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And ride him she did.

She took him by surprise by slamming down hard on him, barely giving herself time to adjust to his length and girth, barely giving him time to fully prepare to the feeling of her pussy contracting around his cock. It didn't come as a surprise, though, that they both moaned at the contact, hers throaty and loud; his, a deep groan.

She tried to push him backwards to gain proper leverage, but he stood still instead. She gave him a questioning look, but he quieted her doubts with a soft kiss on her lips. His hands were gently holding her hips, stilling her. He was profoundly enjoying the feel of them as a couple: in all his life, in all those years ever since he had had his first blowjob nearly 20 years ago, he had never felt so totally and utterly joined to another person as he felt right then and there.

He noticed that the left strap of her dress had slid towards her shoulder, and noticed as well how the fabric across her bosom wasn't as tight as it used to be, and he thanked the sex goddess above for showing him how to lower the dress enough to feast on her breasts. He slid both straps down gently, and her nipples were soon out in the open. His hands took one breast in each hand, gently caressing them, carefully avoiding the nipples until he saw them pucker and harden and he took that as his cue to add his mouth to his ministrations.

Her breathing grew labored and she threw her head back, raising her chest to him to grant him better access to her breasts and nipples. For the first time since she had laid eyes on it, she cursed the dress responsible for them being where they were: Danny had slipped the straps just enough as to effectively restrict her movements. The feelings boiling inside of her were slowly driving her crazy. Every one of his movements created a chain reaction: his cock twitching inside of her made her pussy tighten, the rustling of her dress' fabric was creating an agonizingly exquisite friction against her already sensitive clit, Danny's hands and mouth on her breasts and nipples bringing her closer to insanity with each passing moment.

And, in an instant, she reached her breaking point.


His name started as a low groan and ended in a feverish pitch that made the perfect companion to the undulating contractions of her pussy around his cock. Her nails dug deep in his lower back and her teeth sunk hard on his shoulder. Danny knew his resistance was seriously compromised and he tried to soothe her, but she would have none of that,


Her wish was his command. He lifted her as gently as possible, and turned around to place her on the bed, his actions meaning precious loss of intimate contact, which elicited a meow-like protest from her. Danny seized the opportunity to finish undressing himself and, after careful consideration, he also removed Stefan's dress from the almost inert body of his beloved. He reverently folded it and carefully set it aside. "We're keeping that in a crystal box", he thought, wondering, not for the first time that night, how powerful could 3 square feet of simple fabric be.

All attempts on philosophy, however, were soon abandoned, as he turned his attention to the naked woman sprawled in front of him. Had she resorted to striking a more seductive pose it would have been ridiculous, given the circumstances, but right then and there, her totally relaxed position was mute testament of a sexually, happily fulfilled woman, and it was a sight to Danny's eyes.

It was also all he needed to get his second wind.

He gently climbed back on bed, crawling atop of her, kissing his way back to her mouth, intent on taking his sweet time to get her there again. Lindsay, however, had other plans, and minced no words in letting him know what she wanted,

"Fuck me senseless. Now."

Her not-so-gentle reminder of his words from earlier was all the encouragement he needed. Leaning on his forearms, he penetrated her softly, hissing at the sensation of her pussy enveloping him, feeling her legs cross behind his ass, pulling him closer. He tried to go slowly, but she wouldn't have any of it. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer to her, whispering all sort of hot and dirty tidbits in his ear, egging him until he finally lost control and began pounding again. His own orgasm was almost as quick and unexpected as hers had been, and he was rewarded by her joining him once more. "Messer 1 – Montana 3", he thought to himself drowsily, before settling in her arms to sleep, tenderly cuddling against the woman he loved.

And for the first time in a very long time, Danny Messer felt like he had finally reached home.

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Somewhere in the city, not too far away from where they lay, another couple rested in each other's arms, slowly coming down from their orgasm-induced high.

"Maybe revenge is indeed best when cold, babe, but this… this was totally smoking and better than any revenge I could have ever plotted for your sake or mine."

Stella raised herself up a bit, enough to be able to place a kiss above his right nipple. "You know what else the say about revenge? The best one is accomplished by living better than your opponent… and I am, Don, I am. Living better than never."


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