Why does he think I need protection?" Feral demanded.

The SWAT Kats and Callie shivered in surprised reaction. Feral was obviously not holding back his were powers. Even though they were only kats, they could feel enough of it to make their fur stand up.

Quivering in fear but not backing down, the officer answered, "Sir, you are pregnant. Our Alpha will not have your life risked."

Feral froze in shock. He hadn't paid any attention and felt it was too early to know. But it was obvious Tam had sensed it. Closing his eyes, he focused his attention inward. Searching, he was immediately stunned to realize that he was indeed pregnant with twins. Their spark of life glowed brightly to his mind's eye.

Coming back to the moment, he opened his eyes and shook his head, sighing, "Well crud! Leave it to Tam to know these things before we do. Very well, prepare to depart immediately." He said with obvious reluctance.

"We will follow along too, Commander. From the Turbokat we can monitor your signal and help take out Viper's mutations." T-Bone said bluntly not caring if Feral wanted them or not.

Snarling with even more temper, Feral didn't bother arguing with the SWAT Kats. He couldn't keep them away any way. Using an enforcer van, the five weres changed to their four-footed forms. Feral's Sergeant placed a special collar outfitted with a signal device around the Commander's neck. Without further hesitation, the five dived into the sewer. It only took a moment to detect Viper's trail and they were off at a fast lope.

"Wow! They're moving fast. We better get going or they'll find Viper before we catch up." Razor said in amazement as he and T-Bone raced back to their jet and took off.

As they flew along following the signal, Razor commented, "Crud, Feral is one impressively deadly looking creature, T-Bone. The times we've pissed him off, he could have easily ripped our throats out before we could even react. I mean we're faster than an ordinary kat but we don't come close to the speed of a were." He said shaking his head in admiration.

"Yeah, you're right there, buddy. It gives me the shivers to know we'd been playing with fire all these years without knowing it. Glad he's only lost his temper not his control and that he's a good kat with firm morals. I don't want to think what weres could do to this city if they had a mind to." T-Bone said seriously.

"Bite your tongue, T-Bone. That just doesn't bear thinking about. From now on we don't pull his chain anymore. That kind of danger we don't need to flirt with." Razor said solemnly. T-Bone grunted in agreement.

'Gah! It really reeks down here!' Feral mentally snorted trying not to sneeze. He could tell they were closing fast on Viper's scent.

A few minutes more and they ran into the kat lizard who was surrounded by his mutations. The battle was joined quickly and brutally. Feral altered to his war form and grabbed Viper. The criminal hissed in shock as long talons ripped through his lab coat causing him to drop the catalyst but one of the enforcers melted into war form and caught it before it could hit the ground.

Terrified, Viper tried using his tail to knock Feral away but the were was way too fast and had the lizard pinned to the dirty wall in seconds.

"Behave yourself Viper or I'll rip your throat out!" He snapped. Viper went still in fear, he believed this new Feral would do just that.

Looking around he found the rest of his enforcers had finished destroying the mutations. Relieved to be getting out of this cesspool, Feral grabbed Viper by his coat collar and jerked him toward a nearby ladder that lead up to a manhole cover. Just as they reached it the lid was pulled up by his kat enforcers.

He shoved Viper up into the waiting paws that yanked him up and cuffed him. The SWAT Kats were standing nearby as Feral heaved himself into view followed by the enforcer holding the catalyst carefully in his paws and the rest of his team in their war forms.

"Here's the catalyst, Dr. Zyme. See that it is secured." Feral ordered.

Zyme nodded and quickly took possession of it and with an enforcer escort took it back to the labs.

The five weres were an intimidating and awesome sight to all those standing nearby. T-Bone and Razor stared for long moments at the deadly weres before T-Bone cleared his throat to get Feral's attention.

"Great job, Commander. Now that you guys are no longer in hiding perhaps the city stands a chance of finally getting rid of our omega criminals or at least make them think twice about attacking. One can hope anyway." He said in reluctant admiration and respect. "Be interesting to watch you guys in action sometime." Making a farewell gesture, he and Razor made for their jet and left.

'Well, will wonders never cease.' Feral mused in surprise. Smiling, he was pleased by the successful outcome. It was the first public mission solved by weres. The publicity could only help further their acceptance by kat kind.

Right now, though, he and his fellow weres wanted nothing more than to rid their fur of the stench of the sewers so they piled into the van for a quick trip to Enforcer Headquarters for much needed showers. They were pleasantly surprised to receive a cheering welcome from their fellow enforcers upon their arrival. They'd finally won over the SWAT Kats. It was a great morale booster.

Despite the triumph, Feral was still irritated by his alpha's highhandedness. When his work day had ended, he went to the White Tiger Club. It was a short, angry meeting... that he lost. He would be protected whether he liked it or not and as he was leaving still fuming his alpha congratulated him on his pregnancy.

Furious, Feral slammed the door to his apartment. His mate looked up in surprise from where he was seated on the couch and eyed him in concern.

"You are in a foul mood, my love. Want to tell me about?" Jeraz coaxed patting the seat next to him.

Ignoring his mate for the moment, he growled to himself as he removed his coat and hung it up then locked up his weapon. He pulled his tie off and flopped down beside Jeraz. He told his mate what had happened that afternoon and what Tam had done.

"I went to see him at the club. He simply told me to suck it up! Because I was carrying the first alien/were kittens on the planet, my life was to be protected. Then had the temerity to congratulate me and pat me on the back as he practically shoved me out the door." Feral spit out.

Hiding a smile, Jeraz hugged his mate warmly, "He's just looking out for your welfare my love as any good leader should. He isn't saying that you can't protect yourself only that being pregnant makes you vulnerable. And I am very happy to know we are to be parents. Do you know how many you carry and what their sex is?" He asked excitedly steering his mate away from his pique. Privately he planned on thanking Tam for insisting on extra protection for his mate.

Grunting, not fooled by what Jeraz was trying to do, Feral sighed, "We are having twins and no I don't know the sex. Too soon yet."

"Twins!! That is wonderful news! This calls for a celebration. I have already ordered dinner. Why don't you go and change your clothes while I serve it up?" Jeraz said giving his mate a gentle push toward the bedroom.

"Alright!" Feral agreed and went to change.

Minutes later they were sharing a hot meal and conversation. Jeraz complimented Uly on their first successful mission as weres allowing his mate to happily recap the highlight of his day. After cleaning up their dishes they returned to the living room for some light TV watching.

Jeraz felt a little seduction would help Uly wind down from the trials of the day so he began with light kisses and nips until Uly was breathless. They moved to the bedroom where he slowly stripped his mate's clothes off and his own. Laying on the bed, Jerez followed hot kisses with erotic touches guaranteed to have his mate writhing and moaning in heated desire.

Feral panted in need. Jeraz was very good, it drove Uly crazy the way Jeraz dragged out the erotic teasing until his were was howling for completion. After the intense buildup driving himself home seemed almost anticlimactic. They locked together in violent desire and screamed their climaxes together.

Panting in repletion, Jeraz kissed his mate tenderly then rolled them to their sides where they continued to caress and kiss gently until sleep closed in on them.

Two months later...Enforcer Headquarters...

Feral was majorly irritated. Dr. Mewser, Chief of Medical Services had just informed him he was being immediately removed from combat duty in accordance with Enforcer Regulations concerning pregnant officers.

"I'm not a kat, dammit, we don't have the same frailties!" He'd snarled angrily but that argument hadn't worked with Mewser.

"Doesn't matter, Commander. There is no provision for weres in the regulation and until there is you are off combat duty." Dr. Mewser said firmly.

Feral had returned to his office in a foul mood. The word got around the building like wildfire and his officers soon learned to avoid him as much as they could though that was kinda hard since he'd taken to prowling the huge complex...poking and getting his nose into everything and looking over shoulders. It made his officers very glad his pregnancy was only six months long otherwise they might be willing to mutiny.

A delivery date pool was handed around behind the Commander's back to help the troops relieve their stress on putting up with their Chief Enforcer's bad mood. His second in command, Lt Commander Stevers had done his part to insure Feral was unaware of it and even made a bet himself.

To the surprise and relief of all, no omegas appeared to cause trouble during the Commander's pregnancy. As for the pregnancy itself, Feral seemed to be breezing through it without any major problems except for the minor annoyance of not fitting clothes, more irritable temper and being confined to the office.

Four months later...

It was dawn and threatening to storm when Feral woke up feeling contractions. He shook his mate awake.

"Jeraz, looks like the kittens are ready to be here." He said blandly.

Jeraz jerked awake and looked at his basically calm mate. "Are you okay, do you need anything..." He began anxiously as he stumbled out of bed and quickly dressed.

Feral quirked a smile at his nervous mate, "Take it easy! It will be a bit need for you to get so nervous, I'm having the kittens after all."

"Right! I know that but it's the first time for me too you be a father that is!" Jeraz said still jittery.

Snorting Feral merely lead the way out of their apartment. He glared at Jeraz when he wanted to drive them. "Just get in Jeraz and stop being such an ass."

Blushing sheepishly, Jeraz climbed into the hummer and they were soon heading to the White Tiger Club where all weres gave birth when they could. They still didn't trust kat medicine.Because of the early hour, Feral was able to get a parking spot within a few feet of the front door.

Locking his hummer, he turned and walked calmly up the steps and pressed the bell for entry. It took a few minutes but soon a big black, short haired were opened the door and looked at them suspiciously until he recognized Feral. Nodding respectfully, he stepped back and let them in.

Feral led the way to a set of stairs that went down to the basement. It was quiet at this time of morning and the deep carpet silenced their steps. Pushing open a door at the bottom of the stairs they stepped into a gleaming hallway of blue tiles and warm green walls of the medical center of the weres. Moving down the hall they came upon a long desk with two medical personnel who looked up in surprise.

The older of the pair smiled suddenly. "Ah, Ulysses, it's time?" She asked then as Feral nodded she came around the desk to stand by him. "Alright, just follow me and I'll get you set up in a room. How far apart are the contractions..." She began to ask him questions.

Feral answered as he and his mate followed the nurse. In quick succession he was told to strip his clothes off and put on a gown, made to get into a bed, was hooked up to fetal monitoring equipment and told the doctor would be around soon.

Jeraz was nearly breathless at the quick efficiency of the were medical personnel and pleased as well. He knew his mate was in excellent paws. He was even more impressed by his mate's blase manner about the whole thing. One would think he was getting ready for a meeting rather than about to give birth.

Some three hours later, Jeraz was beaming with joy as he held his twin male kittens. His mate didn't look the worse for wear and was smiling indulgently at him.

"My love, they are amazing and I love you so very much for giving me such a wonderful gift." He said warmly.

" say that now but wait a few days when you are completely sleep deprived." Feral snorted in amusement.

Jeraz just grinned happily. "It will be well worth it my love."

The family was released a day later and Feral only took a week to recover before returning to work. The kittens were cared for during the day by many willing weres at the club. Because of their unusual parentage, it was inevitable that the kittens were the talk of the city. Feral was forced to show off his twins at a special press conference at city hall with the Mayor beaming proudly as if he was the father.


The kittens were instant celebrities with their beautiful faces and glorious fall of silver hair and continued to be the center of attention as they grew. They were on the cover of every newspaper and TV news. Relations between weres and kats were moving along fairly smoothly with only a rocky moment or two. Jeraz's consulting business was a huge success. The Were Compact, as it was called, had been ratified worldwide. The future looked bright for the planet Aristal.