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A/N: This is set during series 1 of Torchwood (after that one with the people from the 1950's, but before the finale) and sometime after series 2 of Doctor Who, and in this story, Doomsday did happen, as much as we all wish it hadn't…


The Right Kind of Doctor

Chapter 1

In Cardiff, Owen Harper was walking towards what was, unbeknownst to everyone else, the base of Torchwood.

On his way, he walked past a man who looked so grave and sombre that he said, "Cheer up mate, it might never 'appen."

He hadn't been expecting a response to his comment. But as he walked away, the stranger said, "Or maybe it already has."

If that had been it, then Owen would've carried on walking, he had enough of his own problems without worrying about other peoples. But the dark haired man continued, "You know, sometimes I wonder why I bother saving this planet at all. Every time I fix one thing, some blundering human messes up something else," this stopped Owen in his tracks. This man knew about other planets, and aliens… and he was talking about the human race like an outsider. Was this man an alien?

He turned back to the man, but by now, the man had turned away from him, and was still ranting, "Take the rift for example. I fixed it, now I come back to Cardiff and find that someone's been tampering with it. And now it's so volatile that all it needs it one little push and BAM! Another hole in time and space. Just what this universe doesn't need."

While he was rambling, the man didn't notice Owen getting his taser out. In fact, he was so wrapped up in what he was saying that he didn't even realise that Owen was behind him until he was being electrocuted.

However, what Owen hadn't realised was that while tasers were very effective on humans and some other creatures, they didn't have much effect on Time Lords (not that he knew what a Time Lord was, or that this strange man was one). So, after yelling in pain for a second, when the man spun around to face him with an unreadable look on his face, he didn't know what to do! So he did the only thing he could think of. He punched the man, as hard as he could. To Owen's relief, this time the man was knocked unconscious.

Then, he proceeded to grab the man under the armpits and drag him towards the hub before anyone noticed. Owen really hoped that this man was an alien, or someone with abnormal knowledge about aliens, because if he wasn't, if he was just some random drunk or something, then he was in big trouble. However, he reasoned with himself, the man had known about the rift, and about someone tampering with it. Those weren't the ramblings of a random drunk.

Once he was inside the hub, he yelled to Tosh, Gwen and Ianto, who were sitting chatting, "Oi! Come an' give me a hand you lot!"

They turned to look at what he wanted, and on seeing the man, immediately hurried towards him.

They saw that the man was maybe in his early to mid thirties and was tall and slim, with wild dark brown hair. He was wearing a brown pinstriped suit, a lighter brown trench coat and some converse trainers. He was also very unconscious, no doubt thanks to Owen.

"Oh my God Owen!" Gwen exclaimed, "What've you done? Tell me you haven't killed him in a bar fight or something and want us to clean up the mess."

"Of course not!" Owen objected, "What d'you take me for?"

"A bit of an idiot actually," Ianto remarked. Then, at the glare he received for Owen, he continued, "Well, you knocked this bloke out and dragged him into our top secret base. To me, that doesn't sound like a terribly good idea. We'll just have to ret-con him later."

At this moment, Jack strode out of his office and into the main area of the hub. Catching sight of the unconscious man on the floor, he asked in an unexpectedly light-hearted way, "What's going on here? I thought I told you people. No bringing unconscious cute guys to work with you, they're distracting," he looked around at them, "Ok, I'm serious now. What's going on? Whose is he?"

With a cheeky smile on her face, Gwen answered, "He's Owen's!"

Jack raised an eyebrow and turned to Owen, "And I always had you pegged as a ladies man!"

"Look, I ran into the guy outside alright?" Owen explained, thoroughly annoyed by now. "He knew about the rift, and the rift being opened, and the way he was talking about humans… it was like…"

"Like what?" Tosh prompted.

"Like he wasn't one," Owen finished. The others all looked at him, and then at the man.

"He doesn't look much like an alien," Gwen remarked.

Crouched down beside the man, Jack said, "Well, you can't always tell… Ok, get his coat and jacket off him and search the pockets. That might tell us something."

Between Gwen and Owen, they managed to get the trench coat off the man, and started going through the pockets. They found mass amounts of random stuff that no one in their right mind carried around with them all the time. Amongst other things (most of which they couldn't identify), they found some brightly coloured string, sweets, a yoyo, a candle, several pocket watches—all of which showed different times, some marbles, elastic bands, a pen, a banana, a pair of the 3D cardboard glasses and a leather wallet that seemed to only have a blank piece of paper in it."

"How on earth did all that fit in his pockets?" Tosh wondered.

"They're probably like Mary Poppins's bag," Owen joked, "Bigger on the inside."

Jack wasn't listening to what they were saying. He was looking at the leather wallet with the plain piece of paper in it.

Picking it up, he said quietly, "You were right Owen. Either this guy's not from earth, or he knows someone who isn't."

Then he held up the paper, "This is psychic paper. It says whatever you want it to say. And that's not something that anyone should have in this century…" Then, before the others could ask him any more questions, he asked, "What about the Jacket pockets?"

So, Owen searched through the pockets of the man's suit jacket. "Finally," he said, "Something normal to carry around." And handed the objects to Jack before going back to the pockets.

Gwen however, was watching Jack. From the two objects Owen had handed him, Jack quickly discarded the pair of glasses on the pile of stuff that was accumulating on the floor beside them, but then he held onto the key, turning it over in his hand.

"What's it a key for Jack?" she asked. "Do you know?"

"Oh I know what it's for," Jack replied, still staring at it. Then he reached into his own pocket, and drew out an identical key, "Because I've got one too."

By now, everyone was staring at Jack. "What's it a key to Jack?" Gwen asked again.

But Jack only shoved his key back into his pocket and asked Owen, "Is there anything else in there?"

"Uh, yeah," Owen answered, coming back to his senses, "There was just this." And he held up the small metal tube with the blue light on the end.

Jack recognised it instantly. The Doctor's sonic screwdriver. So why did this man have it? Was he a new companion and the Doctor had lent it to him? Somehow Jack doubted this, the more likely explanation was that this man had stolen it. So where was the Doctor and what had happened to him?

Standing up, holding the sonic screwdriver, the psychic paper, the TARDIS key and the glasses, Jack said to the others in a voice full of barely restrained anger, "Take him to the cells."

Not quite understanding what was going on, Gwen, Tosh, Owen and Ianto shared a look. Then Gwen said, "But Jack—"

However, Jack wasn't in the mood to listen, "Just do it," he ordered. All he could think about was the Doctor and Rose. Where were they? Were they ok? This man, or whatever he was, had all of the Doctor's things. How had he got them? The man definitely didn't look capable of bringing down the Doctor, especially if Rose had been there too. He looked like just a regular guy, and quite a cute one at that. But appearances could be deceiving. For all he knew, the guy could be a flesh eating alien that could sprout extra arms and teeth at a seconds notice.

To Jack's relief, the team followed his order this time; Ianto and Owen picking up the man, and Gwen holding doors open for them as they made their way to the cells. Jack followed them.

Once they'd put the man down in a vacant cell and closed the door. Jack sent the others back to the main part of the hub. Unbeknownst to him however, as soon as they got back, Tosh fixed a video and audio link so they could see and hear what was going on. So there they stood, all gathered around the screen, waiting to see what would happen.


A/N: This was one of those annoying plot bunnies that wouldn't go away. But it's also evolved. It was going to just be a one shot, but as I was writing it, I realised that it was getting ridiculously long. So now it's a two-parter, unless it carries on evolving, and then it might stretch to three.

I just wanted to say that this is a standalone story, completely separate from my others, also it's my first story with any of the Torchwood peoples in it.

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