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Destined: The Charmed Sons

Episode 1.2, Marketplace of Souls

Chapter Seven

Toby was gone along with Clarence and now that the Angel of Death had gone to reunite their innocent with his family in the afterlife, Chris blew out a breath. He laid back on the stack of rugs rubbing a hand on the back of his neck. He really hadn't expected to ever experience something like that. Not the 'out of body' experience, though he hadn't expected that either, what Chris was thinking of was meeting an Angel of Death that had known his other 'self'. He was still a little over a year younger than the future version that his parents had told him had traveled to the past to rescue his older brother. Chris moved his hand from the back of his neck to rub at his temples.

Speaking of his older brother, Wyatt was pacing back and forth yelling at him through their empathic link for something that he never did. Or was that something he hadn't done yet? His future self had changed the time line, thus creating a parallel plane with an alternate time line, since Wyatt was not evil. Time travel would give most people a headache, but Chris had a slight fascination with it. He just didn't have the energy to put into thinking through all of the twists and paradoxes that such a thing created. At that moment he was still feeling pretty awful and just wanted to go home so he could crawl into bed. What he didn't want was to continue hearing the continuous barrage of yelling inside his skull.

"Will you shut up?" Chris said to Wyatt aloud, "I, myself never died before." It was the truth. He couldn't say that he had died before tonight. His other self had been twenty-three, Chris wasn't even quite twenty-one yet.

D.J.'s eyebrows shot upwards as he looked from Chris to Wyatt and back again, sure that he was missing something.

Chris sighed and rubbed his temples as he explained to D.J. "He's yelling at me through our link and it's giving me a headache."

"I swear I find out you lied..." Just then the movement outside the door caught his eye. Wyatt gave up his berating of his little brother to look at the Shopkeeper. "Rafi, can those Collector's get in here?"

"They have not ever breached the barrier, but Rafi has never seen them have any real reason to try before," the little Indian man bobbed his head as he looked towards the doors. "Yes, young witchlighters must hurry, if they have found a way to get past the barrier, you are in danger. Soul Collectors do not like to lose property. Young witchlighters should leave."

"What about me?" D.J. asked as he glared at the Shopkeeper. Rafi waved a hand in dismissal of the half manticore. D.J. sniffed at him and crossed his arms over his chest. He almost hoped those demons did come into this shop and tore the place apart. Just so long as they waited until he and the brothers were long gone. There was a soft popping sound at the door and the lights in the shop fizzled with a flicker as whatever barrier Rafi had set up was broken. D.J. grimaced and looked at Chris. "I say we call it a night, what do you say, Wy?"

"I say these Collectors have no self-preservation instincts," Wyatt said, his blue eyes narrowed. He pushed his sleeves up and moved to stand in front of the door with his hands ready at his sides, "They messed with the wrong witch's little brother."

"Wy, don't be stupid," Chris said. The lights flickered as a soft blue pulse flowed from the door across the walls of the shop. Chris forced himself up to his feet as the first Collector shoved its way through the door.

"Should've stayed on the other side of their wall." Wyatt flexed his fingers, having no intention of leaving until he took care of these guys. The Collector solidified from its misty shadow form into a solid being with a bald head, large glossy black eyes and skin that appeared made of small black scales.

"Next time, you better stick to trying to kill me, you demonic black market filth." Wyatt blasted it and the Collector staggered backwards. A second Collector entered behind it and one the first had regained its footing the two started forwards again. Wyatt blasted it again to the same result. "Chris spell!"

"Spell, spell spell. Why do I always have to come up with the spell?" Chris asked. He used his telekinesis to throw the first Collector back through the door as Wyatt blasted the second one enough to make it fall to the ground. It only served to make the demon angrier when it picked itself back up.

"Because that's what you do," Wyatt said, waving his hand to send both of the Collectors backwards with telekinesis, followed up with a combustive blast. Not that either were really doing a whole lot of good. "I blast things, you come up with spells in a pinch. Unless you want to get me a piece of paper and throw these guys around for a while?"

Chris narrowed his eyes at Wyatt and wracked his brain for a spell. There hadn't been one in the Book of Shadows that he had seen, but Wyatt was right. He was good at coming up with spells in a pinch. His quick tongue had saved them more than a few times over the years.

Collector's of the stolen soul.
Their victims fates they did fuel
Release their captives from their doom
While removing evil from this room
Protect the souls of those trapped inside
Allow Witches, Manticores and Shopkeepers to hide
Their victims pain may they long endure
While their cries we now ignore

The two Soul Collectors let out a low moaning howl before they dropped to the ground, curling in on themselves as they began to fade away before finally exploding into black ash. Chris moistened his lips and rubbed his chest as he looked at the spot where they had been. Wyatt rested a hand on Chris' shoulder and gave it a light squeeze.

"Think that freed the others that were trapped?" Wyatt asked.

Chris nodded, "Hope so, but we can't exactly go back through the wall to make sure..."

Wyatt glanced towards the little Shopkeeper who was bouncing slightly on his toes, as his dark eyes gleamed brightly. "How can Rafi thank you?" the little man asked, "Rafi's competition has been vanquished. Something special, Rafi thinks..." The Indian man held up something that was hanging from a chain and smiled toothily, "...found this in the alley... belongs to one of you, yes?"

Chis looked at the triquetra necklace and reached to his throat. Until he saw it in Rafi's hand it hadn't occurred to him that when his soul came through the wall and he had become transparent again - the necklace had fallen to the ground.

"Rafi will waive the Finders Fee, hmm?"

Chris took his necklace and the soft blue flash occurred when it touched his palm. He raised his eyebrows at Rafi before he clasped it around his neck, "How about you just give us an extra discount on purchases in the future?" Chris smiled as he turned toward Wyatt and D.J.

"Well that was a great night guys. But next time some horrid beings take your soul, can you call someone else?" D.J. asked, as he stepped up between the brothers and rested a hand on each of their shoulders.

"Seriously Dee, thanks," Wyatt said.

"I was kidding Wy," the shaggy-haired man said, "You know I'd do anything for you two losers."

"So, can we go home now?" Chris asked.

D.J. let his hands slide from their shoulders and jammed them into his pockets. "Oh, by the way your mom called," he tossed out casually.

"What?" Chris looked at him as his mouth dropped open.

"What did you tell her?" Wyatt asked, turning to look at D.J. as well.

"That you guys were dead tired and that I'd let you two know that she called when you got back to the land of the living," D.J. said with a deadpan delivery.

"She bought that?" Chris asked incredulously.

"I don't want to make it a habit of lying to your mom though. She'll blast me into bits." He smiled at the brothers. "Though technically I never lied to Ms. H."

"She's gonna blast you if she ever finds out." Wyatt said as he pushed his hands into his pockets, striking a similar pose as the half-manticore.

"After she blasts us." Chris smiled, then repeated "Can we go home now? I'm exhausted."

Wyatt fished the car keys out of his pocket, "Orb or take the car?"

"We can get the car in the morning..."

"If your little Shopkeeper friend hasn't sold it by morning," D.J. said, sneering at Rafi.

Rafi made a soft 'hmpf' sound at the half-demon, "Rafi would not sell witchlighter's car. Witchlighters took care of competition." Rafi left the room and the brother's exchanged glances with one another.

"Never mind, let's just take the car. I don't want to come back here anytime soon." Wyatt opened the door and walked outside.

"I call the backseat." Chris said as he followed his brother onto the empty streets.

D.J. stood in the center of Rafi's shop and looked around the room when saw exactly what he wanted to see. There on the wall were exactly what Rafi had described. A set of three portraits, one a black and white image of Demi Moore who moved to blow him a kiss. D.J. ground his teeth together. As much as he really wanted those pictures he wasn't going to spend a dime with a Shopkeeper. And certainly not with that creepy little man. With a sneer, he looked over his shoulder expecting to see Rafi, but he was alone. The half-manticore spared one last glimpse and shimmered out.

-------------------------Fade to Black---------------------------

The night sky began to brighten over the Boston city scape as the soft pink and gold hues of dawn started to chase away the stars. A few cars began to pass along the streets of the city and early morning joggers paced their way down the sidewalks and along the paths of the college campus. The sky continued to lighten up and spread a warm glow over everything as the scene settled on the architecture of the Avalon apartments. It trailed up to the third floor and the glass doors that led out onto a particular balcony.

Song: "Alive" --- P.O.D.

"I still think you're not telling me everything," Wyatt Halliwell said as he juggled his keys to the apartment he shared with his younger brother. Chris had fallen asleep in the back seat of the car on the way there so Wyatt hadn't been able to get him to say anything further about why an Angel of Death would recognize him. D.J. stood behind the two of them out in the hall, waiting with a tired smile on his face.

Chris shrugged his shoulders and stifled a yawn with his fist. "Believe whatever you want Wy, so long as you do it quietly."

The door to the apartment next door opened and Samara Hayley stepped out, dressed to go jogging, a small MP3 player attached to an arm band and a water bottle in hand. She had her headphones in so she just nodded to the brothers before she locked her apartment behind her and went jogging down the stairs. Wyatt leaned around his brother to watch her pass as she disappeared down the stairs.

D.J. shook his head, looking as well and Chris rolled his eyes. He snatched the keys from Wyatt's hand and unlocked their apartment. "I swear I've seen her somewhere before. Maybe a movie or something," D.J. said.

"Dee, tell me you don't plan on using the 'have I seen you somewhere before' line on our neighbor," Chris said.

"Oh, no, I'm swearing off of women for a while," D.J. vowed, thinking of Janna with a small grimace. He could still admirer the fairer sex though. He just had no intentions of dating again any time soon.

Chris sighed in annoyance, jiggling the key. He frowned, "Something's wrong with the lock."

"You say that D.J. and I bet you'll be taking some girl to see a movie by this Friday," Wyatt said, "Here, let me try." Wyatt jiggled the lock too, before he pulled the key out and stared at it. He was leaning towards the door to inspect the lock itself when the door opened from the inside. Wyatt suddenly found himself looking at a woman's slender waist encircled by a black belt with a silver buckle.

"You three have some serious explaining to do," a female voice said. Wyatt lifted his eyes to see Andrea standing there with her hands on her hips and a distinctly perturbed expression on her face. She shifted her eyes towards D.J. and tapped one foot on the ground.

"Did you do something to the lock?" Wyatt asked as he straightened.

"I just walked through the door, so no, I didn't do anything to your lock. But I am going to do something to you if one of you doesn't tell me why D.J. called me and had me recite a rather interesting little rhyme to him over the phone. Something about returning a soul to its shell and not saying farewell. Is that ringing any bells?" the young woman asked, looking pointedly at D.J.

"Andy, Chris and I are really tired... can we just come in our apartment? Or are you going to stand in the way?" Wyatt asked, wrinkling his nose at her.

Andrea moved out of the way and the three of them walked inside. She closed the door, following closely behind D.J.

"Is anyone else hungry?" Chris asked, heading straight into the kitchenette.

"Starved," Wyatt said, virtually ignoring his ex-girlfriend.

"I could eat," D.J. replied, casting a nervous sideways glance at Andrea and hurrying over to the bar that separated the kitchen from the living room.

Andrea tapped D.J. on the shoulder, "Alright, spill it. Who died? Who did you have me bring back from the dead? You can't just call a girl and drop something like that on her without an explanation.

"My soul was stolen." Chris said casually as he opened the refrigerator.

"Your soul?" Andy looked at the younger Halliwell like he was kidding.

"Then Wyatt committed suicide." D.J. said as he sat at the island.

"Wyatt did what?" Andy turned to look at Wyatt, "You what?"

The broad shouldered blonde just shrugged. "I took a potion that would kill me so I could go get Chris, no big deal." Wyatt said as he grabbed the toolbox from under the sink.

"Hold the phone buster. You cannot take some potion to kill yourself! What were you thinking?" Andrea asked.

"That my little brother was laying dead in front of me Andy." He opened the door and examined the lock. "I couldn't let them have Chris' soul."

"Wasn't technically dead." Chris said quietly. He looked at the clock and said, "Actually, right now would be about the time that I was truly dead."

Andrea folded her arms over her chest and stared at Wyatt with upraised eyebrows. "Don't give me that I had to save my little brother excuse. I know for a fact that he would have found a way out without you committing suicide."

"People are sleeping Andy, lower your voice." Wyatt said as he examined the lock more closely. "Someone fried our lock."

D.J. made a face as he looked at Wyatt crouched in front of the door. "Janna," he mumbled, nearly inaudibly under his breath.

"Hmm?" Wyatt asked.

"Oh, I forgot to mention while being chased by those Soul Collectors, I also met up with a demon here in the apartment," D.J. offered.

"You forgot?" Wyatt looked at his best friend and glared. "We just got back from a near death experience and you forgot that we might run into a demon here?"

"Did you use my potions?" Chris asked as Andy watched the three males ignoring her.

"Well, I..." D.J. started.

"Shut up!" she exclaimed, exasperated, "Shut up for five seconds." She looked at Wyatt who was changing the lock on the door, he never looked up at her. She blew out a frustrated breath, then moved back over to watch Chris in the kitchen and her facial features softened as she asked the younger Halliwell, "You? Are you okay?" Chris looked up at her and smiled.

"I'm alive," Chris said.

"Great." She turned to look at D.J. "So which one of them did I bring back?"


"If you would have told me I would have hung up the phone." Wyatt only then looked up at her with an amused smile. "I ever hear you committed suicide Wyatt Halliwell I'll bring you back to life and kill you myself. If anyone on this planet gets to kill you, its me!"

"Hey, I called that when he locked me in the closet when I was four." Chris sneered.

"You want to fight this out?" the brunette woman asked the younger Halliwell with a challenging smile.

"You want pancakes or eggs?" Chris looked over at his brother. Can you do something about her? Chris asked through their empathic link.

"Scrambled eggs," Andrea said.

Just be glad we're not dating anymore, Wyatt's voice sounded in Chris' head.

I thank the heavens every morning for that. With that comment from his little brother Wyatt started laughing, which was a dead give away to Andrea and D.J. that silent communication was going on between the two brothers.

"No fair talking behind our backs." Andy said as Chris handed her a plate with her scrambled eggs.

"I'm exhausted, I think I'll go eat and crawl into bed." He yawned as he made D.J.'s eggs. "...there goes one of only three unexcused absences for the semester..."

"You could always call in dead?" D.J. said with a smile.

"You're so not funny." He handed D.J. his eggs and D.J. went to the refrigerator and grabbed the ketchup. "I still can not believe you use ketchup on your eggs."

"A lot of people do. I enjoy it. I saved both of your butts, allow me my rewards." D.J. sat down and shook the ketchup bottle managing to spluge the ketchup down his entire front. "Oh, great." D.J. got up and walked toward the closet.

"Wy?" Chris asked.

"Scrambled," the blonde said, still working on replacing the lock.

"I need to come here more often, Chris you really are talented in the kitchen." Andrea said, admiring the younger boy's practiced efforts, "Dating anyone?"

"Eww.." Chris wrinkled his nose. "You just don't date your brother's ex-girlfriends."

"You guys keep the extra towels in the..." D.J. asked, getting up. He was looking at his shirt and reached for the closet door.

"No!" Wyatt and Chris screamed, but it was too late. D.J.'s hand touched the handle and the half-manticore got zapped by the magical trap and went flying. The crystals landed in a circle and D.J. looked around.

"What the hell guys? This is the thanks I get for saving your lives?" D.J. sat with his arms folded over his chest, ketchup dripping down the front of his shirt as the three witches laughed hysterically.

-------------------------End of Episode---------------------------

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