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This story will alternate between Sakura's point of view, and a third person point of view (In other words, the 'normal' point of view.)

By the way, the 'cape-like garments' are the Akatsuki cloaks. Even though this fic is AU I'm going to use the cloaks, except in this story, the cloaks signify a different kind of group. I don't want to ruin the fic, so you'll find out eventually.

Also, the relationship between the title of this story and the story itself will become relevent eventually.

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The Sight Beyond the Window

Chapter One: Memory...

I sat on the damp grass, gazing up at the dark night sky. There appeared to be no stars. Just vacant space. However, even though there were no stars, I saw the moon shining brightly, illuminating the sky.

I was entranced by the moon's ghostly glow, and as I kept staring, I noticed a shadow move across my line of vision. I wasn't sure what the shadow was, but I ignored it, and lay down on the grass.

I could hear the howling wind blow, making the trees in the nearby forest tremble just enough to create a sound, camouflaging the noise on which I should have been paying attention to.

I lay there, just relaxing the music of the wind, and the trees. Suddenly, I heard my cell phone ring. I took my phone out of my pocket, but as soon as I looked at the screen, I realized that it was pointless to answer it.

The phone indicated that the caller was my mother, and talking to her wasn't something I wanted to do at the moment. I just wanted to stay where I was.

Where I could relax, and just listen to all the sounds that surrounded me.

As soon as the phone stopped ringing I turned it off, and sat up. Upon doing so, there was a quiet scuffling noise from behind me.

I turned around immediately, but found no traces of anyone having been there. I felt like I was paranoid, but as I turned back around, I realized that I wasn't.

In front of me stood a man with black hair and onyx eyes, wearing a black cape. I was shocked, and my mouth was agape as I stared into his void like eyes.

"What are you doing here? This is our territory." He said, his words cutting into me.

My body stiffened as I noticed the frightening look he gave me, along with the aura of superiority he gave off.

"Wha-what do you mean by, our territory?" I asked, my voice quivering.

"As in," The man said, as another taller figure appeared next to him, "our territory." Both of them said in unison.

I felt my heart racing, and I clutched at the grass tightly, as if I would be swept off the ground otherwise.

The two 'men' or what could possibly be two teenage 'boys' stared at me, awaiting my answer.

A gust of wind blew, making their cape-like garments flap wildly in the wind, and their hair fly violently about their faces.

I felt a sudden rush of audacity, as if the wind had just pushed me to an edge where I had no choice but to jump and only hope that I would survive.

Finally, I made that jump, "What do you mean by your territory! This land doesn't belong to anyone, so I advise you to leave now before I—"

The short figure disappeared into thin air, reappearing behind me, "Before you, what?" The shorter man whispered, his voice daring as he took my wrist into his right hand, gripping it tightly as he moved his left hand to the nape of my neck, brushing his fingers over it delicately.

I clenched my eyes shut, trying to keep myself from making any sort of sound that would please him.

"What's wrong? Aren't you going to answer my question?" The shorter man asked, his voice slightly sadistic.


"No, I won't answer your question. Now tell me your names." I spat, glaring at the man in front of me.

"Uchiha Sasuke." The man behind me said, "And Itachi." He finished, his voice monotone.

"Why don't you let him introduce himself?" I asked.

"Names are just things used to identify certain individuals, I don't need to tell you mine, and you don't need to tell me yours." Itachi said, his eyes getting dangerously narrow as he looked at me.

"In that case I won't tell you my name." I said, trying to cross my arms, only to remember that my wrist was being held.

Sasuke gripped my wrist even tighter, "You will tell me your name regardless."

His grip was like a vice, and I nearly gasped in pain.

"Let go!" I yelled, struggling as I grit my teeth.

He immediately let go, but my relief was cut short as he quickly lunged forward, pinning me to a nearby tree.

I glared at him, and he moved his right hand up to the side of my head, running it through my short hair, stopping part ways, "Your name?" he asked, his voice making the question sound more like a statement.

"Haruno Sakura." I practically growled, glaring at him.

He smirked in satisfaction, 'sadistic bastard'.

"Itachi, this one is mine." Sasuke said, his voice possessive.

Itachi looked at Sasuke then at me, and then leapt backwards gracefully, as he disappeared towards the direction of the cliffs.

"Wait! What are you--! Idiot, that's a cliff!" I yelled, trying to burst forward in an impossible attempt to try and save Itachi.

"He'll be fine." Sasuke murmured, irritated.

I tensed momentarily before leaning back onto the tree, 'jealous'.

Sasuke looked down at me, it was as if he read my mind at that moment.

"Don't jump to conclusions, I have no reason to be jealous of my own brother, especially if it's being jealous over something such as you." Sasuke stated, his words icy.

"Fine! I won't jump to conclusions, but do you have to be so harsh?" I yelled, moving my face closer, and raising my voice each time I yelled out another word.

"Don't you dare insult me again!" I shouted, throwing a punch forward. "I may not look it, but I'm very well trained in self defense and many other styles of fighting!" I yelled, getting into a fighting stance.

"Do you think you're actually worth my time?" Sasuke asked, smirking in what looked like some sort of twisted amusement.

"Try me!" I shouted, moving my hand toward the side of my leg, where I kept my sewing needles.

'I always thought the sewing kit and the things inside it were useless, but this time around, I'm pretty thankful to have them.'

Without having to look I threaded a long piece of pink thread through two needles, one at each end, and held the two needles in my hand.

At last, I ran straight towards him dexterously throwing one of the needles to my other hand, then when I shortened the distance between us to about two yards I leapt into the air.

Sasuke stood in place, and I thought I had him, but as I neared his form, he looked up at me with a devious expression, and dodged my attack.

My failed attack left me wide open, and after that, everything became a blurr...

End Chapter One

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