A/N: There is going to be a delay in posting the coming chapters, the reasons for which (if anyone is interested) is explained below. Howeverwe would like to make it very clear, that we're not abandoning the story.


Now for the reasons:

Exams start in one week.

Our country has been hit by a cyclone and we've been having nationwide problems such as satellites going boom and our electricity grid failing. Basically, we've been having frequent blackouts and our net connections have been incredibly unreliable (not that they already weren't, but this just adds to the list of causes).

No electricity equals to no PC. We've taken the first chance we've gotten to post this but it'll take a while for things to settle down and go back to normal. We'll be taking this opportunity (if we dare call it) to recuperate. We would like to stay at least one chapter ahead of the posting, for which we need time.

We apologise for this delay. We'll be back with Chapter 21 on December 15th, after our exams end.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we hope to hear from you all when we get back.

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P.S. Anyone watch the animes Blood + or God (?) Save Our King, because we just don't get them.