Chapter 9 The final chapter

The world reappears several hours later and the first thing I realize is that not only am I naked but that I have no hangover. A sign that I did what I did last night willingly and in my right mind.

Last nights events are crystal clear, not so surprisingly.

This morning as I turn over Gibbs' arms are wrapped around me and his eyes are open.

"Watching me sleep?" I ask, my voice gravely. I smile teasingly.

This was his way of telling that the previous nights drunken sex wasn't meaningless to him. That he'd done this sober and he hadn't run off in the morning. He wasn't regretting his actions and that made me feel like a huge weight was lifted from me.

He move so that I'm comfortable and I reach up and run the tips of my fingers across his stubble. His breath makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. He caresses my shoulder gently, his eyes warm and soft.

It occurs to me that I've never seen him so peaceful. It's like all the horrible things he's seen are so far away that theyir tentacles don't even reach the outskirts of his thoughts. His eyes are still deep and full of imagery but his face is unconcerned and his eyes are calm.

"Beautiful." He says, stroking my cheek.

I chuckle at his statement.

"Ruggedly handsome." I reply, giving his stubble another rub, grinning.

I break the moment by stealing a look at the clock. Gibbs follows my eyes and gives me a funny look. But he says nothing.

I begin to scramble out of bed but he catches me by the shoulders.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asks but he knows perfectly well where. He's only asking because he's about to tell me that I'm not allowed.

"I'm going to get ready for work." I say, my legs half way out of bed.

I don't attempt to cover my body, there's nothing wrong with it and he's already seen it all.

"No you're not."

"Yes I am." I'm determined not to stay in this house a day longer. I give him a glare which dares him to challenge me as I pull away. But he hangs on and I feel that familiar pain shoot up my clavicle and shoulder blade. My facial expression changes from teasing to pain in a split second. And he lets go.

Sitting up fast he gives me an almost apologetic look. But his face hardens slightly and he says, "You're not going to work this week."

My eyes flicker with pent up rage. I don't get a word out before he says, "You've been shot." Through gritted teeth, "And that means you don't come into work this week."

"But what about…" I have no excuse, "I don't want to stay at home! It's already driving me insane and its only been one day."

I almost pout. But my attitude softens as I realize why I don't want to stay home. "It's too quiet here. I get lonely."

Ah the truth. Refreshing.

He leans in and kisses me gently on the lips, his hand on the side of my tilted face as I sit on the edge of the bed. And I know that the answer is no.

I press my lips into his after a few seconds, not allowing him to pull away. The passion from last night seems to fire up again and I push him down onto the bed, our lips locked the entire way down. Sitting atop him with my back arched I send my tongue up his neck and brush it across him lips. His own body almost trembles with anticipation. I feel so in control in this position. I can do anything I want. Ignoring the pain in my arm I place my hands on either side of his body and kiss him slowly, working up his chest and hovering over his mouth until he reaches up and kisses me hard. His hands slide over my bare back and my reaction is to look through my eyelashes seductively at him and slide my body down his.

But Jethro doesn't like to be submissive in any area of his life. He securely holds me by the waist and as soon as I feel his muscles beneath me I'm flipped over, his weight pressing down on me. I kiss him roughly, wishing I could feel as I do now forever. He entwines his fingers with mine and presses my hands above my head against the mattress.

I think we're going to be late for work.

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