Hi everyone,

I am really glad you you enjoyed my story. I originally had plans on doing several sequals. I really enjoyed the movie, as a matter of fact, you could say that i'm obsessed with it. I watch it at least once a day. i am Wiccan and there haven't been many movies like this made. I also watch it over and over again for inspiration and ideas for new stories and chapters. Please, I really have to know. What didn't people like about Sarah in the movie? I liked her, but then again, my opinions are different from others. I mean even after Caleb told her about the magic and her life being in danger more then once, she stood by him. The only thing i didn't like about it, was she really didn't have much of an active part to play like she did in my story.

Please review or message me if you want me to continue with this story. I have some really great ideas for The Covenant 3, but i'm only going to continue if my readers want me too. Also, message me and tell me why you liked or disliked Sarah in the movie. I'm really dieing to now.

Thanks again.


p.s. check out my profile for The Covenant pictures and updates. This is just a rumor, but i heard that the reason the first one had the ending it did was so they could obviously do a sequal. I hope they do. If they do, i will post what i know on my profile.