Haven't felt like writing. But, lately a few things have been bugging me. The signs I've been seeing people hold... and something that recently happened to a friend of mine. I dedicate this chapter to him, and anyone else whose ever been kicked out for being gay.

Edit notes: I rewrote the end of this chapter, for multiple reasons. I didn't only quit writing this because of the struggle with myself but, this was actually inspired not only by my struggle, but a similar story at the time the I had read. (A book) and... I don't really remember now, I haven't read it in 10 years, but I am pretty sure that the end of this chapter and where I was going with it next chapter, was a direct rip off of that story. I kept thinking about how to fix it, but then I just never updated it. ... and even that aside, I suddenly realized that most of my stories up until that point (most deleted) someone ended up in the hospital. (Which is also why I never updated Cradlesong. Same realization, everyone goes to the hospital. .. If I do finish that one of these days, I might edit that chapter too.) So I edited the fight to make it end differently. I don't know for sure how I'll end the story or even if I WILL update it, but I am really thinking about it.

I also apologize for my writing, I think the story idea I had was good, but I used to be really bad at being descriptive. I like to think that I have improved on that some...


When Takato came home, he found his Dad sitting alone, with a mix of anger and sadness on his face.

"What happened Dad?"

He jumped at first, not expecting him, and he was obviously deep in thought.

"She... left."

Takato couldn't believe it. She left?

"She left because of me?"

"No, Takato!" he said, hugging him.

"I... Told her either to accept us, or leave, and she left. I know it will be hard on you... me too... but it would be worse if she was here judging us, making us walk on egg shells."

Takato nodded, still stunned by the situation.

"She said she left you a note on your bed, to say goodbye."

He nodded and went to go see it. He couldn't believe what he saw. There was a note, all it said was three words:

'God Hates Fags'

Takato was overwhelmed with anger, and went back to his dad and showed him.

"DOES NO ONE READ THE BIBLE BEFORE THEY SAY THINGS?!" Takato yelled angerly. His dad looking very angry.

"Seriously, Why did Jesus die on the cross? Why did he talk to the prostitute and forgive her on the spot? Why did he come to earth at all?"

As mad as he was, His dad smiled a little at where Takato was going with this.

"Because he loves us."

"EXACTLY! We are ALL his children, and IF being Gay IS wrong, God isn't hating us, hes looking at us with love hoping that we find the right way. All that hate would do is push us farther away. I'm TIRED of people spreading hate in his name, That's not what God's about! God's message was to spread LOVE!"

His dad was smiling proudly now.

"I really did raise you right. You really get the point of what Jesus did for us. It was all for love. These people who spread hate are just as guilty as the sinners."

Takato nodded, but then the gravity of the situation was realized.

"Mom left... because of me."

"No! Really, she left because I kept a secret from her, which people in relationships should never do. You should always be honest with your partner."

Takato nodded. "Is there any chance she's just angry and might calm down?"

"Maybe, but after what she accused me of... I'm not sure i can forgive her."

"I understand... I can't believe she said that. Your a great father."

He smiled. "Thanks. I try. Now, It's gonna be harder, But I'll do my best."


"She did WHAT?!"

He had never seen Henry this upset before.

"Well in all honesty I can understand her being a little upset for the secret my dad kept, but a reaction like THAT? ... I never expected that, obviously neither did she, but I don't think it warranted that big of a reaction."

Henry looked down.

"Are you okay Henry?"

"Well um... you know I've been going to counseling for a few weeks now?" Takato nodded. He hated that he had to go through that at all.

"Well my dad finally told my mom... It... Wasn't as bad as yours... but in a way it was worse."

Takato hugged him tightly. "What happened?"

"She... said if I wasn't 'fixed' by now, she wants me to leave. She says that will show me and open my eyes to what God want's of me."

Takato clenched his fists. "I DON'T GET PEOPLE!" He was angry, and sad at the same time. He started crying.

"How exactly would that help?! You could be on the streets, with no food, but she thinks that's what Jesus would do?! JESUS NEVER TURNED AWAY ANYONE! Even if we were sinning, this... its so sad, no one gets the point of the bible. It was about love."

Suddenly there was a voice from outside the hideout. It was an older classmate named Yuji.

"It also says, that faggots are an abomination and should be put to death!"

They ran out and saw him with a bat. "Your nothing but a weed to God!"

Henry, though terrified tried to keep his composure.

"I guess you never read the fable about the crops? The farmer asked if he should remove the weeds from the crops, and Jesus said, 'Don't harm the weeds, I will take care of them.' Meaning, IF we are wrong, It's between us and him! All your doing is playing God!"

Yuji just smiled. "I'm not playing God, Im playing gardener. Your not worth calling human."

Next thing Henry knew, Yuji swung his bad at Takato, but Yuji missed. Henry used that opportunity to protect Takato with a move he learned in martial arts. Yuji fell to the ground, looking scared. Henry looked down at him in a defensive position.

"I didn't want to hurt you Yuji, and I don't want to hurt you more, but I will, If I will defend myself, and Takato."

Yuji ran away after that.


Takato and Henry walked in the bakery. Mr. Matsuki could see Takato was pretty shaken up.

"What happened?" He asked.

"We had an... incident." Henry said. "I took care of it though."

Mr. Matsuki was concerned, but he didn't want to upset Takato more. He was about to make up a reason for Takato to leave the room, when Takato read his mind.

"I'm going to take a bath." Takato said, then he looked at Henry. "Will you be okay?"

Henry nodded. "I'll be fine."

They wanted to give each other a kiss, but not in front of Takato's dad, so they decided against it.

After Takato was gone, Mr. Matsuki looked at Henry.

"What happened?"

"We were threatened buy a guy with a bat. But I defended us with my training."

Mr. Matsuki smiled. "Thank you for being there."

Henry nodded. "I promise I will always be there for him."

He nodded, and looked at the clock. "Not to kick you out or anything but, shouldn't you be going home?"

"Well... my parents actually... kicked me out."

"What? Why... how could they do that to their own son?!"

"The same reason Takato's mom left. Couldn't deal with having a gay son."

"Well... You can stay with us."

He shook his head. "I won't impose on you like that."

"It's not though! Also, if you were living on the streets, he would be going nuts worrying about you, I couldn't have that. We have an extra bed anyway."

"Well..." Henry smiled awkwardly. "Thank you. for being so understanding. Takato is lucky to have a father like you."

He smiled. "He's lucky to have a caring boyfriend like you."