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The Sight beyond the Window


The mansion halls still felt so empty, so still, so unreal. The line between my world and his—blurred. I don't know what I was looking for all throughout my time in the mansion but I know my recent months have been rather dull.

Ino was nowhere to be found these days, all the pestering she used to do suddenly coming to a stop and making me wonder… but that was it. I just continued on, and perhaps she would just leave me be. Though some part of me missed her, it was a slight relief to me. I did not have to watch my back as often…

Lee was gone.

Kiba rarely visited.

Kakashi lived in his room.

I wondered where they'd all disappeared to, but it was none of my business…

Though Gaara was another thing. His flaming hair, his intensity—the sensual intimidation… I forced myself away. I loved Sasuke. Sasuke… Sasuke… Sasuke…

"Sasuke…?" My voice was gentle on the silence and his name fell from my lips so naturally, as if it were meant to be. He looked down at me lazily and raised a brow, waiting for me to speak.

"I love you…" I could say it so easily now, and the words did not falter, but what was it about this line that always made my heart ache? I suppose it was the heavy momentary silence that would fall so heavily on my heart the moment those words spilt each time that bothered me so much.

The instant between my words and his response—it felt too long, but I must be insane, because Sasuke doesn't stutter. "I love you, too." His hand rested on my head, stroking stray hairs out of my face and pulling me close…

I felt special, almost like his wife and yet not quite there yet. The emptiness of the lies that I so frequently told myself… Yes, it was just that. An empty silence futilely filled with a lie just as barren. That's what it was but my denial would not dissipate. That was me.


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