Beeep, beep, beeep..."

The human rolled over and smacked the alarm button, looking blearily throught the foggy contacts lenses at the time. "Ugh. six a.m." she rolled of the couck and stumbled down the balcony steps, trying to gain enough energy to transform.

The human finally got her coffee and breakfast, and wandered into the living room. "Almost seven." she noted, heading for the door, transforming from human to a tall, muave and blue seekerjet in a blue flash. She headed for the meeting room.

Jade slid into her seat, glancing ast the clock. Well, at least she was on time. She smirked at Prowl. He'd been bugging her about her tardiness. Among the others in the room were Ratchet, Wheeljack, and Ironhid. Prowl was to Prime's left, at the opposite end of the table. Prime nodded to everyone, then begain speaking...

"Yesterday, we recieved a message from one of the groups on Cybertron..." a few suprised glaces crossed the room

"We fear the Decepticons may be getting closer to one of our outposts near the southern side of Iacon. We haven't recieved any communications since then, so either they've gone into radio silence, or the decepticons are closer than we anticipated. We need to prepared to go rescue our allies there, if nessesary." he stated.

"We also recieved word the Decepticons are also researching a new type of weapon," the viewscreen clicked on, to display a sort of cannonn-looking thing.

"These photos were taken by aerial reconnisance. Just before one of the power generators in another sector was attacked. The Decepticons reportedly took some of the components."

Prime turned to Prowl, who was looking over a datapad. "I'll try to send a message to them as soon as a suitable window in the static field opens." Prime nodded. Ironhide spoke. "And what if somethin' did happen?"

"Then we shall send a team to investigate, and possibly return with any survivors." Prowl looked over his datapad. "We'll most likely be sending Skyfire, with Myself, Jazz, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, And Jade." Jade looked suprised. "Really?" she glanced at Prime. "You're sure I won't mess up or anything?" Prowl gave her a sour look like "Do you allways have to be such a drama-queen" Jade glanced at the tabletop, sorry she had asked.

On another world Shadow, a red-on-black femme with a dragon alt. mode, was exhausted; she was well aware of the Decepticon attack. After all she'd just managed to get into the autobot base and alert them to it before the Decepticons had arrived. Shadow had though suffered a mortifing shot to the wing something that made her a very angry dragon still. She flicked her tail slightly in irritation.

She was sitting bored out of her wits in the medbay with her brother going over blueprints while chattering incessently. Her brother, Bluestatic, was jabbering on as usual in a language she didn't understand and to be truthful she really couldn't care less; the dragon transformer really did regret coming to cybertron now. It had only meant to be a simple mission to fix a generator but no they had to get ambushed. "Well at least the other guys turned out worse." she thought a little smugly.

Shadow finally manage to her wing fixed flexing it she twisted to look at her brother.
"How's it going 'Static"

"Meh could be better sis; this things burnt out really bad" he replied looking over it in detail. "I don't think I have the parts to do much more than make a temp repair" he sighed "It's at times like these I wish I had your occupation" Bluestatic looked a little forlorn.

"If you had it 'Static you wouldn't want it" Shadow replied in a knowing tone of voice.


Prowl typed in the message, and sent it, hoping it would reach their Cybertronian allies. "exlplain situation, do you require assistance?" he encoded it, and hit the send button.


At Shockwave's tower, the console beeped, and the purple gun walked over. He read it, then pressed another button. a trio of jets appeared. One yellow, one blue, and one green. "Attention. Autobot message intercepted, transmitting approximate location of recipient now. Find the Autobots, and destroy them." he commanded. A couple symbols flashed across the monitor, and the trio saluted, the screen went black.

Nearby the jet trio a pheonix perched watching carefully "Shadow" he murmered and took off trying to find the others; today Pathfinder would be complete once more, he knew it.


The Autobot commander of the underground base growled in irritation as the message appeared on his screen; he couldn't reply without giving away the outpost's position. He just hoped the young engineer in the medbay could fix their generator before it was too late.

Prowl paced back and forth in front of teletraan when Prime walked up. "Any word yet?" the leader asked. "Negative." Prowl replied, glancing at the still-blank monitor. Prime thought for a secdond. "Notify me when you get any word on the situation"
Prowl nodded.

There wasn't very much they could do; Bluestatic hoped his amateur repairs could hold out long enough he'd since managed to fix the basic concepts as soon as the message was sent he would have to try to fix it propperly. He incerted the repaired component and sent a message to the commander telling him it was "Now or never sir"

With the generator running the Autobot commander sent a quick brief message through...

"Decepticons...attacking...assistance...required...damage... extensive" which on the recieving end would be cut off abruptly due to the generator failing and the need for secrecy enveloped them once more.

Teletraan beeped, and Prowl quickly typed in the decoder. "Decpeticons...attacking... assistance requ... the rest of the message ended in static.

"Sir, we got a messge." he said. Prime nodded and clicked on his comm. "Prowl, Jade, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, report to the control room. " he clicked his comm off. "I'll call in Jazz from patrol, and contact Skyfire.

The trio of triangular seekers circled lazily, scanning the area of rubble and half incinerated buildings, scanning for energy signals. They swept lower.

"Hey, I have an idea." the green one, Spire, said."

"Oh, what's that?" the blue one radioed back.

"This." the green one dropped a cluster bomb on the allready-scrapped rubble.

"If we can't find them with sensors, we'll just have to flush them out." he smirked inwardly.

Meanwhile, below ground, the commander leaned back in his seat at the console.

"Sir do you think it got through?" one of the younger Autobots asked in a shaky tone.

"Lets hope so firestrike; lets hope so" the commander replied.

It was just at this moment that a cluster bomb landed near by them; the whole base shook causing people to fall ove everyone else. Thankfully the base was stronger than the pile of rubble that it looked like.

"Do they know where we are?" someone asked.

"I don't think so, they seem to be blitzing the area" he paused "They're trying to flush us out" he growled.

Meanwhile a pheonix, a griffon and a bee were flying fast towards where the jets had headed off to; they knew they had to be careful but the thrill of getting back what they deemed theirs was worth the risk. On the ground an invisible tigeress ran as fast as she could to keep up, while a wolf picked its way after her.

The group met outside the Ark, where Skyfire had landed, and had his boarding ramp down. Jazz pulled up and transformed.

Sunstreaker wasn't too happy about being sent on a mission to the backwater places of Cybertron... he grumbled but complied nevertheless. after all he could always take out his fustrations on the Decepticons. The yellow lamborgini pulled up next to Skyfire and transformed scowling all the while he climbed up the ramp and waited for his obnoxious twin to catch up. Jade glanced around at the others as they boarded. She had never been to another planet before.

The trio circled a second time. "See anything?" the orange seeker radioed to the Decepticons on the ground.

Saber, the tiger, looked up to the jets and replyed frankly "No" she didn't need to embellish anything and she didn't appreciate seekers being a general pain.

Windwhisper, the wolf, however, was a bit more charitable "I think it's around here I can smell them; but the scent in blurred a bit almost as if it was deep underground".

Sunstreaker got off Jetfire in his usual manner one that involved looking unhappy and verbally threatening anyone who got in the way or irritated him. Sideswipe on the other hand couldn't be happier "Better watch it Jade, Cybertron's not exactly a safe place" he told her purposefully trying to creep the human turned Transformer out. But was stopped by a smack from Sunstreaker

"Shut-up; dimwit" he scowled.

Jade glanced around taking in the shadows nervously. Jazz came over and slapped a hand on the jet's shoulderplate, startling her. "Don't worry 'hon, you'll be fine. Aint no one around to hurt us." he gave her a reasurring smile, and she gave a weak smile in return.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe simply settled into their irritate one another rountine not really paying that much attention to anyone else. "Aww sunny's worried about his finish. Don't worry Sunshine, when we get back to can lock yourself away and wax out all those dents." the red Lamborgini sniped. To which Sunstreaker replied to by thwapping him upside the head; "At least I look good" he snarled.

Meanwhile Shadow was by no means a happy dragon. She knew that they were there, and she didn't like it.

"Lets hope backup comes soon" she murmured keeping her balance by the aid of her wings and tail. She grabbed hold of one of the younger autobots as she threatened to knock her over "Watch it kid; you need to be careful falling over won't help us now"

Meanwhile Windwhisper (the grey-colored wolf) was sniffing about the rubble, and Saber, the tigress, was scounting out every nook and cranny she could find. Beedrill on the other hand was doing what every self respecting insecticon

Little did anyone know that it was only a matter of time before the base would be discovered.

"I'll be back in about eight orn." Skyfire said. "If you get into trouble before then, just signal me. I'll be out in the barren lands." he added before taking off. Prowl hoped nobody noticed the stark white jet taking off over the dull grey landscape. "Let's go." he retrieved his gun from subspace, and Jazz took the lead, knowing the terrain better than the rest of the bots. The two black and whites took the lead, and the group ducked into a shadowy area between two gutted buildings.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe stayed true to their training moving as steathily as they could (even though one of them was bright yellow and the other bright red) they were very good at what they did...even if they did prefer to face an enemy head on. The followed as the rear guard keeping track on everything that happened both behind them and in front of them.

As for Shadow, she knew they were getting closer. Fearing for her brothers safety she stealthily crept down towards the generator room. They had tried to hurt him once; perhaps they would try to do so again. As she neared the generator Shadow noticed the dull quietness about the place almost as if the seekers had given up bombing for the time being. Fearing the worst, Shadow hurried on unseen by all.

As for topside Saber and Windwhisper were getting very close to the entrance to the outpost's underground bunker. The griffon/temporary leader stood a little way away from the searchers supervising carefully everything that was going on.

The trio of seekers swung down, letting off another barrage of cluster bomb. Prowl's group paused when they heard the dull 'boom' of the bomb. Jade started forward a little, and they crept to the edge of the crumbling wall. "Drat." Jazz hissed. Jade looked at him funny. "What, no smart aleck comments, like noisy neighbors, or something?" she said.

But the usually chipper Porsche was nothing but serious. "we're here to help our allies, not alert the entire Decepticon force on the planet we're here." Prowl whispered back, barely audible. "You forget, they control this planet." he added. "So, what now?" Jazz asked.

Jade glanced at the group. A bunch of animals, and an insecticon, and three triangular seekers.

"So it's true." the jet thought, almost jealously. "They do allways travel in trios." She wished she could be part of a trio, but knew she'd never have that. She'd heard about why the seekers travel in trios, and the connection, even bond, between them

Prowl hesitated looking at the scene in front of him trying to tacitally analyise what was going on. "Perhaps a diversion could be used to draw them off then we could assist those inside the base and organise a more defensive position" he suggested hopeing that it would work.

The next cluster bomb fell while Bluestatic was still trying to fix the generator "common just a little bit more" he muttered. He was aware of his sister entering the room he looked up and at her then seeing the look in her optics he was immediately slightly fearful "They're back aren't they" it wasn't a question. To which Shadow did not need to reply, however she did nod briefly. "In that case be'd better hope help gets here before we're done for" he added again fiddiling with the generator component hoping to primus that he could get this thing back online and then use the base's self-defense weaponry to drive away the intruders.

Topside, Sky hovered nearby his team-mates "Yes finally" he muttered quietly looking down below his attention was so focused that he was hardly aware of anything other than the 'excavation' that was going on at the moment.

Jazz nodded. "I think I can take on those fliers." Jade eyed the trio circling above. "Maybe we should call Skyfire. Those fliers have been flyin' their entire lives, no offense, Jade." Jazz replied.
"Don't worry. I won't let 'em catch me. I can lose them by transforming and duck into the ruins before they can slam on their airbrakes." she added with a smirk. Jazz nodded. Sunstreaker and Sideswipe crept forward slightly. "How about those ground-based goons?"

Jazz watched the animals (and insecticon) sniff (and munch) their way practically to the base's front door.

Prowl took note of the way the ground based decepticons were searching about "Perhaps a different method would be suitable for them" he spoke quietly "but first we need to get rid of those fliers".

Shadow coiled up close to her brother; yet she did it in a way so that she was not in his way. She was very careful about that she wanted to protect him but yet sometimes there were things that she knew she couldn't do or more likely shouldn't. The dragoness transformer kept close as the seekers barrage carried on. With a low growl she decided that as soon as she got out she would deal with them harshly.

All 5 of the team were a little to wrapped up in their search for their 6th member that they still hadn't noticed the Autobots approaching; Even though with Windwhispers sense of smell and the phoenix, Sky's keen sight they should have been able to see them ages ago. It showed that without Shadow they really weren't anything special; but they were driven on by the need to compleate the geasult and this made them quite dangerous.

The jet watched the trio, then ran back around to the other side of the building. "I'll be fine." she radioed. "But wait..."Prowl tried to protest as jade flew off The jet took off, heading straight for the group of 'formers. The jets were too far away to notice, but Jade knew they would circle back around. "Scuse me, I'm kinda lost, anyone know the way to the SCRAP PILE!?" the jet punctuated her last two words with a kload of clustre bombs, then wheeled midair, taking of right for where the trio of seekers were. Jazz shook his head. "She's gonna get herself scrapped doin' that."

"indeed" Prowl replied. With a shake of his head, he indicated that they should move close to give the jet the assistance that she might require.

Windwhisper's and Saber's fast reflexes were the only things that kept them from being blown apart, unfortuantly though; Beedrill wasn't so lucky. She wasn't destroyed but damaged, badly; the bee transformer was quickly picked up by DarkClaw, the griffen leader of their group, who prevented her destruction by taking her out of range. With a fierce shriek, Sky launched himself towards Jade, intent on tearing her apart for the damage that had been done to his team.

Sadly those inside had no idea what was going on outside otherwise the would have assisted (especially Shadow) however at the moment they all waited hoping and praying that their back up would arrive.

Jade did a barrel roll and veered to one side, putting the ruins of an old repairshop between herself and the land-based Decepticons. Before she could react, Spire, Sunstorm, and Cloudburst came out of nowhere, grazing her left wing with a weaponblast. The seeker cursed and sped up, making a wide arc. "It's now or never!" she radioed.

Suddenly, a feathered blur came out of nowhere, colliding with the jet's nosecone, sending her into an uncontrollable spin. The jet screeched as two more energy bolts hit their mark, leaviong scorch marks on her fuselage and underside. The trio of seekers snickered, moving in closer.

Shadow was seriously not liking this; the whole base was silent for fear of being discovered but other wise she was just mift. Bluestatic however was just busy fixing the generator.

Prowl, seeing Jade start to fall, motioned to the others to provide the Jet with back up and both he and Sunstreaker opened fire on the jets aiming to get them away from Jade.

As for the ground based rangers; they started to close in on the position of the outpost's entrance soon enough they might just break through.

"Gaah get off me!" Jade tried to transform around the screeching red phoenix, and saw everything whiz past as the ground came up to meet them.

Shadow was finnaly fed up "Sir I'm going to check up on whats going on outside" she radioed over on the secure channel.

"Very well but report back" was the reply.

"See ya sis and good luck" Bluestatic called out giving her the thumbs up.

Shadow stealthily climbed out of the outpost's underground bunker in time to see an unknown seeker try to fight off a red form she knew all to well. With a feral rage Shadow transformed in to her dragon mode took off clashing into Sky. Then folding her wings she dove after Jade.

Well, if Sky was attacking this strange seeker then there had to be a pretty good reason for it. Jade felt a pair of claws grab her and glanced up.

Opening her wings she caught Jade just before she would have crashed to the ground, gliding a little distance she landed putting her gently on the ground and turning to meet her opponents.

Prowl had been about to shoot the strange lizard like creature until he had noticed the Autobot emblem on it's wings when it had caught Jade instead he concentrated fire on the two ground decepticons that were closing in on the strange pair.

Sky was furious the seeker had escaped just as he was about to set it on fire a very well known red on black form had collided into him. His spark cried out to the dragon wanting their gesult bond to be reaffirmed and re-made.

As for Saber and Windwhisper they felt this too as they tried to corner the dragon that was now on the ground. Prowl's fire causing them to keep a certain distance for fear of getting hit. DarkClaw decided that he would try to take out those who were shooting at his team mates trusting the seekers would find the bunker or lend assistance as required.

Prowl aimed for what seemed to be the leader, the griffon of the group. Sideswipe and sunstreaker came bursting out from cover, and Jazz stayed behind, ducking from one bit of rubble-cover to another as he fired at random people.

Shadow roared a burst of fire erupted from her maw as she aimed at those who came close.

the dragon was not happy.

Jade glanced at the Aztec dragon, who reminded her of her leader, Syus, but he was green. This dragon was red on black, and had feathered wings instead of the usual scaled ones..

She glanced at the attackers. A griffen, a phoenix... (she gawked at the phoenix, but came back to reality quickly as another weaponburst whizzed past)

Sky dodged the weapon blast and came closer only to get hit by Sunstreaker's timely shot he didn't get damaged to badly though, and continued to fly squaking madly. DarkClaw however did get hit by Shadow's blast causing him to fall to the ground; seeing the imminent danger Windwhisper rushed to his aid the medic transformed pulling the much larger griffon out of harms way.

Saber lunged for Jade aiming to take out the seeker who harmed one of their number.

Prowl was trying his best to calculate all of these factors and one thing did spring to mind this lizard like transformer must have come from the Autobot outpost. Radioing them over a secure channel "This is Autobot Prowl here we are engaged in battle above the outpost could you please send us some assistance"

The Autobot commander had been waiting for Shadow's report for quite some time and was surprised to have the one an only Prowl report in her stead requesting assistance.
"Copy that Prowl assistance is being sent" he replied on the same frequency.

Sunstreaker headed for the tiger, and Sideswipe went for one of the others.
The trio of seekers turned around, and headed straight for them, firing all the way. Jade eeped when Saber lunged at her.

Shadow growled when Saber lunged for Jade but found she didn't need to do anything as Sunstreaker got there first. Instead she roared blasting her fire breath at the seekers hoping to drive them away in making them think it wasn't worth the troubble.

Prowl was grateful to get the reply "Very well; thank you" he sent back and contined to blast away this time at the seekers who were closing in the Autobot tactican calcualated one shot just right causing two of the seekers to hit each other.

Soon enough the outpost's occupents had somehow managed to get out of their bunker with out being seen and came to the rescue blazing weaponfire started to drive the enemy away.

Jade blinked, then tried to take off after the other seeker. She realized there was a hole in her wing about the time she crashed. Sideswipe had allready taken off using his rocket pack, landing on spire.

"What the..." the Green jet did a barrel roll a, building coming right at him. he was unable to pull up because of the lamorgini's added weight, and cringed as he slammed into the upper edge of the wall, knocking a good portion of it off as he hit, then skidded across more rubble as he crashed.

Shadow grined down to the strange seeker "Wanna lift" she asked in a mild tone as it seemed most of the situation was under control she thought she might as well get the injured one out of the way not being able to fly was not something most seekers liked and although Shadow didn't know that Jade was human she knew there was something different about her.

Saber growled and slashed out at the yellow form that had pracically tackled her relying on her instincts she bit down on Sunstreaker's shoulder causing him to cry out in surprise more than pain.

The bite to the shoulder just caused the yellow lamborgini to become even more angry as he punched the tigeress straight in the head; causing her to whimper in pain.

Sunstreaker was no lightweight and his punch and Saber's whimper did enough to cause Sky to dive in on him trying to protect his team mate.

Jade glanced at Prowl, who almost inperceptibly nodded. "Sure." She grabbed the proffered hand and hauled herself up, debating on whether the Dragon would carry her, or let her ride on it's back.

Sideswipe jumped off the jet, ducking into a roll as he crashed. He ran back to the others, and continued firing at the griffen.

"Let's go!" Sunstorm, the yellow jet, snarled, taking off.

Behind him, Stormwing and Spire limped into the air to follow.

Shadow assisted the seeker on to her back an launched herself into the air "here we go hold on tight" she called out as she pounded her feathered wings. Shadow did so love to fly soon enough she was high enough in the air to do what she enjoyed...hunting. The dragon dived (not too steeply mind you as she was still aware of the seeker on her back) and roared using her flame breath on the enemy oh yes she was having fun.

Seeing as the seekers had left, DarkClaw also called the retreat; having been repaired to acceptible efficency by Windwhisper, managed to fly back unaided carrying the still unconsious Beedrill.

Sky had bought Saber enough time to roll free. spitting furiously the tigeress ran after her leader casting a mournful glance towards the flying dragon as she did so.

Seeing as how they were out numbered, both Windwhisper and Sky left maintaining the rear guard and making sure no one else would get hurt if they could avoid it.