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EDIT Notes: 10 years after I started this fic, very recently I got a review for it. I really thought that everyone would hate it, or that people would flame me for my religious beliefs. (Which has happened, but not nearly as often as I thought.)

I am thinking about going back and granting their wish, and finishing this. I might finish Cradlesong one of these days too.

For now though I am just re-editing, going through grammar errors and also going to say that they are older at the start of it, because I was going by the dub ages, and that was around the time I started to realize, but even so, now that I'm much older I feel weird about writing them that age anyway.

I just want to say one last time, If you are reading this and you don't believe in God, I 1000% respect your opinion. Please, likewise, respect mine. If you want to say the grammar is bad, the story itself is bad, ect, I will accept it, but please don't just flame my beliefs. I'm not flaming yours.

This story wasn't written to upset anyone, but just for others like me who struggle with this.


Henry Wong sat alone in his room. He was thinking about his life to that point. His dad was visiting his parents in Hong Kong, and he said he was had a surprise for everyone when he got home. In waiting, Henry thought about his life...

From the earliest Henry could remember, his family went to church every Sunday. Henry always had fun in church. He always loved worshiping, and praising the one who created him.

Henry had a black and white view of the world. Good was good and bad was sin. Everything seemed so easy to him, He felt like he was a good person. But then something happened.

Henry had never been interested in girls. He just thought he was too young to have those feelings, even though he was 17.

One day Henry's cousin, Waya came over. They were watching the movie Titanic. When it got to the scene with the boobs Waya playfully grabbed the remote, and pushed pause.

Henry stared at the breasts on the screen. Suddenly he realized something: he had absolutely no attraction to the things in front of him on the screen. He had no idea what the big deal was about them.

Not too long after that he saw an add for a show called "Pokemon." He knew nothing about it, but he couldn't take his eyes off the main character. Henry thought he was hot.

"Hot?" Henry thought to himself. "I did NOT just think that!"

But he was still looking.


Soon, he was an expert in this show, but had moved on to other things: Digimon.

He stared at the guy's rears. He knew it was wrong but once again he couldn't help himself. But soon he got past that and actually payed attention to the plot of the show, and soon he was hooked.

Henry still had feelings he was different, even though he never told anyone. Every day he felt something different.

One night he prayed to God. He had never been more confused in his life, and so he laid his problems at God's feet.

"Dear God... I want to be what you want me to be. I don't even care anymore what I am, I just don't want to be confused anymore. Please help me find who I am."

From the next morning on, He knew he was Gay.

Henry was pulled from his thoughts by his father knocking on the door.

"Henry, come out here!"

Henry walked out into the living room to see all his brothers and sisters with gifts. His father handed Henry his. He ripped open the paper and he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Dad! It's the new Digimon game!"

"Yup hot off the press..."


After playing the new game, we all know what happened: Terriermon came out of the screen and was Henry's partner. But this story stars a few months later...


It was a normal day at school, except Terriermon was with him. He usually stayed home but his little sister was home that day. With Terriermon around, Henry didn't even think about his sexuality for a while.

Suddenly the fire alarm went off.

Everyone ran in the hallway to see the principal with a cardboard box.

Terriermon tried to get a better view of what was going on.

"Terriermon! How much do i have to tell you, you have to stay hidden!"

Just then he heard the sweetest voice in the world.


Henry turned around and saw Takato. He knew, it was love at first sight.