Inner Feelingsā€¦ Tsunade's Love Poem

Roses are red, violets are blue.

But I find it so hard to say "I love you."

So many decades, I've waited in vain

Bearing the bitter aches of my heart's pain.

So many times I've watched you going

With much younger girls, without you knowing.

Now I know I could never trust

A man with a heart full of greed and of lust.

Long have I waited for you to ask,

So I can remove this sorrowful mask.

I admit I get jealous when you're out with them,

Like I'm just a rock, and they're shiny new gems.

Jiraiya, it's so hard for me to hide

The love, the jealousy I feel deep inside.

Yes, I love the way you annoy me and yell.

I love how you look at me, in case you can't tell.

Sometimes, I wish you would just hit on me,

So I can stay with you and live happily.

But no, oh no, you'd rather pick others,

Much prettier girls to touch and smother.

Jiraiya, I've seen you too many times before

With another girl, maybe two or more.

I love you, I hate you, but just can't live on

Hiding my feelings that are very strong.

My love, I take back all that I said

Like not wanting to sleep with you on the same bed.

The truth is that I really want to do so

But I'm not so sure I can dance like a ho.

If I don't impress you, you just might desert me,

Abandon, forsake, leave and just hurt me.

So many years have gone by, it's true.

But it's really hard to admit that I love you.

-Tsunade, Godaime Hokage