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---Chapter Seven: Finality---

In another time, the Teen Titans had been the most powerful force for good present in Jump City.

In another time, a young acrobat became the protégé of the Dark Knight before leaving his mentor to become a leader in his own right.

A princess was enslaved and then escaped to happiness with new friends on Earth.

An athlete lost his body to an accident only to gain a new one through the advances of technology.

A green-skinned orphan left the only real family he'd known to find new confidence in himself with a team of his peers.

The daughter of a demon withdrew from a home where she was feared to discover there was more to her destiny than what others had assigned to her.

In another time, a popular blond girl was just a lonely child who betrayed the only friends she ever had.

That was another time, and that was how things were meant to be. No matter how much they all wished it wasn't.


Gar carried Raven to the park across the street and laid her on a bench.

"Well, this isn't the way I always pictured I'd die," Raven said.

Gar stared at her. "I can't believe that after everything that's happened, you start making jokes now."

Raven tried to smile, but she coughed up blood instead. Gar held her up, his hands trembling. "Raven…" There were so many things he wanted to tell her, but he couldn't remember half of them. Even if he could, in this moment, he couldn't find the words. "Raven, I…"

"Shh." She put a blood-stained finger to his lips. "I know. Me too. You have a world to help save, Gar. Don't waste time worrying about me."

Gar swallowed with difficulty. He couldn't do this. He couldn't just watch her die. He had to know. "Raven, in that other reality, were we...?"

Raven managed the smile this time, but just barely. "You'll have to wait and find out. Go, Gar. My part is finished." She closed her eyes, and though Gar waited, they did not open again. He laid her gently down on the bench. He didn't cry. She would have gotten mad at him if he did.


Raven smiled slightly to herself as she stacked the dishes, perfectly aware of her husband's eyes on her as he made his way from the dining area to the living room. He thought she didn't notice, but she knew. Another pair of pale hands took the dishes from her. Raven blinked in surprise at a pair of eyes identical to her own. The only difference between Birdy and Raven at her age was the long braid of purple hair hanging over her teenage daughter's shoulder.

"We'll clean up, Mom," said Kitty from Raven's other side. Birdy's twin did have the same haircut their mother had had as a teenager, but her eyes were the same sparkling green as their father and younger brother's. "You go… have fun." Kitty even had the inherited mischievous glint in her green eyes, especially when she smiled like she did now.

Raven raised an eyebrow. "You're sure?"

Birdy and Kitty exchanged a look. "Completely," they said in unison.

Raven laughed. "All right." She left the girls to the cleaning and walked into the living room, where her husband and their son were watching television.

Mark grinned as his mother passed him and stood up, brushing his green bangs out of his eyes. "I think I'll go help the girls," he said casually before leaving the room.

Raven sat down next to her husband. Gar looked at her, a grin not unlike Mark's spreading across his green-skinned face. "Not very subtle, are they?"

Raven smiled back. "No, they aren't."


Gar went to the little empty island just off the shore in Jump City's harbor. It wasn't hard for him to get there; he'd always been a good swimmer. He didn't know how he was so sure that the others would be there, but he knew they would be. He was right. Vic was pacing anxiously, muttering darkly as he did so. Dick held Starfire's hand. Neither of them said anything. All three looked up when Gar climbed out of the water.

"Where's Raven?" Dick asked when Gar had reached the spot in the middle of the island where they stood.

"Gone," was the simple reply. Starfire gasped and turned to cry on Dick's shoulder. Vic looked troubled. Dick's expression only saddened slightly as he patted Starfire on the back, soothing her. "Did she say what she saw in her last vision?"

Gar looked away. "No." Well, it was partly true. He didn't know what Raven had seen as she died, and now he would never know. "She just said that we had a world to save, and her part was finished." Oh, the cruelty of being normal. It meant that when people needed saving, you couldn't do as much about it as you would like. Gar understood now. "And she's right. Rachel Roth's part is finished." He paused again, his gaze focused on the general direction of Jump City Memorial Park. "Garfield Logan's part is finished."

"Victor Stone's part is finished," Vic said softly.

"The part of Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran is finished," Starfire added.

They all looked at Dick. "Richard Grayson's part is finished," he said at last. The friends all paused, temporarily ignoring the loud explosions and flashes of light in the distance that signified the end of the world as they knew it. There was no flash of light or sound of any kind where they stood, and yet suddenly everything was different. Gar's skin and hair were green. Vic's body was mostly mechanical. And Dick's clothes changed to a brightly colored costume, his eyes now hidden by a thin black mask. They all felt the change and stared at each other in amazement. Memories of battles and villains and living in Titans Tower came flooding back.

On a bench on the far side of Jump City Memorial Park, a blue cloak appeared around Raven's shoulders. Blue-violet eyes snapped open.

Robin looked up into the skyline, gazing at the glow the fires and explosions caused. His arm was still around Starfire's shoulders, and hers was around his waist. She squeezed him reassuringly. He looked at Cyborg, who grinned as his arm changed into his sonic cannon. Next Robin turned to Beast Boy, who nodded.

Robin focused on the city. "Titans," he said. "Go."

---The End---

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