Authors Notes (Explains the Premise for the story)

Okay. Here goes, another story I've made to clear the writers block for War Cries. This is another original idea that I've got, that I haven't seen done anywhere else. It's a crossover between SG1 and BSG the new Series. I have changed each of the Universes a lot. In SG1, it's near the beginning of the Stargate Program and early in the series. It's early enough for the Goa'uld not to think of Earth as a major pest. In BSG, the 2nd Cylon war hasn't happened yet and we're years away from it happening.

The premise of the show is this: What if Earth had encountered the Colonial civilization while it was at it's peak? How would ppl of Earth react, and how would the Colonials react? And what was the Colonial civilization like before the fall of the 12 Colonies?

I have made some assumptions which will change a few things in the 'stargate' side of the story. #1 – in my universe, the galaxy is a very big place and the Goa'uld dominate only a fraction of it. Instead of ruling hundreds of planets, they only rule dozens, ie 60 or so, and it's a big ask to travel to the other side of the galaxy, where the Colonials are located. Assumption #2 is that it's pretty barren in the galaxy, and habitable worlds are few and far between. Goa'uld and Jaffa worlds may have been terraformed long ago and that's why they're habitable: that's the explanation.

This story will be updated as i have ideas and is not my main project. and by the way, ANYONE can steal the main idea for this story, ie, Earth encountering the Colonials before the 2nd Cylon war. I am only writing this story because i want to read that happening, i don't really want to write it. If you do use this idea, just credit me and tell me it's going on so i can read it!

I was going to post Chapter 2, with the Colonial side of the story tonight, but personal life issues called me away from writing and it's now 2am. So, I'll post this chapter and wait to see if I get any feedback and should post chapter 2 tomorrow. Cheers and leave plenty of reviews.

Origins of Humanity

Chapter 1

They watched as the video feed materialised from the MALP as it exited the wormhole on the other side of the Stargate. As soon as they had dialled the Stargate, they had known that something was different about this address. Just prior to the Stargate establishing a stable wormhole, there was a power surge equivalent to that of opening a wormhole. Stargate Command had dialled the address a number of times, experiencing the same effect each time. Slowly, as the MALP's camera automatically adjusted to the light in the room, they began to make out features. The room looked ancient, with many writings on the walls, and a strange looking pedestal standing in front of the Stargate where the DHD usually stood.

"There's no DHD sir," Samantha Carter, SG1's resident military trained astrophysicist commented from the video feed.

"Do you feel confident that you can dial back into Earth?" General Hammond asked. It was then that Daniel Jackson chimed in.

"Sir, I believe the risk justifies going. If this is the homeworld of these, Lobokians, according to the texts I read, we could be going to the world of a potentially advanced civilization," Daniel responded. Daniel had been reading through the legend of a sect of people, with similar practices to that of the Ancient Druids of the United Kingdom, in mainland Europe. There had been many different accounts by different civilizations which had pointed towards these Druids having amazing abilities and having their homeworld on a far-away land but residing in ancient Europe. Daniel had stretched the evidence, but he believed that these people may have been related to the Atlantis legend. The texts had successfully been translated by other academics over the years, realising that it was an offshoot language of Latin. The thing that led Daniel to the texts was a series of seven symbols which had not been able to be translated which related to the homeworld of the Lobokians. Upon looking at the text, Daniel immediately recognised a number of the symbols to be Stargate coordinates. "Who knows what we could find?" Daniel stated. Daniel could tell that Hammond was seriously thinking about not letting them go.

"Very well SG1, we'll dial in every two hours to keep in radio contact. If you need anything sent through, we'll send it to you as soon as it's available," Hammond commented.

One hour later and SG1 was standing at the base of the ramp leading up to the Stargate, watching it as it dialled the planet. As the seventh chevron engaged, there was an audible surge of power through the Stargate as the lights in the whole complex dimmed and then immediately came back to life. SG1 looked at each other in trepidation, and then proceeded up the gate.

As they emerged from the Stargate on the opposite side, each member of SG1 was on alert, scanning their surroundings. Each of them realised that the room they were in was probably abandoned as nothing had touched the MALP. Light was being provided from several small lights in the tall ceiling of the room, barely providing enough light to see. The room they were in was rather small, with no discernable exit. There were several markings on the walls, and the pedestal standing in front of the Stargate, but nothing else apart from the lights. Daniel walked up to the pedestal and began a closer inspection, only to find that there were two buttons on the pedestal. He was shocked to see that the symbol for Earth's point of origin was on the first button, while an unrecognisable symbol was on the other.

"Look at this," Daniel commented, everyone hearing him. Everyone came over to the pedestal and looked at it. "This is Earth's point of origin symbol," he said while pointing to the first button. "I don't recognise the other one," Daniel commented.

"It may be another symbol on this planet's Stargate," Teal'c said. Daniel looked up at the Stargate, and was shocked by what he saw. There were absolutely no symbols or chevrons on the Stargate.

"No symbols," Samantha stated just before Daniel was going to say it. Daniel hadn't noticed that Jack had wondered off to the other side of the room. Daniel pushed the button and was surprise to see the Stargate form an instant wormhole without a dialling procedure.

"This is SG1," Daniel said into his radio.

"SG1, this is Hammond. You've dialled in early, are there any problems?" They all heard back over the radio.

"No sir. There's just a speed dial DHD at this location and we were just testing it out," Jack replied to him from the other side of the room in his radio before Daniel could reply. They said their goodbyes to Hammond and disengaged the Stargate.

"Looks like there's a way out of here," Jack said while looking at the wall. Daniel had wondered why Jack was so far away from the Stargate and left Samantha and Teal'c to inspect the Stargate while he walked over to the wall where Jack was standing. Upon closer inspection, Daniel could see that there was a very thin vertical crack within the surface of the wall, which looked like a seal of some kind. He began to look around the seal, and after about ten minutes, he found a very faint engraving on the wall near the door. It was the same symbol which appeared on the second button of the pedestal in the room. He reached out to brush some of the dust away, but as he touched it, he heard a rumbling sound. It had appeared that he had opened the door by touching the symbol. A stairwell was revealed, travelling upwards in a straight line without a visible end.

Almost ten minutes later, and SG1 was faced with a similar doorway to before. IT took a while to find the symbol, but once they did, the doors opened as expected to the outside world. They stepped out into a temperate landscape, with tall pine trees dominating their view ahead while a small grassy clearing was right before them. The doors were set in a small outcrop of rock which was approximately four metres high by ten wide from what they could briefly tell. The air was crisp and cool, similar to conditions in Colorado Springs where they had all come from. Daniel heard the doors closing behind them, and when he turned around he was shocked to see that the outside of the doors resembled the rock face that they were cut into. Once the doors had closed, it was almost impossible to distinguish them from the surrounding rock face.

After making sure that they could reopen the doors, SG1 set out to explore the surrounding landscape. Half an hour later, they regrouped in the grass clearing.

"There looks to be nothing of any value within the vicinity of the Stargate," Teal'c commented.

"We didn't find any traces of a path or ruins or anything to suggest that any intelligent life is nearby," Daniel commented.

"We'll report home. Hammond will probably set up a survey team to come back to the planet to look around further," O'Neill commented. They just started to head over to the rock outcrop which housed the stairway to the Stargate when Teal'c paused.

"Wait," he said while making the symbol to be quiet. Daniel looked to Teal'c who appeared to be listening very hard to something they could not hear. "There is a distinct rumbling in the distance which was not present before," Teal'c stated. All of SG1 stopped and listened. About ten seconds later, Daniel could hear the same sound that Teal'c described.

"That's an aircraft," Jack said after about another five seconds. "Everybody get down." Just as they did so, Daniel saw two shapes dart above the clearing in the sky, obviously the aircraft that they had heard before. Daniel realised that they were travelling faster than the speed of sound, since it sounded like they were still some distance away.

"They're circling around," Carter commented. Daniel looked up and he could barely see the craft in the distance. They were too far off to make out any details, however he could see that they were turning. He could hear another sound approaching, and upon noticing frantic hand gestures from Jack, Daniel ducked his head again and raised his weapon. Within moments, another craft flew overhead, however at a much slower speed. Two more passed overhead after it. After a few moments, they appeared back over the clearing and hovered there. Daniel could tell by the sound, they sounded much like the engine of an airliner, but much quieter. He knew they had been made as the craft had hovered over the grass field in which they were lying. It would be easy to see them from above as the engines of the craft buffeted the grass around. He saw movement from the side of his eye and saw Jack standing up, weapon in hand, followed by Teal'c and Sam. Daniel followed suit. As he got up, he looked up at the craft which was hovering above them. He immediately looked away as the engine glare from it's vertical thruster shone in his eyes. He slowly looked back to see that the craft had a series of weapons on it, and they were pointed at SG1. A voice emanated from a loudspeaker on the ship, but he couldn't recognise anything of what they were saying. He looked over to see Jack looking at Daniel expectantly, however Daniel shook his head saying that he couldn't understand them. He looked back at the craft and shook his head.

"Put the weapons down. It might be a start," he yelled to Jack, Sam and Teal'c over the noise. They complied and looked back up at the craft. Daniel did so too. He could see that the craft had a relatively flat bottom, save for the engine mounting on it's bottom. The craft appeared to be a bit larger than a helicopter, but apart from those two features, he couldn't tell much about it as it was keeping the bottom of it's hull parallel to them. It was then that Daniel heard other voices yelling to them, but they weren't from the craft. He looked down to see that they men in black combat gear with guns pointing towards them had surrounded them with their weapons raised.