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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: High as a Kite

Hinata was in a half drunken stupor. Kiba had taken her and Shino to have some fun. They had run into Naruto on the way and he joined the group. She suspected that while they were out someone had spiked he drinks but otherwise she wouldn't be as high as a kite being supported by Naruto who was in a much similar state. Drunken or no, she was still happy to be held by Naruto.

Naruto's thoughts however were not quite so innocent. After spending nearly three years with Jiraiya, all of the things in Naruto's head were varying levels of perversion.

"Hey, Hinata, My Place is closer than yours so we should crash there until were no so wasted."

Hinata, though drunk provided an answer is her usual quiet manner.

When the pair got to Naruto's house, they spent a few minutes fumbling outside because Naruto was too drunk to find the keyhole to the lock. After much struggling he finally got the door open which he proceeded to fall through. Hinata rushed to his aid, but being no less inebriated she fell right on top of him.

Hinata's face flushed red. Not only had she fallen of top of the boy she loved, but they shared an anime style accidental kiss, in which her lips fell right on to his. Hinata quickly got back up and crawled a bit away and kneeled there freaking out.

Naruto however, was not as disturbed by this as she was and moved to be right behind her.

"Hey Hinata, you look sweaty. Maybe we should get your jacket off."

Though obvious, the ploy went unnoticed by the drunken Hyuuga as she allowed him to remove her jacket. Naruto admired her body for a moment before realizing she was still really nervous. He wrapped his arms around her and told her to relax.

Hinata's face flushed for a second time but this time let Naruto continue. He leaned forward and planted a kiss right on her lips. Instead of withdrawing she leaned into it. She soon found herself being caressed by Naruto and vice versa. They stayed like that for a moment but then let go.

"N-naruto" she stammered. But instead of fainting like she normally would, she pushed off Naruto's jacket and got in closer to him. "I-I want to …well…"

She never completed the sentence but Naruto understood. A big grin came across his face as he slowly removed Hinata's clothing. At the same time, she crept her hand up his shirt and removed it, thereafter his pants followed suit. Soon the two were completely naked.

Naruto slid his fingers down Hinata's shapely curves, sending shivers up her spine. His hand made his way to her shaven clit and began to massage it gently. She let out a moan of pleasure. Encouraged, Naruto put his finger up into her vagina. This received an even louder moan. He probed he insides as she pressed herself closer to him and let out louder moans. He kept rubbing her and going deeper and deeper until she couldn't take it anymore. She let a short scream as she came on his hands.

She blushed again, but Naruto grinned. He turned her around so she was facing him. She lifted her up onto his lap. He inserted himself into the aroused Hyuuga heiress. She let out another moan as he began bouncing her up and down. After many minutes of non stop bouncing he stopped. She asked him what was wrong but instead of answering he removed himself from her and her turned around again. Then he placed both hands on her inner thighs and spread her legs apart. He lifted her in the air as he gave a short giggle with his usual greedy smile. She moaned his name he reinserted himself. He began bouncing her up and down on his shaft again as her breasts bounced in the air. She let out another as scream as he came into her.

As he was coming she followed suit and came with him. After wards he set her down on his bed and laid down beside her. He wrapped his arms around her again as the nude Hinata fell asleep on her lover's chest. Naruto pulled a blanket over them. He felt he was going to have a really happy life from now on.