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Kate sat on the sofa stroking her stomach, it had no signs of showing yet, but 5 days ago, the day after they got off the island Kate had found out she was pregnant. She then twisted the silver diamond band Jack had given her the night after they had been rescued, when he asked her to marry him.

The phone began to ring so Kate headed into the hallway to pick it up. It would be one of the people from the island, they where the only people who rang her, Jack's friends from the hospital sometimes rang, but he had gone back to work yesterday and he was there now.

"Hello?" Kate said down the phone, wondering who it could be, she had received phone calls from many of her friends on the island, but not the one she missed most of all. Sawyer. She wished he would get in touch with her, as she didn't know where to find him.

"Hey, Kate" A voice said, it was Hurley, Kate was happy to hear from her friend, but her heart sank when it wasn't Sawyer. Even saying his name in her head now caused violent shivers down her spine, his name still gave her such feelings, but she was with Jack, she had chosen Jack, it was the right choice… wasn't it?

"So what can I do for you Hurley?" Kate asked.

"So, Claire and Charlie are getting married and were gonna invite people from the island and some of their family and stuff, I said id help invite people." He said importantly. "In fact i'm his best man, with his bro Liam"

"That's great Hurley" Kate said, she could almost see his face in her mind swelling with pride. "So who's gonna be there, off the island?" What Kate really wanted to ask was if Sawyer was going to be there, but she figured this was a more subtle way of asking.

"Well, um… Charlie and Claire obviously, Me, Sayid, Locke, Michael, Walt, Sun, Jin, Rose, Bernard, Desmond" He listed. "And you and Jack if you can make it"

"Is Sawyer going?" Kate plucked up the courage to ask, her tongue rolled as she said his name, her heart fluttered. Stop this Kate, your engaged to Jack!

"Um… Kate?" Hurley asked, with a weird tone in his voice.

"What?" She asked a funny feeling of fear rose in the stomach at the tone Hurley used.

"Jack didn't tell you? Did he?" Hurley said, realising. "Kate, dude. I don't know if I wanna be the one to tell you this"

"Tell me Hurley" Kate demanded, her stomach swirling with a mixture of fear dread and worry, why hadn't Jack told her? And more importantly, what had happened to Sawyer?

"Uh…" Hurley started, unable to think of words to explain "He's kinda, dead Kate"

"He's what?" Kate half shouted, and half whispered down the phone, he had to be joking with her? He wasn't dead, he couldn't be.

"Well" Hurley decided, he needed to explain it all to her "The night we got back to America, he went back to the house where he lived as a kid, and he kinda, well he…" Hesitated Hurley, he didn't really want to say what had happened, he didn't know how to say it. "The shotgun he had on the island, he shot himself."

Kate dropped to the floor as her trembling knees gave way under her, she only just managed to keep hold of the phone, her fingers wrapped around it in a shaky grasp. Sawyer, kill himself? This had to be some kind of sick joke, but she felt in her heart it was true. Silent tears slid down her face, she only stopped breaking down into complete sobs because she was still on the phone.

"A local who was walking his dog heard the shot and called the police, it was lucky, his house is so far out of the way, if that man hadn't been walking his dog, well…" Hurley said, the line was silent for a while "Kate?" Hurley said, hoping she was ok.

"I'm here" She managed to sniffle down the phone.

"Well I should be going," He said nervously "I'm sure Jack meant to tell you"

"Yeah, Bye" Kate said, that fact hadn't really registered. All she could think of that Sawyer was dead. She would never see him again, she would never hear his southern drawl call her the beloved nickname 'Freckles' he had given her.

She clicked the phone back into the receiver with a trembling hand. Jack had lied to her, he was meant to be marrying her, he was meant to love her, and yet he had failed to tell her that one of the most important people in her life had died. Not just died, but killed himself.

Kate broke down in sobs as she began to feel a fresh new feeling flooding over her.


What if it was her that had driven him to his death? He had hated her since she picked Jack. She was sure he had, she knew he loved her. His voice floated into her head "I love you Freckles" One of the last things he had said to her, before she picked Jack, after that he had never spoken to her again.

"I love you too" She whispered hoarsely, unable to stop the words falling from her mouth, but they were the truth.

As one tear dried to just a stain on Kate's cheek two fresh new ones ran in its place.

Just then Jack came through the door.

"Hey darling" He said, as he came through the door, then he dropped down at the side of her when he saw her. "Oh god, Kate are you ok?"

"I'm fine" She said, sarcastically.

"What's a matter?" He said, stroking her face.

"You didn't tell me" She said, gritting her teeth and batting his hand away.

"Didn't tell you what…" He said, and then remembered "Oh…"

Kate remained sat on the floor her sobs no reduced to silent tears.

"Kate… I just… I…" He stuttered, trying to think up an excuse.

"Don't bother Jack" She said, staring at him in disgust. How could she have ever loved such a man? A man who neglected to tell her about the death of one of the most important people in her life… just as bad as lying. But the truth was, if Kate was really honest with herself, she wasn't sure if she ever loved Jack. She had cared for him, but not know, she couldn't, how could she?

"Its ok, Kate" He said "We can fix this"

"Jack, listen to yourself!" Kate screamed, suddenly very loud as she jumped up "You cant fix this. Sawyer is dead! And you've lied to me"

"I haven't lied to you Kate" He said desperately.

"Well you lied to Hurley, you told him you'd tell me" She shouted "And you weren't exactly coming forward with the truth!"

Jack stood in silence, he would have told her, if it was someone else. He loved Kate, he tried to tell himself he did it to protect her, but he did it out of pure jealously, jealously that Kate may love Sawyer more than him.

"I only did it to protect you Kate" He started.

"No you didn't" Kate screamed "Stop lying, we both now why you did this, because you were jealous, that I might have loved him more than you! And you know what – I do! And know he's dead, and its all my fault!"

"Its not your fault Kate" Jack said pleading with her to calm down.

"Yes it is, he once told me that I was all he had to live for" She said, the words burning in her mouth "And I chose you over him. And know he's killed himself, I should have been there, then he wouldn't have I just know it"

She ran up the stairs away from Jack who was shouting after her, but she took no notice. She could hardly see where she was going, tears clouded her already fuzzy eyes. She randomly pushed clothes into a rucksack and ran back down the stairs.

"Where are you going Kate?" Jack said, spotting the bag.

"I'm getting away, as far away from you as possible" She said, in a deathly low, serious tone "I hate you Jack Shepard"

And with that she ran out into the street and collapsed in tears a few blocks away on the side of the road.

And after that Jack, or anyone else for that matter, never saw Kate Austen ever again.

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