Cliffjumper huffed. "Yeah, wll you sure don't act like you know what it means. You sure liked helping out your old buddies, didn't you"
"Cliffjumper, knock it off." Ratchet warned.

"What, I'm not doing anything. Just stating the obvious, thast's all." the minispy said with mock sincerity.

Cable glanced at one party then the other like it was a game of verbal ping pong. "Yaknow, for being such a mini spy you sure have a big mouth." he commented.

A chorus of "oooooh"'s sounded from the surrounding mechs.

Cable grinned. He was only a head and shoulders taller than Cliffjumper to begin with, and knew it.

"Knock it off. both of you." Ratchet warned again.

"Or what, you'll kick the traitors out of the repairbay?"

Beacon jumped up. "We have never done anything to deserve being called that."

Cliffjumper shrugged. "Uh huh. and I know a blue lotus elise sportcar that thinks otherwise.

Jade jumped up and yelled "Leave him out of this!!"

"Or what!?" Cliffjumper yelled back. "You'll..."

"SHUT UP!" Ratchet yelled.

He gave Jade a glare, and Cliffjujmper a matching one. "I can't work with all of you yelling at each other. Now either SHUT UP or GET OUT!" He leveled the groups with an angry stare.

Jade slowly sat down. Cliffjumper just looked smug.

Alpha wacked Cliffjumper. "Don't start things you aren't willing finish. Now either get out of the med bay and continue your stupid argument somewhere else or shut up"
Omega whistled.
Alpha shot him a glare and continued to repair her friends.

Shadow didn't even bother replying to half of it she simply muttered "no you don't understand" before saying a little louder "yes you seem to like doing that even though I hardly hear you stating the obvious about your self" and with that she very wisely shut up. Sending a thankful look to Cable she lay back down allowing Ratchet to repair her.

That was until Cliffjumper threatened Jade..or at least it seemed like it to her she hadn't much of an idea who he was talking about but she did let out a dragonic hiss. If she weren't as damaged or as tired as she was it would have been very likely that she would have toasted the minibot then and there. As Shadow still had reminants of programing that caused her to be much more violent than most autobots and a lot more deadly. It was again one of the reasons she usually distanced herself and learnt how to take people insulting her. However if they said one wrong word about her brother or one of the few people she either respected or had formed a friendship with...then all hell would be let lose.


Bluestatic thought enough was enough he might not be able to help with repairs because of his head injury but that didn't mean he couldn't shut the annoying bot up. Channelling a little of his excess energy through the floor he gave Cliffjumper a little electric shock. Not enough to hurt but enough to shut him up...or cause him to jump either could be good; one slightly more amusing than the other though.

"and just what's that supposed to mean?" the red minibot glared back. About that time, Bluestatic's shock reached him, making Cliffjumper jump and yelp.

"What the heck was that!" he snarled, jumping up again. Hound grabbed him by the shoulder and started to pull him back down, but he shook him off.

"You think you're such and upstanding Autobot don't you! You're just as much of a traitor as she is!" he snarled.

"What part of shut up do you not understand?" Ratchet actually paused long enough to turn and give the minibot a glare.

He reluctantly sat back down, mumbling. "This isn't over. Far from it... traitor." he folded his arms and looked crossly at the dragoness across from him.

Alpha growled loudly and threw her wrench at Cliffjumper's head. She narrowed her optics. "None of them are traitors. Now. Shut the up before I give you something to complain about." She threatened, playing with her hammer. The femme went back to repairing.

Omega snorted. He shook his head and muttered something like "don't get on her bad side"

Bluestatic just looked at Cliffjumper "why's that; because I'm willing to stand up for my sister? I hardly think that makes me a traitor" The engineer put his head back against the table shutting off his optics for a bit. "As for what it was a meer reversed polarity that i used to save generally everyone's hide. If they got my sister back then you would have one more geasult to worry about. And believe me Pathfinder isn't like most others. Besides Shadow hates it." At ratchet's asking to Shut up Bluestatic quieted down. The minibot had best not push his luck with them or Bluestatic would not be able to hold Shadow back.

Shadow's tail flicked. "I mean that it usually those who jump at an opportunity to discriminate that have something that they wish to hide" she muttered before giving a wry smirk when Cliffjumper yelped oh she was well aware of what her brother had done though she wouldn't admit to knowing of it. Though when he insulted her brother Shadow did actually growl in warning. If she wasn't being repaired right now she would have grabed Cliffjumper by the throat and held him against the wall until he apologised but right now she couldn't do it. So instead she returned Cliffjumper's look but hers was of a chilling coldness that could probably unneve many people.

When Alpha threw her wrench a cold smirk of satisfaction briefly moved across her features so fast that it was doubtful it ever occured. Faced with old threats Shadow's mind moved back into the steadfast coldness and detachability in which she found was often safest to reside in. Her mental walls up Shadow was practically unreachable by anyone but her brother. No emotion settled on her features and this was almost more unneving than the cold look given to cliffjumper. Right now the damage had been done and Shadow was residing where she knew she could best protect her brother.

Ratchet finished his repairs and motioned for Cliffjumper. He decided to fix the little red hellion, just so he could get him out of the repairbay faster, and prevent any further arguments. Cable glanced over at him and whispered something to Beacn next to him.

Shadow slowly got off the repair berth and helped her brother stand up she then moved over to the nearest unoccupied wall making no sound either in her movements or in speaking. Shadow was (for now) as cold as ice.

Bluestatic was grateful to Shadow for helping him though when she closed up like this it did scare him a little. He decided to say nothing about it though he meerly gave his own cold glare whenever anyone gave his sister an angry look. Something that looked out of place on his normally cheerful face.

Cable glanced over. "See ya later, alligator." he called cheerfully. Beacon shook his head. "Where in the world do you get these sayings?" he asked. The car just shrugged. "television"
Jade rolled her optics, then said to Shadow "It's human saying." she sighed. Clkiffjumper mumbled something, then jumped as the CMO purposely hit a sensitive wire.

"OW! watch what you're doing!"

"Oh, sorry." Ratchet replied with mock sincerity.

Shadow was still cold she just looked over at Cable and gave a small nod. Otherwise she didn't do very much apart from when Jade mentioned that it was a human saying then all she said was a simple emotionless "I see" curling her wing about her brother she gently steered him out of the medbay. After all Ratchet had told them that they needed rest.

Bluestatic gave a small grin to Cable before he was steered gently out of the medbay one of his sisters wings curled protectively around him.

Alpha finished with the ones she was supossed to fix and then put her stuff away. She took her wrench from Cliffjumper's head, snorted at him, and then put her tools back into sub space.

Jade plodded over to where Alpha was waiting to get her wing fixed the stupid thing hurt like heck, even though there wasn't that much damage. But a seeker's wings were imbedded with airflow sensors, which made it hurt like the pit everytime one one her wings got damaged. Alpha looked at Jade. "Whoops. Forgot boutcha again." She sweatdropped, getting her tools back out. She sat Jade down, gave her something to numb the pain and then started to work.

Walking along the hallway Shadow and Bluestatic returned to their quarters though they didn't share they were next door and they both knew each others codes so if anything did happen the siblings were well prepared to defend each other.


Megatron stalked into the Nemesis. He was furious! they had been SO close! not to mention Saber had absolutely, positively failed on her part of the mission, which was why the autobot Bluestatic had single-handedly defeated their plan!!! he growled under his breath and looked over at his troups.

Saber's tail quivered she knew her team-mates dissaproval of her but she was sure she'd hit the one hit one kill spot; perhaps she had not quite calculated her position as well as she had originally thought.

Kickback just looked bored failure was something the insecticons were used to so it didn't bother him too much. However he was still curious about how the younger autobot had managed to talk to the geasult without getting squashed.

Shrapnel on the other hand was not a happy bug; not only had they lost a powerful tool but one of his group had been damaged and that if that wasn't irritating enough now he had to sit here and listen to megsy ramble. Oh joy.

Megatron glared. "I want to know what happened!" he demanded angrily, looking at the Insecticons and the Rangers.

The rangers flinched the Kickback and shrapnel just sat there. Before Shrapnel spoke up.

"It seems that after Bombshell was hit the control weakened enough for pathfinder to become easy prey, prey" he paused for a second "it seems next that the autobot engineer called out to his sister enabling her to escape; escape" this time he glanced at the rangers "while they were going to attack the other engineer wheeljack sent them into their animal alt-modes with some kind of contraption; contraption" he paused again having gotten kickback to ask about Shrapnel had been able to piece together what happened albeit he was curious about the young engineer and how he had managed to use Static electicity to attack them. Resuming Shrapnel said:

"It seems next the younger engineer used an attack very simmilar to my control of lightning to send the rangers packing". "Perhaps both siblings could be an asset." he thought to himself.

Megatron growled. "There is no excuse for your failure. I will expect you to be more affective in your attack next time." he glared at saber. Without their sixth, they were not a gestalt. and useless Decepticons were not of any value to Megatron to keep around. He wondered if he should have even let them come to Earth. "Soundwave." megatron called, and walked out to plan his next attack, the casette player following.

Saber flinched visibly while Darkclaw and Sky both gave her a sideways glance and moved oh so slightly closer. They knew without Shadow they weren't anything but how to go about getting the dragon that was something they had no clue about; pehaps they should leave the planning to Megatron and Soundwave it might work out better that way.


Meanwhile, on Earth, Jade and the rest had finished being repaired, and headed off to get some relaxation in before their next duty shift.

Hoist and Grapple finished welding another peice of metal into place at the rec. room door. "I'm telling you, she's a danger to have around!" Grapple protested.

"Nah. Not any more than Sunstreaker." Hoist replied with a more humored tone. Said mech looked up from his table. "Don't think I didn't hear that." he called.

Jade walked up, eyed the door, "tsk tsk"ed, and passed the two on into the rec room to watch tv.

Megatron finalized his plans with soundwave, and made sure the Constructicons were fully recharged and ready to go. If his plan worked. he'd be rid of several pains in the daiodes, and have Shadow back. He reminded himself to have her memory banks wiped as soon as they reached the Nemesis. But that was later, after everything else was taken care of.
"I'm telling you it won't work!" Starscream's rasping screech was starting to get on his nerves. He didn't feel like arguing with the arrogant seeker again today. But starscream followed him as he walked, voicing his dire predictions the entire way down the hall.

"Have you forgotten what happened last time we tried to recapture that dragon-bot! I nearly got my wings ripped off!!" Starscream's voice rose a little. Megatron stopped and turned around so abruptly, Starscream nearly ran into him. "And I'll rip your wings off if you don't SHUT UP!" Megatron growled, then turned and stalked down the hall, leaving Starscream standing in the middle of the corridor to ponder whether his threat carried any weight or not.

He mumbled. "I'm telling you it won't work." and walked the other direction.