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Broken Dreams

1. Just what happened to you?

Uchiha Sasuke was calmly walking through the village. 3 Months ago, he was given the title of Rokudaime, and he frankly couldn't be happier. After he had been dragged back to Konoha by his blond friend a year prior to his election as Hokage, his life had finally turned to the bright side. Having killed his brother, he no longer found a reason to live. That was, however, before he encountered Naruto in the forest. They had fought, and surprisingly enough, he had won and dragged him back to the village. He had willingly accepted to date Sakura, who had made his life happier, and after he was made Hokage, Sasuke found out his life was perfect. He had spent his first 3 months traveling the Ninja Villages meeting with the other Kages. All the meetings had gone greatly but the one in Suna. Gaara had eyed Sasuke with disdain and anger clear in his eyes during the entire meeting. Aside from that, everything had gone great.

I wonder how the dobe has been´ wondered the young Kage as he climbed the stairs of his office. Today was going his first day assigning missions.


A figure silently approached the Hokage building. It was a tall, blonde man; he was carrying 2 bloody bags with him. People got out of the way as soon as they spotted him, giving him plenty space to walk. Every once in a while he would stare at one or two of them and the person would quiver in fear and look away. The young blonde smirked. He was now the most feared person in the whole village, and he had managed to earn that reputation in merely 3 months. Amazing how a couple of kills could do.


Sasuke was starting to get bored. All he ever did was sit around, give missions and fill paperwork. Nothing really interesting. It was his first day actually doing Hokage duties and he was already bored out of his mind, in fact, if it weren't for Sakura, he would have fallen asleep a long time ago.

"Sasuke-kun, you shouldn't be dozing off on your first day" she said to him every time he looked away from his work.

Out of nowhere, a very strong smell of blood and an incredible killer intent could be felt in the small office, surprising both Sakura and Sasuke. He looked at the Elders questioningly, they however, didn't look surprised at all.

"He's here" said both of them tiredly, and immediately after that, the tall blond got in the office, dropping the 2 bloodied bags on the floor and saluting lazily.

"Uzumaki Naruto reporting" he said coldly. "Mission completed"

"Who are those?" asked the old woman.

"They were in the bingo book, S-rank missing Nins, they were there, so I took the chance to kill them as well" answered Naruto, his voice cold and devoid of any emotion whatsoever.

"Hm, very well, Uzumaki-san, here is your next mission" said the old man (sorry, don't remember their names…) as he gave Naruto a paper with the specifications of his missions. He looked at the paper briefly before he nodded and headed for the door.

"Naruto?" asked Sasuke quietly. He had been incredibly surprised at the sight of Naruto, but he had gone speechless after he heard him talk in such a cold manner. Sakura was in a similar state, just that she was still speechless. Naruto turned and looked at Sasuke with cold eyes. His expression seemed to harden for a second, but as soon at it appeared, it was gone.

"Yes Hokage-Sama?" asked Naruto. Now that was something Sasuke had not been expecting. Since when did Naruto show any sign of respect whatsoever for him, and since when did he talk in such a cold manner? After relieving from the shock Sasuke asked to see the mission Naruto was supposed to complete. For the third time in the day, Sasuke found himself speechless. Naruto´s mission was to kill a very important feudal lord, that wasn't so surprising; they often got missions like that. What was surprising was that as he could not find a single reason why the man had to die, he hadn't done anything wrong. According with the report, the feudal lord was a good man with a big family.

"Naruto, t-this is an assassination mission!!" said Sasuke, still very shocked

"I'm aware of that Hokage-sama, thank you for pointing out the obvious" snapped Naruto in an annoyed tone, turning to Sasuke and looking at him, a little anger showing in his cold eyes.

"Mind your tongue, boy" snapped an AMBU on the door. Naruto simply gave him a look that seemed to shut him up.

"Naruto, this man has a wife and 6 children!!!" said Sakura, almost in tears. Naruto cocked an eyebrow, eyed the folder briefly and looked at Sakura boringly.

"You want me to kill them as well, Sakura-san? I´ll do it for free if you want" answered Naruto icely, the corner of his mouth rising in a faint smile. If possible, Sasuke´s and Sakura´s eyes grew wider at the statement of their former teammate, just what had happened to Naruto in the last 3 months?

Naruto sighed and poofed away, leaving everyone in the office at least a little shocked with his statement.

"What the hell is wrong with him!?" shouted Sasuke at the elders, who were the only ones who didn´t seem affected at all. " We don´t know, he´s been like that for the last 3 months, Hokage-sama" said the old woman. "He´s turned himself in our most precise murderer; he takes almost all the assassination missions that are requested and carries them out perfectly, never failing or hesitating"

"All but one" commented the old man. "What do you mean?" asked Sasuke. The old man sighed heavily, as if what he was about to tell was extremely difficult to say.

"The day you left to meet with the other Hokages, Naruto-san had a mission which consisted in apprehending a group of bandits in the Tea Country, he was set up. You see, the plan the bandits had was to ambush and murder Naruto-san, they were about 150 bandits, all of them former shinobi."

The old man stopped for a moment, sighed heavily again and continued. "A day later he returned covered in blood with the man who had hired him on his back, the man could barely talk, he was shivering incredibly and was apparently terrified of Naruto. Naruto killed all of them with ease, and according with what the man said, he seemed to be enjoying himself." Again, Sasuke and Sakura found themselves petrified, with a single thought going through their minds. Just what happened to him? ´

"How come you say he failed the mission?" asked Kakashi, who apparently had appeared out of nowhere and listened.

"His mission was to apprehend the bandits, not kill them" said the old man. "We sent a small reckoning team to check the scene; they simply described it as a massacre"

"Sakura, I want you to follow Naruto and inform me of his behavior" said Sasuke quietly. Sakura seemed hesitant but nodded anyways. "You're going with her" he said and pointed at Kakashi. The lazy ninja just nodded and disappeared in a poof.

Sasuke sat heavily on his chair. He could not find one reason why Naruto was acting the way he was. The stupid blonde always seemed to be happy and outgoing. Something horrible must've happened to him for him to change in such a drastic way´ he thought.


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