I was suddenly seized with an unexplainable desire to do a Tezuka fic, and this was the result. Which just goes to show what unnamed horrors I manage to churn out after going on a sugar high... Read on!

Chapter 1

It wasn't that he had any particular animosity against girls. Really. It was just that they were simply too noisy and overly emotional for their own good. And they gave him headaches.

Big, big headaches.

Tezuka repressed a sigh as he spotted an unknown member of the female species determinedly making her way towards him. Another one... Perhaps if he just closed his eyes and ignored her she'd go away.

"Tezuka-san?" Apparently today just wasn't his day.

If he was lucky, the confession this time wouldn't be as dramatic as the other day... He winced at the memory. "Yes?"

"Ryuuzaki-sensei wants to see you."

Oh. That sort of took the wind out of his sails.

"I'll be right there."

"Hai." She bowed, and left the room.

He packed up his things, putting his books neatly into his bag before zipping it all the way. As he walked through the corridors, he was hard pressed to ignore the sudden whispers that seemed to spring up every time he was somewhere in sight. Not to mention the inordinate amount of girlish giggling that he somehow, ridiculously, inspired. He suppressed the urge to sigh again, and comforted himself with the thought that the tennis club room, at least, would be a safe haven of peace and quiet.

He knocked twice before entering, out of habit more than anything else. Ryuuzaki-sensei was there, as well as a girl whom he didn't know.

"You wished to see me, sensei?"

Ryuuzaki-sensei looked up. "Ah, yes! Tezuka! I need your help."

Not being one to waste words, he simply waited for her to elaborate further.

But when her request came, it was not at all what he expected.

"Could you please show Maika-chan around the school?"


'Maika-chan', or Tawako Kamaika, as he later found out her full name was, was apparently one of Ryuuzaki-sensei's close friend's daughters. Apart from that, and the fact that she was a new student at Seigaku, he gleaned precious little from the older woman's introduction.

He bowed slightly, and intoned the expected greeting politely. "Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu."

Silently, he asked forgiveness from the tons of homework sitting in his bag. They would have to wait until he finished showing this girl around. Besides, it wasn't as if he had a choice, anyway.

He gestured to her, and she trailed him obediently to the door. Neither of them attempted to start up a conversation.

Really, they would make quite a fitting pair together – not exactly the world's most sociable pair, but they complement each other quite nicely... was the thought which flitted through Ryuuzaki-sensei's mind before she turned back to the papers on her desk.


"And this is the koi pond." Tezuka was doing his job thoroughly, showing her around the school. Very thoroughly. He suspected that if Fuji could see him now, he'd be rolling about in fits of laughter at how much Tezuka was a stickler for the rules.

"That's classroom 3-1." He pointed out the class where he had been seated merely minutes ago, before he had been called to do this absurd task.

"Oh!" The girl said in quite a different tone of voice. Then she added, much to Tezuka's dismay, "That's my class!"

He managed, with some difficulty, to control his sudden urge to scream, as he knew now just how he was going to spend the next one week or so. Interacting with Ryuuzaki-sensei also meant he knew exactly how her brain worked, and she had long since been of the opinion that Tezuka needed more of a social life.

He was so, so dead.


So, should I continue? Or is it far too cracky? I must admit that I enjoyed writing it, though. I know it's really short, but this seemed like a good place to end the chapter, so...