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Naraku stared at the ceiling of his castle while Kagura cowered in the corner. Immediately after his return from the battle with that girl, he had effectively snatched her heart from her chest while her blood had covered his hands and body. It had taken her many days, even with her demonic power, to heal.

He had surprised himself with his anger, how he had brutally shoved his hand into her chest without a word and wrung her heart straight from her body. Her screams had rung in his head for days after.

What scared him the most was that he had done it for no reason at all. Simply because she was there. Simply because she was going to have her freedom, and he could not allow that, could he?

"Kagura, I want you out of my sight," he snarled at her cowardice. It disgusted him. She stood immediately and ran for the door, stumbling in the process of reaching the door.

"Damn girl," he said, flexing his shoulder. He had taken back all but a few of the traitorous demons that had escaped him. They would regret their actions when he had regained his full strength and exacted his plans to their fullest.

Inuyasha could only come out on top so long. He would make sure of that.

"Kanna," he said, looking to the silent, void girl in the doorway of the bedchamber. "I want to watch Inuyasha and his miko. I want to see their strengths, weaknesses, and I will find their weak thread and pull it loose." He laughed, his voice reverberating around the room. "Tell Hakudoshi to train and prepare for battle. This will all come to a head soon. Not like before, I was foolish. This time, I will throw all of my power at them, and watch them crumble."

"Oh dear," Jaken thought to himself. He was feeling so down since his master and Rin had mated. They were always sitting side by side, or walking together. It was boring for him.

Now, as he sat in the gardens of the palace at the Western Lands, with the winter bite in the air and the softly falling snow, he absently plucked the dead petals from a skeletal flower. Why had it turned out this way? Why? Sure, he was glad that Rin was now a demoness and could defend herself. Sure, there were very little rumors around the castle on the topic of the former human, and they had since received Rin as the new Lady of the Western Lands. Sure, Lord Sesshomaru's mother had been overjoyed at the prospect of a combination of a demon and the girl that the lord loved, and had accepted the girl as her own family. Sure, they were all ridiculously happy. Yet he wasn't.

He had no job. No one to care for as he once had. Oh, life was boring.

He looked up at the sound on someone approaching. It was Rin.

"Hello, My Lady," he said, standing before her, all semblance of his misery gone.

"Master Jaken, I have asked you many times to not call me that," she said, gracefully taking her seat beside him.

They sat in companionable silence for a moment. She plucked a particularly beautiful, although dead, flower and, reaching up, threaded it through the braid in her hair. Her pale lavender kimono matched the markings on her face and arms, and the flower of dry violet offset the mild colors that adorned her body.

"Jaken, I know that you are unhappy," she said, looking down at his small, withered face. "I believe I know the reason why. No, you don't have to explain," she started, holding her hand up to silence him when he opened his mouth. "You won't get in trouble with your lord. This is between you and me." She stared of at the setting sun, the tiniest smile adorning her face, and her hand absently fluttering down to her stomach.

"My lady?" he asked when she did not speak for several moments.

"I will have a special task for you soon, Jaken. You see, if a few months, there will be an . . . an addition to this household."

"How so?" he asked.

"Lord Sesshomaru and I are expecting a child in the spring," she said, turning to him with her brightest smile. "I started showing signs a few days ago. I want you to help me care for the child, Jaken, just as you cared for me when I was little. You always took good care of me, however reluctantly, and rarely did anything severe happen to me. I know you are the perfect person to help me care for this, and any other, babies that I will have."

He could not have been more stunned if she had smashed him over the head with a rock.

"No . . . oh, I mean yes . . . . Yes, Lady Rin," he said, bowing low to her, accepting the position, and he looked forward to helping her in the future. She snatched him up and held him tightly.

Some things never change, he thought absently, and smiled gently to himself at this reflection. Some little girls never grow up, and stay innocent forever. Just as she would, forever and always, with Lord Sesshomaru.

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Preview for "Fate's Angel: Amaya"

Amaya followed her, slinking as stealthily as possible considering her two huge bags. The woman walked in the hut, and then there was a bright flash of purple.

How odd, she thought, walking slowly into the shack, almost in a trance, as though something in her subconscious called out to this place, to the shed that this woman had walked into.

She wasn't in there. She was gone and there was only one entrance. Frowning slightly, and gently slipping the sunglasses off of her nose, she peered down the well which was down the stairs and in the center of the room.

Amaya was almost scared. Had this woman fallen in? What if she was caught? She felt as though she were intruding on this family's property.

But no, glancing down, there was nothing in the well. She pulled out her keychain-flashlight and shone it down to make double sure.

Breathing a sigh of relief, with her brow still furrowed, she leaned her hands on the lip of the well, hunching over a bit as she relaxed her shoulders and she was about to lower her bags to the floor and rest when a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders.

Amaya screamed, and tried to turn around, but the hands held her fast. She tried to shake herself loose, but with the added weight on her shoulders, she couldn't twist her body the way she would have liked to. Reaching back, she grabbed at whatever she could reach, and she pulled at a lock of hair, feeling the strands give way with a satisfying rip. She screamed once more when the hands added forward pressure, and she went tumbling into the well, headfirst.

She flailed her arms, and bent them over her head, knowing that either way, she was going to land and break her neck. She cried out, and tears seeped her eyes. Shit, I'm not ready to die. Not yet.

And then, before she could feel the sickening thud of her body hitting the floor, she, for the first time in her life, fainted.

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