Tails' Torture

"Tlls, gt me sum morr cheezie poofs." The two tailed fox stared at his buddy with his eyes squinted. "What!?" Sonic gulped and wiped his mouth on a throw pillow. "Tails,get me some more cheezie puffs." he answered impatiently. Tails winced and picked up the pillow with two fingers. "Get me soda." A red enchina with fist roughly the size of the average person's head ordered. The fox walked into a unusually clean fifty's style kitchen. As he opened a bag of cheezie puffs, he poured a cocktail of cleaning solutions into a plastic tub. The fox slipped on his apron and rubber gloves. Humming a merry tune, he violently scrubbed the pillow in the tub. "What is taking so long?" Knuckles voice came from the other room. Tails slipped off his apron and gloves and set them neatly by the pillow. With coke in one hand and cheezie puffs in another, he strolled into the den. "Cheezie puffs for you," Tails set down the cheezie puffs by Sonic. "and a coke for you. I'll be back, just need to finish some thing up in there." he giggled. Knuckles and Sonic shared awkward looks, then start to pig out on the snacks.

Tails rushed to the tub with a look of panic and threw the pillow out to rinse it with water. After careful inspection, the pillow had its original color. He heaved a sigh of relief. Thud! Crash! Tails closed his eyes and opened the door. Pillows were all around the room, there was a wet spot on the recliner, cheezie poofs were crushed into fine powder, and a red and blue blur was rolling on the ground. "Eeeeeeee!" Tails screamed. The blur stopped and saw who made the noise. His tails were erect and his eyes bulged. Most disturbing was his broken breath of someone who was dying. "Get...out...NOW!" Sonic jumped two feet in the air while Knuckles slowly inched towards the door.

Tails whipped out a vacuum, holding it like a warrior in his greatest battle. He vacuumed the the floor, the cushions, even the curtains, till there were no crumbs. He ran around the room, placing cushions until they were in perfect position. Then there was the chair. Tails spun the spray bottle around his finger. Cue Western Shootout Music "It is just you and me bub." Holding the cleaning solution with both hands, he got in a ready position. Ah ha! Here is some more appropriate music! Cue Shadow the Hedgehog Music "Die! Die! Die! Hahahahaha!" Tails laughed manically while ruthlessly spraying the recliner. The music stops as Tails rubs the chair gently with a rag. "Ahhh." Tails sighed as he sunk into his couch.