Title: Prisoner in My Best Friend' House

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Tena – hannon-le. All the remain mistakes are mine.

Rating: T

Warning: Angst full ahead, fluff? Might a bit of humor. OOC for in case.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them for my own evil plans.

Spoiler: Total AU. Just a plot bunny that came by…

Summary: Legolas found himself held by Estel in Imladris. But why Estel will do that? Will that affect their friendship?

Note: Legolas' age is only 6, an elfling compare to Estel who is older than him, age 16.

1. Prologue


Thranduil, the King, stared out of the window from his son's room, wanting to hear the last call of nature, before he lay his son down to sleep.

Shades and mists seemed to cover the area with black, where only birds could hear behind the shadow.

Legolas was still afraid of the dark, since his nana had died.

Thranduil still walked to his son' room every single night, and told him a story until his elfling slept in peace and he left the candle lit, till it faded away.

The next morning, Thranduil walked to the practice area where his son was taught by a great teacher, whose name was known all over Middle-Earth, Lord Glorfindel.

The Lord had been called to teach Thranduil's son how to use bow, arrow, and sword.

Thranduil was happy at least that the Lord had come.

"Ion-nin, come to my room, when you have finished your class, I would like to have a word with you." Thranduil said to him.

Legolas nodded to his ada, and continued his class, though he wondered what his father wished to speak with him regarding. He was distracted by the thought.

"You are free to go, Prince Legolas, I can see I no longer have your undivided attention." Glorfindel said softly, as he knelt by the elfling, and added when Legolas did not move, "Go, your father wished to talk to you, and do not be worry. I will be with you wherever you go; after all, I am your guide teacher and will follow you until you reach your majority."

Legolas bowed to him, but Glorfindel stopped the princeling and explained, "I should be the one to bow to you, princeling. Though I must confess that I have not seen much behavior like this in years."

"Am I wrong to act this way?" Legolas asked, afraid he had done something wrong.

Glorfindel seemed a bit confused by the elfling' behavior. He was accustomed to the wild behavior of Elrond's elfling, Estel. He had always hoped he would change

Glorfindel glanced over the princeling as he smiled over him, and said softly, "Nay, you are not. I can see you inherit manners your manners from your father. Keep it that way."

"Hannon-le, hir-nin." Legolas answered bewildered. ((Thank you, my lord))

"Now, go, your father is waiting for you," Glorfindel said to the elfling. Legolas looked at him, but did not make any move, as he stared at the lord, "Go, your father is waiting for you. Go, I will meet you later."

Legolas took a last look at the lord, and then ran to the palace and to his father's room.

"Iôn?" Thranduil asked, as he noticed the worried look of his son and came forward to hug him.

He could feel the tears on his son's cheeks. "Why are you crying? Is this because of something that I did?" Thranduil asked and wiped Legolas' tears.

"Do you not love me anymore, ada?" Legolas asked in fear.

Thranduil was surprised by his son's question and as gently and softly as he could, he answered. "What made you think that, ion-nin?"

"You said… to me… that you… you have a word with me…" Legolas answered in broken sobs.

"I did have a word with you… oh…" Thranduil embraced his son to his heart, and added, "I want to send you to Imladris, to see your friends. I know how lonely you are here."

"What?" Legolas asked, raising his eyes to his father. He could not believe his own ears. His father wanted to send him to Imladris.

"Yes, iôn… you heard it right… and Glorfindel will ride with you." Thranduil assured his son and hugged him, placing a kiss on his son's cheek.

"When should I be back, ada?" Legolas asked.

Thranduil looked at to his son. His heart wanted to answer, 'A week could do it', but his mouth answered otherwise, "I know that you have not been there for awhile, so you can stay a month, then you will come back in the second month."

"I will do it, father. I will make sure I am ready to return a full day before the month ends." Legolas said.

"I love you so much, ion-nin. I hope I will see you soon." Thranduil said feeling such love for Legolas.

"I love you too, Adar, and I will be back soon." Legolas assured his father, knowing how much his father loved him.



Glorfindel noticed the change in Legolas' face, and wondered what had happened.

"What is it, Greenleaf?" Glorfindel asked, using Legolas' elvish name for the first time.

Legolas was surprised hearing Glorfindel call him that way. "You never called me Greenleaf before, hir nin. Is this because I did something?"

"I just worried for you, young one. Are you going to tell me, or should I go and find it from your father?" Glorfindel warned him, hiding a smile.

"We are going to Imladris for a month." Legolas answered joyfully.

"We?" Glorfindel asked.

"Yes, 'we', father said that you will ride with me and watched over me while we are there for one month. On the second month, we will be on the way back here." Legolas confirmed the lord's question.

"Then we need to pack and be ready for the… for the…" Glorfindel stopped, searching for the right words.

"For the journey." Legolas smiled, "We leave in the morning, I want to at least enjoy adar's story at bed-time."

"Then I will see you in the morning, Princeling Legolas." Glorfindel said and walked to his room.

Legolas watched him leave, but was not ready to pack his thing yet, so he walked to his father's room to spend more time with him.